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10:18 am
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How desperate does a party need to be to try and capitalize on a scandal and attempt to tie it to unrelated party members, and request that someone step down based on the actions of someone else?

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, ignored a call by a conservative Washington newspaper for him to resign as fallout continued from the political scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley and his explicit instant messages.

Story on CNN

and I have more diatribe in the extended entry below…


For one, I’m so glad I don’t have a job where I have to worry about political crap.  Because most of it is crap.  But here’s my uneducated, mostly uninformed, decidely unworthy-of-being-taken-seriously take on it:

  1. Partison Acts
    What a partisan act for the liberals to make this call.  They don’t seem to be taking this tack when their own party members have a problem.
  2. Why the hipocrisy?
    If this were turned around, and it was a Liberal congressman who was alleged to do kind of thing, the liberals would have been ALL OVER the victims (congressional pages in this case), accusing them of this that and the other and putting blame on them instead of the alleged accused.
  3. Could have been worse.  Oh wait.  It was.
    I personally think that what Bill Clinton did and was impeached for, which I will always remember as “bringing the topic of oral sex into our children’s vocabulary”, was at least as bad if not worse than instant messages and emails to male pages.  But then again, how do you really guage “reprehensible?”  But if you recall (see #2 above), the liberals / media was quick to blame Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and everyone BUT the lying womanizer who was ultimately culpable.  By the way, did you see the latest in Bill’s exploits?  Funny stuff, let me tell you.  Of course, maybe Ashton’s a little whiner… I don’t know, I wasn’t there.
  4. How confident can we be it was him?
    I don’t know if Foley confessed or what (resigning to me does not indicate fault but rather a weighing of consequences and stress), but I for one can attest to the ability of instant messages and emails to be faked.  It’s not like email is secure or authenticated when used by 99% of the public.  Any Unix admin worth their salt can fake an email from anyone to anyone and you won’t be able to tell the difference.  And it’s not like I’d expect a congressman to be diligent with their password to Yahoo! or something like that.
  5. God Bless the media and their spin. 
    Why is it when something bad happens to a Republican political entity, every headline you see contains bad words and includes “GOP” or “Republican”, but when something bad happens to a Democratic political entity, they only include their title?  Remember Jim McGreevey standing down amid scandal for puting his unqualified gay lover into a $110,000 job after coming out as a married homosexual?  Every article you can find just mentions “New Jersey Governor”.  They even go to lengths to include the word “American” in the headlines. But all the Foley scandal articles mention party lines.  Check for yourself – do you see any bias in the headlines here?

Bottom line – people who do this kind of crap need to be removed.  But can’t the media be a little less biased?


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