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Well, I guess my submission to Urban Dictionary wasn’t quite their cup of tea.   Oh well, I guess I can respect that.  It’s not like I’m going to go all urban on their behinds just because they disagree.

Here’s what I submitted:


Waynal (way’-nel)

1. To be as anal as Wayne about something.
2. To be overly and illogically picky about minor things having to do with time.

Origin: displaying the strict qualities of a Waynus.

Usually refers to getting to the airport 3 hours early, or sitting down in a theatre at least 30 minutes before previews start.

Is sometimes accompanied by wacky explanations like “well, I can do lots of work at the airport” or “I want to get the exact perfect seat for the movie” or “I don’t like walking in front of people in a theatre row when looking for a seat.”


Man: Hurry up, honey, our flight is only four hours away, and we’re not even parked yet!
Woman: Oh, stop being so Waynal. We have plenty of time
And lo, the people did comment thus:

One Comment

  1. Michelle says:

    I thought it was just me. I am absurdly early to everything. You never know when there will be an accident on the road, which would preclude you from making your flight. I usually get to the airport two hours earlier than I should. I usually end up 30 minutes early to any appointment that I am going to, or when meeting friends for drinks.

    Blame my parents. They taught me that peoples’ time is valuable, and when you are late of your own fault, you are stating that you do not respect them or the value of their time.

    On the flip side, I cannot stand it when people are late to meet me when time is within their control, and no situation has caused them to be late except their own failure to plan. I take it as a direct insult to the worth of my time. If someone is consistently late in meeting me, say, three or four times, I cross them off the list and will not engage in doing “stuff” with them anymore. It’s a matter of respect.


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