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One of the best things about not taking vacation when most other people do (spring break, Christmas break, etc) is the traffic. What would our world be like if our road system and work patterns were such that congestion was rare instead of expected?

I take the 620/Anderson Mill -> 183 -> mopac N -> Braker way. I’d say there was a good 8-10 minutes taken off the commute due to lack of traffic.

Here’s my general commute:

Kind of looks like an impressionist’s saxophone, eh?

Some notes about the highlighted numbered areas, regarding if I were to take the “shorter” route by exiting Braker and going directly across:

  1. This area is consumed by traffic. It takes a good 5-10 mins alone to exit 183 at Braker and be able to turn left at the light.
  2. This stretch isn’t so bad, but it does have some lights to go through,a nd more people than you’d think are on the road here.

The way I’m going, there’s nary a wait on the 183/Mopac flyover because I’m in the left-hand lane, and all the back-up is in the right-hand lane for southbound Mopac. So I just cruise on past all that, wait a little bit at the Mopac/Cap OfTexas Hwy light, cruise on bypassing the light at braker (it has it’s own merging right hand lane) and get on into work.

The other thing I like about working during these common holidays is that I can get more projects done or more of the projects done at work due to the lack of constant interruption. Since I’m in IT, interruption and ad-hoc solution making is our cornerstone. When less people are at work, there are less people having problems and that gives us more time to do the stuff that we should have been doing all along but were too interrupted to get them done.

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