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3:01 pm
Post Meta :

On my drive to work recently, I noticed some bumper stickers on the car in front of me.  I do this a lot – let my eyes wander here and there at my neighboring cars, bulletin board changes, new businesses that might have popped up recently, etc.

At first I noticed that the color scheme of the stickers was red/white/blue, well before I could read the text.  Those colors generally put me in a good mood.

The sticker on the left turned out to be

I don’t have to like Bush
to love my Country

And so I think to myself… “another hater”.  I truly don’t understand the extreme vitriol and hatred so many people have.  I mean, I can understand a little, and maybe even respect, someone protesting, or disagreeing with any current administration.  But there are just so many people who just… plain… HATE the man.  I just don’t understand it! 

I think it comes down to the fact that the hatred is initiated.  I mean, it’s one thing to ask someone a question, and then they give you an opinion.  Or maybe you ask them a question, and then the hate pours out.  But with Bush Haters, you don’t even ask.  They don’t wait.  They stick it in your face as much as possible.  They go out of their way to do blog entries, initiate conversations and then they spread the hate and fear with bumper stickers for 24-7 hatred.  I think they like hating things.  I think they’re so far removed from their emotions and actually performing services for themselves and the community that their simple act of hate gives them a sense of accomplishment they cannot achieve for themselves with normal means.

So I look to the other side of the car for the other bumper sticker and it says 

An Eye for an Eye
makes the whole world blind

Whoa.  On the face of it, it’s a cute, pithy remark that makes a witty point but as I think about it more, it truly describes the way liberals see the world.  I believe it’s originally a quote from Gandhi, but in general, it shows how liberals don’t want to punish criminals.  Instead, they want to understand them.  And give them another chance.  And another.  And yet another.  And blame anyone or anything but the criminal for what they did.  They’d rather put responsibility and accountability on someone else’s shoulders, like the government, upbringing, social pressures, etc.  And when you complain that criminals should be punished, they bring up accusations of intolerance. 

For one, an “eye for an eye” won’t make the whole world blind.  It’ll make all the criminals blind, as retribution for making the victims blind.  And to me, if I knew I was going to lose an eye if I took someone else’s eye out, I’d think more than twice about taking someone’s eye out.  Wouldn’t you?  So it seems to me that the criminals get their comeuppins, and then the number of criminals diminish over time. 

And some of them want to indoctrinate early 🙂

So I’m going to come up with some of my own pithy sayings.

  • People who can’t… hate those who can.
  • Think before you hate!
  • Disagreement != hatred


And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Mike Ferguson says:

    How can one not hate “W” when he has brought such chaos to the world??? The following is a short list of all of the evils of the world that didn’t exist until he was elected.

    Hate; War; Racism; Famine; Homelessness; Crime; 9/11; Global warming; Halliburton; Enron; Terrorism; Katrina; Tsunamis; Traffic accidents; Forest fires; Kidnappings; Child molestation; High gas prices; High unemployment; Tax cuts for the rich; Dinosaur extinction; Earthquakes; Illegal immigration; High divorce rate; Marriage between a man and a woman; Discrimination; Jaywalking; Flat tires; Recent ice storm.

  2. Michelle says:

    Well, I applaud your thought-provoking blog entry. I am impressed with your diatribal communication, and wonder what the catalyst for this blog was. I hope to see more of it.

    You have made some blanket statements that probably warrant some deeper thought. I have always thought that bumper stickers are used for those who cannot think for themselves. Someone else must come up with a statement for them; typically a one-liner that misrepresents the depth behind the statement.

    I agree that most people that “hate” W are followers who do not understand truly why they “hate” him. They follow propaganda. But let’s not attribute it only to Bush-hating libs. They are but one example of following the blind (no pun intended).

    So, let’s talk about evangelical christians (not capitalized on purpose). Evangelicals have never waited for me to initiate a discussion about jesus the supposed christ. They “don’t wait. They stick it in your face as much as possible. They go out of their way to do blog entries, initiate conversations.” These individuals are typically conservative, although I am sure there are exceptions.
    I don’t think that Bush “bumper-sticker”ers hate because they “like” to hate. They most likely do not have any original thoughts on the subject, and find that the propaganda that they are being fed is logical. So they fall in line. Most people want to associate themself to a belief system. Once someone provides one for them, they attach and espouse those beliefs without thinking it through. It’s not just Bush-haters.
    Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Satanists, Wiccans, Technologists, Celebrities, Hippies, Conservatives, Libertarians, LIberals, Unionists, Secedists, etc. all need to associate. They need to relate. There will always be a select few that innovate thought and create a belief system. The rest will follow. They will espouse the beliefs of those whom they follow with little or not question. They need to belong.

    I am not sure that I buy that the second statement epitomizes the liberal view that criminals should be understood and not punished. My interpretation is that exact reciprocated punishment serves no good purpose. Now, I am not saying that I agree with the statement; I am merely indicating my interpretation of the sticker. The sticker does not say that criminals are rehabilitatable. It does not indicate that understanding is in order. The problem is, frankly, that the bumper sticker really says nothing at all. It gives no clue as to what the person believes the solution to be; only what the solution is not. Therefore, anything to the contrary of the statement indicated as a belief of the “liberal” owning the car is just an assumption, since his or her belief about crime and punishment is not explicitly stated. The only thing that is stated is what it is not.
    Now, if you are the monochromatic type, then the answer is simple. The answer is the exact opposite of the statement. But if you are a part of the colorful world, then there is no way to know the affirmative of this person’s belief. In fact, I bet the owner of the bumper sticker doesn’t know what his or her affirmative belief is.

    In my usual irritating manner, I will modify your statements just because I can, and of course, because I disagree.

    Those who can’t FEAR those who can. It is represented as hate, but that is not what is most real.

    Don’t THINK before you hate. Find out what you really fear. Fear is what creates hate.

    The third, disagreement does not equal hatred, I think is irrelevant here. The people espousing the statement on the bumper sticker are not in disagreement. Disagreement requires thought. The bumper sticker represents the lack of thought.

    Okay, my two cents. You know what I say about opinions.. They are like XXXX, everybody has one.


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