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6:27 pm
Post Meta :

I feel like our country is prone for a Civil War in the next 20 years or so.

Like most of my personal views, I’m not that good at debating about them or backing them up. I don’t know if I’m writing about this because I’m a secret psychic and I just want to jot it down and get credit for it later when it happens, or if I just want to purge my mind of some of the info and fear I have, or if I’m just exercising my American right to be wrong and tell everyone else about it.

I read the comics this morning and Opus, Doonesbury, Non Sequiter were all basically bashing the President, failing at masking their hatred and disgust behind humor. Some of the humor I got – Opus was decently funny I suppose, but ended up not being worth my time to read (like I can talk, right?) Non Sequiter has always been one of my favorite comics, so I read it when I can… but this one just made me not like it as much any more.

On TV, the Nanny has to come fix people’s kids for them.

The government won’t allow parents to take care of their own kids with loving discipline and making their own decisions, and instead is gradually trying to become “parent” to all, harboring the intent to take care of people from birth to death as much as possible. It’s as if the government wants to take away the right of all Americans to learn from their mistakes, obtain the initiative for themselves to make something for themselves, and atrophy into mindless blobs that reads the news spun for them, watches the commercials directed and targeted to them, pays the taxes demanded and withheld from them and become unarmed drones in the “high standard of living” army.

People are whiners. Whiners with power. Think about the spoiled prince who never learns anything for himself other than how to order others to do their bidding, no matter the cost to the persons involved. He’s a whiner with power. In return, he gives up his dignity and humanity.

Then consider the 250 million princes in the US. Many of them are whiners with power. These 250 million princes give up their rights to privacy, their potential at greatness and their trustful giving to their neighbors. Talk about the “Me” generation… what else could come from people raised by Tivo, no concept of delayed gratification, an insistence that someone who has more than them *must* share, and no requirement ever to actually physically *do* something of consequence or “natural” effect. We as humans are so far removed from the knowledge and experience that our forefathers gained out of survival, be it dark ages fighting nature, predatory animals and diseases, other ages where men faught other men in politics or religion in barbaric wars, or modern wars such as WWII, Vietnam, Korean War, Gulf War, Iraq (I’m only listing the US-based wars because I’m biased and frankly ignorant of the wars other countries have had shape their culture and mindset).

I’d heard a quote somewhere… something along the lines of “you have to have a war every 30 years or so, otherwrise people will forget and we can’t have that.” When I had first heard it, I thought “that’s terrible. I hope no-one starts a war just because they think this is true.” And then I realized that social forgetfulness is the enemy, not a simple lack of war. But here’s the rub: How do you get people to listen?

My wife says I don’t do things when I’m asked nicely, and she’s right. Let’s say she nicely asks me to take care of this, or that, I file it away and don’t address it because it’s not urgent. She asks again later, and again is nice. I say “yeah sure” but end up forgetting it or prioritizing it very low. She might ask 30 times, but I continue to ignore the importance of the request, and I’m wrong for doing that. Of course, when I’ve ignored her to the point that I’ve forced her to yell at me to do it… what do you think I do? I do it, of course!

So that teaches my wife the wrong thing: that she doesn’t get results when she’s nice. Granted, she’s a loving wife and continues to be nice despite her knowing it does no good, and that I chalk up to her love for me. I appreciate her continued willingness to try the “right course” even though she could probably get 100 to 1 odds in vegas that next time, I’m still going to do anything *but* what she asked me to.

I think War is Nature’s way of yelling at us.

We’re just not listening. Mother Nature and the Way Things Are gives us plenty of hints. But in the whiner’s subconscious mind, it’s *in their best interest* to ignore the signs. To recognize the hints means to do work. And if they just ignore them, they’ll probably get away with years and years of what we want: laziness, high standard of living, and we only have to give up a little bit of liberty and potential.

Reminds me of Christopher Walken‘s motivational speech in Poolhall Junkies. Of course, putting the words here does no justice to Walken, as he has got to be one of the most fantastic actors out there…

Quote :

Walken: You watch those nature documentaries on the cable?
Mars: Yeah.
Walken: See the one about lions?
Got this lion.
He’s the king of the jungle. Huge mane, out to here.
He’s laying down under a tree, in the middle of Africa.
He’s so big. He’s so hot.
He doesn’t want to move.
The little lion cubs, they start messing with him.
Biting his tail, biting his ears. He doesn’t do anything.
The lioness, she starts messing with him… coming over, making trouble. Still nothing.
Now, the other animals notice this… and they start to move in, the jackals.
They’re barking at him, laughing at him.
They nip his toes and eat the food that’s in his domain.
They do this… then they get closer and bolder, till one day…
that lion gets up and tears the sh*t out of everybody…
runs like the wind, eats everything in his path.
‘Cause every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals…
who he is.
It’s too late to be scared. It’s time to kill.

To me,

  • The lion is American individualism and achievement of full social potential.
  • The little lion cubs are his decendents (not necessarily his own offspring, but future generations), raised in an environment of indulgence and abundance.
  • The lioness is the liberal movement gnawing away at liberties, rights to earn for ones self and the taking away of the right to keep and bear arms.
  • The jackals are other members of society, realizing they can chip away at what the lion has, take it for their own and control it. They tax and create a dependent society of hyenas.
  • The hyenas are the people who follow the jackals, not realizing what they’re actually doing but just following along with the actions, content with their bitter attitude, hatred and anger, and the benefits they get by taking from others. I’d say the jackals do the actual infiltration and initiate the takeover and hyenas are all too happy to clean up and gorge on the leftover carnage.
  • The lion getting up and tearing up everyone is War.

And it comes down to social forgetfulness. The Lion needs to teach the lion cubs to respect him at an early age. The lioness needs to be kept in check. The Lion must not allow himself to be disarmed and ruined slowly by the jackals and hyenas.

I see social forgetfulness every day. I see whiners with power complaining that this road doesn’t go where it’s supposed to, or why isn’t the government taking care of me, or my stupid boss caught me lying about being sick. Or “why do I need to take care of my kid — he’s at school and they need to take care of him for me”.

Another type of whiner with power is the person who practices second-guessing our President’s (or anyone’s) motives or actions, as if this whiner w/power 1) has all the information available to them, 2) has actually digested *any* useful information about it, 3) has reviewed and weighed all the options non-stop for lengthy periods of time and 4) has countless dedicated staff to help with the decision. They seem to actually think that someone (anyone) in an extreme position of power blindly makes decisions based on their whims or personal beliefs. And so they hate. And envy. And criticize.

And whine.

So I fear that the complacent spoiled masses directed by a few extremely evil folks will cause those who pursue American dream and employ Individualism (as defined by Ayn Rand) and embody Objectivism to go all Twisted Sister on everyone and say “We’re not gonna take it!”

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