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11:20 am
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I still like what I get, in general, from 1 & 1.  The prices are great, and the package is awesome (3TB/transfer per month, 300GB storage, 1000 email accounts, etc).  But sometimes they just plain suck.

They suck like a hoover.

First, back in December 2006 they caused me much grief.  Four days of grief.

Then, just this last month I actually got to guest post on an important person’s blog and I was down again – THE DAY OF THE GUEST POST.  This is the biggest day for a small-time blog like mine where people see the guest post, and if they like it, they visit the author’s blog.  Worst.  Timing.  Ever.

Yesterday, I was down (all my email, all my websites) from about midnight Monday morning until just a few hours ago today.

Here’s how it all went down:

  • About a month ago, I get a notice that my credit card on file for billing is going to expire in October, so I should update it.
  • I go online to do so, and Paypal is recommended.  I thought “whoa, they take paypal now?”  I’ve been a paypal user since, oh, 1999 or so, and I use it all the time.  I like how I can use multiple funding sources AFTER it uses up my paypal balance.
  • I get a confirmation that the new payment method has gone through. 
  • Midnight on Labor Day (yesterday as I write this), all my email and domains stop working.  I have 132 domains and 149 mailboxes.
  • I call in and Tech Support says “your domain is locked due to a billing issue”.  I say “well then let me talk to billing – I had just made a change from my old credit card to Paypal, so something’s messed up”.  They say “Due to the holiday, the billing department is closed.”

WHAT?!?!?!?  They can take actions such as locking an account but they can’t fix their own mistakes?

After I complain and escalate for a while, the guy tells me that there is something they can do to “bounce” or “retry” the account and I should wait 3 hours.  I ask if I should put my billing back to a normal credit card instead of paypal because maybe their paypal processing system is down.  I just want my domains back on.

He keeps informing me that the Billing Dept is down and that there’s nothing Tech Support can do to unlock the account.  This is so incredibly frustrating.  It’s like 1 & 1’s tech support is taught to just delay, hold people off for a couple of hours, or stall.  Lie if you have to.

I trusted him for a while but I was still down last night so I just went online and changed my account to normal credit card and WHAMMO, 3 hours later everything starts working again.

I hate liars.

ooooh!  and today I get an email asking me to take a survey for my customer support experience!

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. sue says:

    Oh, geez… doncha hate when that happens? Glad you’re back!

  2. Fist says:

    Bluehost, dude. Bluehost. Only time they’ve screwed up on me thus far is when their stat counter became corrupted and lost my first three months’ worth. Oh, and the other day it wouldn’t let my site resolve for some reason, but that happened in the middle of the night and it was fine by six the next morning.

    Just sayin’.

  3. whall says:

    Sue, yes, I do. and thanx. I’m hoping it’s the last of such occurances.
    Fist, I’ll check them out. You’re the 2nd person to recommend them. And I still think your gravatar looks a lot like Guitar Hero’s piece where he’s holding a pick.

  4. Avitable says:

    I’ve already told you of my distaste for 1&1 after their obnoxious million-page ads in all of my computer mags. Ugh.

  5. whall says:

    Avi, yes, I remember. And if they have many more episodes like this, I’m going to start shopping. Heck, I work for an ISP, so it’s not like I couldn’t probably get my own bandwidth and I’m sure I have some spare servers that would be more than adequate, but I like keeping personal and company stuff as separate as I can. I already feel I may do too much blogging at work, even though I think I do minimal amounts.

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