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Basically if you like Daffy Duck, you’ll love this mp3 file. It’s a combination of Daffy Duck sound bites and some text-to-speech computer having a conversation with him.

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At work, we’re getting a new phone system. We’ve been working with announcements and sound files and such, and I needed a little project where 1) the sound file (announcement) was pretty long, 2) had voices in it and 3) had some music or sounds from a TV or movie.

The phone system is pretty particular about the format the sound file is in — specifically, it needs to be Mu-law, 8-bit, 8000KHz and mono. I found Adobe Audition (which used to be CoolEditPro) to be a suitable tool for doing the conversion and also to string different sound bites together to mix down into the right kind of file. I downloaded the 30-day trial from Adobe to see if it will work for my purposes.

Adobe Audition also has batch processing capabilities for when we need to work with lots of sound files together.

So I needed some voices and some sound samples. I happen to like Daffy Duck quite a bit, and I found http://www.barbneal.com/daffy.asp to have a ton of wav files I could use for my project. So that made up my sound samples — they came from a variety of sources I’m sure, and maybe at different times and different volumes so if I used enough of them, they should suffice.

I tried my own voice, but you know how it goes with that — you always hate the sound of your own voice. I also didn’t want to waste anyone else’s time on this little side project, so I figured maybe there were some free text-to-speech web engines out there, and you know what? I found a cool one at http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html.

At that site, you just type in your text, choose a voice and it’ll say the words for you.

So I decided to string together some of the Daffy sound bites, intermingled with an announcer-type person having a kind of conversation with Daffy. Mostly, the person I chose was Rich, because he had the smoothest voice. The result is the mp3 file found up at the top. I have another sound file I made just with about 6 or 7 of the voices all arguing, kind of like the Airplane “loading and unloading” zone arguments the intercom folks had in the movie. This version has it all — arguments, english speakers, french speakers, people talking over each other, men/women, insults, a Trogdor reference and of course, making fun of Phillip Simpson.

Since we were testing announcements on the phone system with key presses, the original announcement told callers to “press 1 to repeat this message. Press 2 to hear a duck. Press 3 if you dare”. This mp3 file is what was played when they pressed “2”. This was initially inspired by the “if you’d like to hear a duck quack, press 7” bit that was going on a few years ago. And when you pressed 3, you got some Simpsons quotes, particularly ones with the telephone operator telling Homer his fingers were too fat.

Hope you like it, I know I enjoyed making it. And it’s always amusing to make fun of Phillip Simpson.

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