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…and say “thank you” to Rosemary.

There was an after-school care place in Lacy Lakeview (just north of Waco, TX) that created, formed and nurtured many happy memories for me. The place was called “The Gingerbread Hut” as far as I can remember. Conveniently located just a block from my elementary school, we’d go there after school until my parents were ready.

Rosemary was one of the main people who worked there and took care of us kids. I don’t know if she owned the place or just worked there, but she was simply incredible. I was very young when I went there — best I could tell, I must have been there from first through third grades or thereabouts.

I’m overcome with a wistful nostalgia when I remember The Gingerbread Hut. 

There are a few things that I associate with the place and have become ingrained into my psyche.

Cinnamon-sugar toast

I first discovered toast with butter and a cinnamon-sugar combination sprinkled on top during breakfast time at the Gingerbread Hut. As you can probably guess, it quickly became my favorite breakfast food.  It was always just-out-of-the-toaster-warm, and we would sit at the little tables inside and eat them up.  Now that I’m thinking more about it, this must have been during the summer or something because I’m pretty sure I didn’t go there before school.


Well, they told me it was goulash.  I ate it up like there was no tomorrow.  All I can remember is it had hamburger meat in it, and probably cheese, and maybe some pasta or something.  Once, in high school, I was trying to date a wonderful german girl named Sabina and her parents really liked me and asked me if I’d like to have dinner with them and if I liked goulash.  I beamed so bright I’m sure they thought I was on drugs because I hadn’t had goulash since before the 3rd grade and was excited to get some more!  However, the goulash they served me was nothing like what I had remembered, so I’m guessing the “goulash” I had when I was young deserved quotes around it, since I’m sure ze Germans would know how to make goulash.

The Black Hole

I can’t recall if it was a Saturday or a special day or anything like that, but Rosemary took me and maybe two or three other chillen to the movies, and we saw Disney’s The Black Hole.  That movie came out in December 1979, so I must have been in 3rd grade.  You can imagine what that kind of fantastic sci-fi movie does to the imagination of an obviously gifted and prodigious elementary student.  That day was one of my all-time favorite days ever.

G-force – Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets was a common show that everyone voted to watch in the afternoons after school.  You can watch a little on youtube, too, if you need a little nostalgia in a box.  Other shows that we’d watch included What’s Happening!!, Gilligan’s Island reruns, and Happy Days.  I also remember Mork & Mindy at night sometimes, although we didn’t watch much TV at home.


Speaking of Maryann (Gilligan’s Island), I can also recall a really really pretty girl with brunette hair named MaryAnn.  I couldn’t pick her out from a lineup or anything, but I remember being enamored with her. 

Doing vs watching

So yes, we watched TV sometimes, and we ate sugar sometimes, and we went outside and played in the little boat they had and the treehouse, but the teachers also spent time with us making crafts or solving a puzzle or playing a game.  They were very involved with us and we created things.  We’d read stories together.  They were interactive with our learning process.  We weren’t plopped in front of the TV and ignored.  We had schedules and followed them diligently


Most of all, what I remember from the Gingerbread Hut more than anything else was how happy I was and how cheerful the grown-ups were.  The women who took care of us were always positive, always in a good mood, and always showed cheer. They were excited to hear from us.  They were interested in what we had to say.  They always would add something positive to the conversation.  I can just imagine what a sour or pessimistic person would be to a kid, if they heard or experienced negativism all the time.  I feel so fortunate to have had my formative years at home, with family, at school and at the Gingerbread Hut to have been so positive.

Where are they now?

I drove through Lacy Lakeview a month or so ago and spent a good hour driving around looking at where I spent so many years of my childhood.  One of the places I just stopped and stared at was the Gingerbread Hut.  It was all grown over, not even a sign on the fence as to what it was.  Obviously run down and with no-one using it, the yard withstood my penetrating stare as I searched through and tried to fill in the gaps in my memories.  My throat stiffened and my eyes watered as I longed to thank Rosemary and maybe even recall some of my friends’ names and maybe reminisce.  With someone.

