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11:46 am
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This morning Jaden was in the other room and he saw something (don’t know what it was) and he said, “um, that is, um, that is, um, (pause) int…er….resting.”

Both my wife and I looked up at his use of the word and commented back “Hey Jaden, that’s a good word! That’s a big word!”

I also added “Jaden, I find the expansion of your vocabulary interesting,” stressing the word ‘interesting.’

Jaden dropped what he was doing and started running into our room, yelling, “let me see!!!!”

He’s so cute.

I’m taking him to none other than School House Rock in concert in San Antonio. For as your body grows bigger, your mind grows flowered, it’s great to learn, cuz Knowledge is Power!

(I would have some graphic assist on this post but I’m composing while on blackberry)

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