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1:21 pm
Post Meta :

I’m on an awesome pool team called “Steely Duran”.  We play Wednesday nights at Shooter’s up in NW Austin and we have tons of fun.  It’s an APA league, which means we get a chance to go to Vegas and compete at a national level.

     Steely Duran group photo

Our team is made up of (L-to-R) Ronnie, Peter, Jennefer, Shawna, me, Kristen, Ren and Mike.

What makes our team so awesome?  Well let me tell you

  1. Wide variety of skill levels.  We’ve got ’em all up and down the scale, and we always play well.  Since the APA requires a ceiling of cumulative skill levels, you can’t stack a team with all high-skill players.  It’s an amateur league and we need to mix it up.
  2. We have lots of fun.  Whether we drink, do little parties here and there, pose for pictures (notice the drinks), practice pool, order more drinks, listen to great music on the internet jukebox, make jokes, drink jokes, coach each other, flirt and drink, it doesn’t matter.  We always have fun.
  3. We’re all incredibly good-looking.  I mean, damn.
  4. We’re good.  We’re in, like 1st place an all!  I mean, damn.
  5. Did I mention how hot we are?  Damn!

I’m also on a little bit of a billiard high because I got two (2) nine-on-the-break’s.  In a row!  How lucky is that?!?!?!?!

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