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8:30 am
Post Meta :

I’ve decided to start a little photoshop series called “Wayne-o-shop“.  It’s from a dream I had, where I started this little series of egotistical photoshopping and it grew into a huge sensation and everyone loved it.  Thousands of people read and were addicted to the series, and I had a few guest post folks, and even some celebrities donated their pictures to be included in the series.  Endorsement deals, bribes, etc, the whole works. 

So far, I’ve got myself loving it.  One down, some 6 billion to go.

In the series, I will post an attempt I’ve made at photoshopping myself into a setting, picture, or maybe even taking over the identity of someone in the photo.  I may place myself on the moon, winning an Oscar or something equally implausible such as eating vegetables or shaking hands with Michael Moore.  You might be lucky enough to see me having a baby, in a courtroom with a scandalous headline maker, or etched into the side of a mountain.  Stay tuned.

The kickoff photo will epitomize my laziness, as I’m not actually investing any photoshop time into the first entry.  I had done this photo some time back while I was photoshopping my friend into each pose featured in a recent Duran Duran calendar.  I actually made an entire calendar of this person’s face put into Duran Duran poses.  It was freaky because *shudders* he actually looked like he belonged.  Unlike me.  Putting my face on a model’s body is like, an epileptic drawing childish moustaches on Mona Lisa.

So here we go with the first entry, entitled “Wayne with morning hair and a fastastic bod.”

Wayne-o-shop: Wayne with morning hair and a fastastic bod

If you want to join in, you can take the original photo and make your own photoshop.  Or, make a tasteful caption for the above photo.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Cheldear says:

    Except for the fact that your head is WAYYYY to big for that body, and there is no skin showing at all, it’s okay. Would have rather seen a hot bod than one fully clothed…Maybe some shorts and no shirt or something… This is NOT what women look at… We want skin.

    Maybe you can make one for me where I am a lot smaller and have had my endowed parts chopped off. That would be a relief.

  2. whall says:

    cheldear, I will see what I can do. Maybe Fabio will be the next train for my engine car. Or Jason Momoa, who I blogged about recently.

    I’m a little surprised no-one commented on my use of that rare word ‘fastastic’, meaning it’s so awesome that it approaches the speed of light, so therefore it’s really fast.

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