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We recently received a “Communication to Stakeholders” letter from Austin Water about a new water treatment plant (the 4th one in a series) that is to be built on Lake Travis. We’re not Austin Water customers; we use a well. However, we received it because evidently we’re a “resident or business within a 5-mile radius of the proposed 1984 plant site.”

You can go to Austin Water’s website on the project to see more detail. Also, you can visit their subscription page if you want to receive email alerts about the project.

Also, I’ve taken the liberty to get a map of where the proposed plant will be built and it’s approximation to our house. Note that they have not said that it will definitely be built there.

Wow, that’s a LOT of land. 240 acres. I’ve never seen a water treatment plant so I guess I don’t really know if that’s a lot of land for this or not, but it sure seems like a lot.

You can also get a look at the water treatment process (click to enlarge):

I especially like the giant armadillos drinking out of some yellow cup outside of a large two story house. I mean, those armadillos are bigger than a car! I also learned what flocculation means and gained a healthy skepticism about water “chemical rapid mix” because if chlorine, iron, lime, ammonia and fluoride all get put into the water, are we supposed to believe that only fluoride remains when we turn on the tap? And is fluoride really red? And is iron and fluoride dropped into the wather while chlorine, lime and ammonia injected into the water?

You might note from this blog post that I’m neither “for” or “against” the plant per se. Since we use well and septic tank and don’t get services from Austin Water, I don’t think we’re impacted one way or another. I don’t think our water table will be affected and I don’t think our quality will be affected. I guess I’d like to be offered City Water services in the future because of the inherent risk in A) running out of water and/or B) not being able to sufficiently clean or soften natural water as well as the City does. However, I think that the water our well takes from the ground has been fairly well filtered through sand, dirt, rocks, etc and people don’t swim or boat in it directly. Nor do polluting corporations have their pipes into our ground like they might in Lake Travis.

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