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Note: This concept was inspired by a post on Avitable’s blog, who referenced the start of a story on RW’s blog.  Family note: Avitables’ blog is *not* family friendly, but it is somewhat funny.

General rules:

In order for this to work, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Read the entire story.
  2. Add a comment to the post, continuing the story where the last author left off.  Don’t just start off wherever you want; pick up from where the last comment left off. 
  3. In the case where two comments are published at the same time, the next commenter can follow one or both/all of the comments, perhaps tying them together.
  4. I may also add more comments or story lines until I decide the story is done.

The story starts below.

Blog Story #1 – The Unfortunate Mechanic

Seventeen times the doorbell rang.  Kevin wondered if they’d ever go away.  Once, after about the tenth or eleventh ring, there was a long pause.  He started to look around the apartment without moving his head at all, all while trying to make sure the sweat on his brow didn’t make too much of a splat when it hit the hardwood floor.  But again it started ringing.  He closed his eyes in frustration and mumbled; no, prayed, under his breath, that an anvil would fall on their heads out there in the hallway, or the police would come by, or God, even a Jehovah’s Witness might amble up the stairs and interrupt the incessant intrusion.

That would be funny.  They’d probably get shot while trying to convert these thugs and having them re-choose their Way in life.

Kevin struggled to figure out how this all happened.  All he did was fix this guy’s car.  And he didn’t even charge the full amount.  How was he to know he fixed the guy’s car too well.   The guy liked his work.  He liked how quiet he was.  He wanted him working on all of his cars.

The guy, unfortunately for Kevin, was the mafia king.

Kevin tried to say no.  He didn’t want to get tangled up in anything illegal, and he didn’t feel like swimming with the sharks, for fear of getting bitten.  But the thing is, you can’t say no to this kind of guy.  So here were his goons, outside his apartment, come to fetch him to work on yet another car.

The knocking stopped.  Kevin waited for a devilishly long time, listening for any sounds.  Did he hear them going back downstairs?  Were they listening for him?  Did they know he was there, or were they guessing?  What happens to them if they go back without him?

Kevin waited even longer.  After half an hour he decided to move.  He still didn’t hear anything, so he went slowly to the door and opened it up.  And outside he saw…



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