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10:48 am
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I read over @ Blogography about how restaurants with more than 10 sites need to post nutritional content.  It got me thinking… maybe eventually the government will require those little nutritional labels on people’s blogs?

Blog RDA

I call it the …. “Blog RDA”.  I googled that phrase and got crickets.   In fact, maybe this is my next site idea – the recommended daily allowance of blog content.  blogrda.com – and yes, the domain is available!  So I registered it just now, and I think maybe I’ll make some sort of rating system where blog sites can get rated and put their little icon on their site’s sidebar.  I’m guessing that people can do their own rating.  For now, blogrda.com will just show the above picture, when all the stuff gets propagated.

I hereby trademark the term “Blog RDA.”  Wait, RDA is someone elses.  Crap, so I can’t trademark it with a capital T and M, but maybe I can use lowercase tm?

If I’m lucky, I can hire a good lobbyist and make it a federal law that all blogs HAVE a Blog RDA(tm), and then I can make gagillions on the advertising!  Myuhahahahahah!

(insert evil laugh face here, in the extended entry)


wayne crosseyed

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Hilly says:

    LOL I saw that at Dave’s and was waiting for your post! I totally want to make my own BLOG RDA label and credit you if that’s cool! This was great :).

  2. whall says:

    Hilly, Sure thing – in fact, that’s what I want http://blogrda.com to be, possibly – a way for people to make their own label, either with input or maybe even ratings from other bloggers.

  3. Dave2 says:

    And who is going to be the one to rate the bazillion blogs on the internet? Are you volunteering?

  4. whall says:

    Dave2, Good point! Maybe I should charge for an authentic label. I’m thinking $1000. Per square inch.


    Actually, I was thinking of self-rating or peer rating. Maybe even the graphic itself is javascript and when you click on an ‘ingredient’ it auto-increases.

    I’ll have to work on the model…

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