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5:33 pm
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I just ordered the IOMEGA $29.99 bluetooth headset from buy.com.



  The reviews are good, the price is GREAT, and I’m willing to try ANYTHING to get clearer voice calls on my 7290 Blackberry. This blackberry is a great tool, but the phone is getting worse and worse, for both me and people who call me. It’s too quiet, doesn’t seem to do any noise reduction (especially bad when I’m driving the Mustang convertible, or when in a restaurant) and feels like a checkbook or wallet against my head when talking into it.So I’m looking forward to whatever noise reduction algorithms this new piece employs and I hope that it makes the phone conversations less populated with “What’s that?” and “I’m sorry, what did you say?” 

I like that it’s AC or USB powered — shame that it doesn’t come with DC power cable though, for keeping it in the car all the time. The neck strap seems like a good idea, too, as does the long battery life that people keep commenting about.

Here’s what I’ll be using it with. I’ll be getting an 8700c soon, and I’m thrilled about that (Thanx Peter and Shawna!)

Old & Busted New Hotness




They both support bluetooth. I think it’ll be especially cool though (not related to bluetooth) going from what’s considered to be the worst PDA web browser of all time to the best PDA web browser of all time.

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