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4:57 am
Post Meta :

Ever notice how pretty the lady on the cover of the Denny’s menu is?

She is hot. Quite elegant. Extremely easy on the eye.

She shouldn’t be working at Denny’s.

Her name is Tiffany, or so her badge says.

Tiffany is HOT

Unfortunately, when I snapped this pic, all I had was a Blackberry Pearl on a trial basis.  Generally speaking, it’s a good pic from a camera phone, but I’ll have to take a _real_ picture someday.. maybe even swipe one of those menus and hang it up somewhere.

Yes, she’s THAT good looking.  No, I’m not put into some weird mood from the Moons Over My Hammy, nor am I delirious from my wanton hunger for the too-long-gone Breakfast Dagwood, which Denny’s has decided to remove from their menu.  And I’m not just struck by a pleasant woman bringing me a TRAY full of foods.  She’s just plain gorgeous.

I can’t believe that with the whole Internet (I’ve printed out 3 copies of it so far!), I can’t seem to find any references to this beauty.  Am I the only one to discover her and take the time to write?  Please, peoples — let your fancy for super attractive semi-fast-food all-night diner menus go free and COMMENT! Let the world know!

Man, I want a Breakfast Dagwood.

And lo, the people did comment thus:

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