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Can you name that film?

BREAKIN’ !!!!!

   Ok, I’m a little weird. This is one of my all-time favorite films. Movies. Shows. Whatever you’re comfortable calling a breakdance flick, this is one of my favorites. I have a lot of favorites like this — movies that came out when I was younger; I watched them and was enthralled, and I never lost my love for them. Sure, now that I’m older I can see the strings on the broom, and I can kind of understand their point when people say “the acting is absolutely horrendous!” and then there’s the whole plot that people seem to care about so much…

But it’s still one of 5 movies I’d have with me and my portable solar-powered DVD player if I was stranded on an island. That and Dune, Xanadu, Rush Chronicles and Abba’s DVD video anthology. I told you I’m a little weird.

So imagine my incredible and pleasurable surprise when Alamo Drafthouse is hosting Michael Chambers and playing both BREAKIN’ and BREAKIN 2 (Electric Boogaloo) back to back!
Man, that is so not wack, yo! (notice how I combined 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s slang together)

Hint: that’s Michael “Shrimp” in the picture there. He was definitely the main draw since he was the best breakdancer alive. Probably still is. That’s what I’m hoping to see.


You can go to Alamo’s site and they have a custom trailer they made (the movie kind, not the house or car kind of trailer) that’s actually quite impressive.

This is even MORE amazing than when Alamo hosted Michael Beck and played Xanadu. I would have gone anywhere to see Xanadu if they’d have gotten Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John, but I think they’d need some pretty advanced technology for that.

Some tidbits I remember from the movie:

  • Christopher McDonald plays her agent, and he’s recognizable by just about everyone everywhere (remember Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore?).
  • Ice-T makes his film debut in this movie.
  • I always thought “Special K” was beautiful. I still do. Ahh, her smile was magic.
  • The broom scene always captured me. I never saw the strings until much later.
  • The broom scene’s music was even better. I always wanted that scene to be a lot longer.
  • Who else noticed the Pink Floyd cap on Electro Rock 2 (who knows his name?)?
  • I enjoyed Breakin’ a LOT better than Breakin’ 2. But I still enjoyed B2 just fine.

Holy cow! I just went to IMDB.com to get the links to the people above, and now I see they’re in pre-production of Break’n Revolution! A sequel!

Quote :

The film is set in a modern, suburban high school where the playing field is not always fair and equal. As a microcosm of life today, those not lucky enough to be well-off find that there is a constant struggle for respect, dignity and self-esteem from those that are. To make matters worse, the lucky ones are often so conceited and aloof that they’d rather keep membership in their “club” exclusive so that those of us not in their class find it that much more difficult to succeed. They use their power, confidence and means to try and keep the unlucky ones down. In our film though, we show the power of care and mentoring from those that were once in their shoes. In this case the TKO dance team of Ozone, Turbo and Special K bring hope, promise and drive to the life of “Vex” at a time when he would’ve been counted out by most others in society. Though our storyline feels very intense, the real “intensity” will come from the extraordinary dance moves that can only come from break dancing.

It has Michael Chambers, Lucinda Dickey and Adolfo Quinones (all three of the TKO crew). Oh my garsh, this will be something I will move mountains to see. You’re talking about my childhood here, see, and ain’t nobody get in my way of that.

I think I’m going to pop in my Breakin’ DVD right now (yes I own both Breakin’ 1 and 2). Or I might put in the Abba DVD…. hmmm.

Maybe I can combine them?

Quote :

Sung to the tune of ‘Waterloo’ by Abba:
My my, with Boogaloo, the TKO crew amazed me.
Oh yeah, and I watch with intensity in quite a geekish way
The DVD up on the shelf
Is always repeating itself…

Boogaloo — I watched the movie, you won my heart.
Shabba-Doo — promise me that you will break some more.
Breakin’ 2 — couldn’t live up to my hopes for you…
and Kelly, too — knowing my fate is to be seein’ you
Bwah-wahwahwahwah boogaloo, finally facing my Turbo, too.

My my, I tried to pump the jam but you were stronger.
Oh yeah, and now it seems my poppin’ jives are wack and lame as pie
And how can I learn all those moves,
I feel like a freak when I lose.

Boogaloo — Franco was stuck up, you won the war.
Shabba-Doo — ‘turned out’ Electro-Rock and much more.
Breakin’ 2 — cool and amazing rotatin’ room!
and Kelly, too — knowing your Jazz would pay off for you
Bwah-wahwahwahwah boogaloo, that Freakshow on the Dance Floor’s gotta be you.

Chaka Kahn’s always got all my trust…
She says’ that “There’s no stopping us…”

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Dave2 says:

    Dune and Xanadu I get. ABBA, maybe. But BREAKIN’ ?!? It was scary even when the fad was popular! 🙂

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