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11:24 pm
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A friend of mine recommended Rotten Tomatoes as a good place to get movie reviews. I basically have a problem where I’ve not ever seen a reviewer’s tastes match mine. But I’ll give it a shot.

The cool thing about the place is that it shows “good” and “bad” reviews so you can throw out the ones you’d normally throw out — example: if I’m looking at reviews for “King Kong” and the majority of the “Bad reviews” complain about how long the movie is, and I don’t personally care how long a movie is, then I can throw those out.

Now what would be cool is a netflix-type of rating system where I go in and rate the movies myself on some scale, and then in addition to giving me ratings of everyone, it gave me ratings of movies just from the people who’s ratings of other movies I’ve rated were similar… Let’s see, there’s probably a better way to word that. Let’s say I’ve gone in and rated 100 movies in a database somewhere on a scale of 1-10. Then the system would find people who’s ratings were within one digit +/- of my ratings, and THEN give me ratings on other movies I haven’t seen or rated from the averages of those people.

That way, if someone who is very close in my opinion on what a good movie is likes some other movie, I probably have a better chance of liking that other movie too.

I call this “The Netflix Rating Factor” simply because Netflix claims to have a similar system.

I’d say the review of Aeon Flux is indicative of my distaste for other’s people’s tastes. I read their critiques and just don’t agree. I really enjoyed the movie. All too often my “needs” from a movie are so forgiving and broad that the things people complain about just seem trivial. Too many people expect perfection from a movie. I want to have fun and enjoy the story. I did that with this movie.

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