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Ok, so primarily this post is about this one guy’s cool idea of semi-harmless revenge

Quick Summary: someone is using his internet connection without his permission, so he made it so all web browsing either goes to a site about kittens (see below), or maybe flips all the images upside down or makes them blurry.

Secondarily, this post is about Kitten War – may the cutest kitten win!  I mean, finally, I can find out who the losingest kittens are in the world, in terms of ranking based on cutensity factor.  I stayed awake all night wondering how in the heck am I going to chronicle or otherwise findout the latest kitten rankings.

As to the revenge idea – I’m not only all for it, but I would encourage it to others.  I’m way into mostly-harmless revenge, especially when it has a humor factor.  I don’t like, however, revenge tactics that damage or are vicious.  I don’t find that kind of revenge funny.

This guy had many possible choices on how to exact his revenge, as is laid out in this handy-dandy decision matrix:

     Kitten War decision table

I’m glad to see the guy chose the “better” option.

I personally had to go through such a choice, and I referred to my handy-dandy decision matrix.  I have a certain email address at gmail.com. It’s not too common, but not too uncommon either.  But it’s mine, and has been for a long time, or at least as long as gmail started its first wave of beta’s, when it was hard to get a gmail account.

So there’s this guy who, for some reason or another, thinks he owns that email address.  So he’s bought stuff om stamps.com, he’s made hotel reservations, has signed up for this list or that list, etc.  I don’t know what’s going through his mind, because he never gets anything for that email address since it’s my address.  But now I have all this info about him.

Most of the time, I inform the business that the order was in error, or that the wrong email address was used.  But I’m tempted to do more…. but I stop short of finding something funny enough and still in the revenge category.  About the worst I’ve done so far is cancel a hotel reservation without mentioning that it’s the wrong email address… I feel pretty bad about that one.  I keep imagining him showing up for his reservation, and the attendant saying “sorry, sir, you cancelled your reservation, and we have no rooms available.”  I mean, this reservation was for the Four Seasons in Austin, TX – not too shabby a place if you know what I mean.

I consider what I did in between the “bad” and “good” category – “Bad” would have been more like, oh, say, I pre-ordered caviar, Dom Perignon, “entertainment” for the evening and  spent his money.  Another “bad” would have been getting a 2nd room for myself.  “Worse” would have included tipping off of the FBI that an Al Queda cell was having a get-together in that room that night.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Ren says:

    > “Worse” would have included tipping off of the FBI that an Al
    > Queda cell was having a get-together in that room that night.

    You just did.

  2. Michelle says:

    No, you didn’t tip them off. You didn’t spell it correctly. 🙂

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