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3:42 pm
Post Meta :

Our APA team is so awesome.  We took 1st place in our 8-ball division and 2nd place in 9-ball division in the regular season, and last night marked the first night of playoff’s.  The top 3 teams in the division make it to playoffs, plus a wild-card.  1st plays wild card and 2nd plays 3rd.  Then the winners get together the following week to determine first place of the division.

So we ended up winning both 8-ball and 9-ball last night, meaning we get to go ahead to next week for the division championship.  This is so great!  All our team members are really good, and give one for the team.

Also, as a nice high-note (no pun intended), we won the APA High Point Team Award for in 8-ball.  64 points!  Each person on the team got this little cool pin:

     APA high point award

I’m quite the manly guy, so I don’t even pin it to my shirt.  I pin it directly to my chest.  I’m a hardcore pool player, you see. 

Special recognition goes to Shawna, who pulled out an amazing win for our team in 8-ball against an incredibly talented opponent (I can say that because the opponent is my wife).  Kristen kicked ass, Mike won solidly, Ren won but his skill level went up, and Peter won in 9-ball to close out the 4th match.   In fact, everyone won at least once!

Of course, I love our team whether we win or lose.  But winning is so awesome!  If we had lost, I’d say we’re all still winners, but it’s much more fun to just plain win and leave it at that.  Doncha think?

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Mike Ferguson says:

    I want to add my congratulations on our team’s performance and to our fearless leader, Wayne!!! It has been fun to watch everyone improve so much over the last year. Wayne, you have been consistantly strong. Ren is clutch (he showed it last night). Shawna and Kristen, I admire their focus and attitude (twin power!). Jennefer and Ronnie were great when they could make it. But Peter is a whole other story. I nominate him for the ‘most improved’ award!!! I’m not sure if it is the rectangular thinking or what but he has become a secret weapon. I am definitely proud to be a part of this team!!!!!!!

  2. whall says:

    Is ‘rectangular thinking’ good, like “thinking outside the box”, or bad, like “he’s such a square (draw a rectangle with forefingers in the air while saying it)”

    Or did you mean orangutangular thinking, because he’s always monkeying around with his opponents…?

  3. Michelle says:

    So if you guys play 8 bsll, does that mean there are only 4 guys on the team?
    Congrats. Don’t know much about pool, except that it takes me 90 minutes to complete a game. Of course, that would make me a cheap date.

  4. whall says:

    We have 5 guys on the team (me, Ren, Ronnie, Mike, Peter). There was this horrible accident long ago, and a tragic half-amputation… I won’t say who.  But look at the bright side – He has more room in his jockey shorts.

  5. Shawna says:

    What an awesome night! We all did so well. I couldn’t be happier or more content with my teammates. (I know Jen and Ronnie were there, even if only in spirit!)
    Now, for individual thanks:
    Wayne, thank you for your constant leadership and organization. Thank you for the example you set with your unbelievable skill. I am constantly in awe of your abilities. Also, thank you for having such good taste in selecting our team! (I nominate Wayne as team MVP for this session)
    Mike, thank you for always being our cheerleader and for giving sound advice when it’s needed. (I nominate Mike as best team coach and motivator)
    Kristen, thank you for all of the Duran Duran songs and for driving SO FAR every week just to play. What an asset you are! (I nominate Kristen as most dedicated player)
    Peter, thank you for sucking up your insecurities and coming to pool each week to play. I know you think you are horrible at it, but you have improved so much! We are lucky to have you. (I also nominate Peter for most improved player)
    Ren, thank you for all of the saves this season–you always eek out a win when we need it the most. (I nominate Ren as team secret weapon)
    Jennefer…what can I say about you except that you are a joy to be around and you look hella good shooting pool! (I nominate Jen as team hottie)
    Ronnie, thanks for coming to play even when your days are so long and it’s so late for you! You are such a natural talent and you shoot with such authority! (I nominate Ronnie as team “layer-down-of-the-smack”
    I love you all. I hope we can continue together as a team.

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