I checked Google Maps and it seems there’s no satellite detail for the entire area where I spent those years:

Lacy Lakeview, Texas

It’s almost as if they intentionally drew a line for my childhood area and decided to remove it from their scans.  The red box is where I walked, rode my bike, lived, went to school, went to church, and learned for 4 or 5 years.

So if anyone hears of a Rosemary who worked at Gingerbread Hut in Lacy Lakeview, TX, please tell her – Jeremy says Hi and says thank you for loving us.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. whall says:

    Absurdist, oh thtop it!

  2. Cheldear says:

    If it weren’t for those horrific hawaiin shirts, I would tell you that you are gay. But the fact that you would even wear those awful things takes you out of the running for even metro status.

  3. whall says:

    shirt-hater, Magnum P.I. wore hawaiian shirts. Telly Salavas wore them too. Tony Soprano has many of them. I doubt the shirts are provoking your claim.

    I only own two, and one doesn’t even fit anymore.

    And do you mean ghey? Ghey is totally different than gay. Saying someone is gay because of how lame they are is old and non-PC and can get you in trouble. But calling someone ‘ghey’ is supposedly more allowed.

  4. Cheldear says:

    No, you are gay like fudge-packing, flame-throwing, pump-wearing, bitch-slapping gay.

    And frankly, you being gay is an insult to gay people. 🙂

  5. whall says:

    Well, this gaywad respectfully reminds you that this tries to be a *family-friendly* blog, so please play along…. 🙂

  6. Cheldear says:

    That WAS family – friendly. I didn’t cuss at all.

    What exactly, as a child, had you not heard in the above statement? Good lord; Jaden can’t read, and your daughter knows a heck of a lot more than “fudge-packing”. I can guarantee that.

    Whatever she is like around you, I promise you she is very different around her friends. And you can play the “Oh, I am her daddy, and I know her, and no, other dads say that, but I KNOW..” and all I do is laugh and fart in your general direction at your complete ignorance about the ways of girls. Trust me; she ain’t talkin’ to you the way she talks to her friends, and she ain’t ever gonna tell you how she talks to her friends… Still makes her a good girl; but she has to talk differently with her friends, or else she will be ostracized faster than a retard in AP English.

    Maybe you grew up very sheltered though. Actually, I think you did. And I am not kidding or being sarcastic here.

    I am in a VERY BAD MOOD. I just ate 4.5 days of billable time, I can’t get this fricken’ last weeks’ actuals working, and the logic is fine, and I am just done. DONE. PERIOD. EVERYONE CAN GO ‘EFF THEMSELVES.

  7. whall says:

    I’m sorry for your bad day. Having what you earned taken away from you (presumably due to someone else’s incompetence,mean-spiritedness or gall) is always something that is difficult to deal with, and can put one in a bad mood. I understand why you’re upset. Especially because I know the work you did for that billable time is probably not your favorite stuff to do, so that deepens the cut for you, I bet.

    That said, it doesn’t matter what my daughter might be like, or knows or what I may or may not have heard as a kid. I still label some of those words (fudge-packing, bitch-slapping) inappropriate for my blog, which is something *I’ve* earned. I don’t want the family-friendliness of my blog taken away from me. My blog, my rules. To me it’s not just cuss words that are off-limits. Profanity is not a prerequisite for offensive or inappropriate.

    Hey, if Avi can acquiesce to my quirkiness and gayness, and he *just* virtu-met me and doesn’t know me from Adam (pun intended), I know one of my closest friends can – 🙂

    (pssssst, I was talking about you)

  8. Cheldear says:

    Family-friendly is purely subjective. If you want people to follow rules, don’t expect them to be able to read your mind. Post some fricken’ rules…. What is family-friendly to one family is not family-friendly to another.

    So, quit expecting people to read your mind…

    I don’t care about the money. I am PO’d about the situation. there’s a lot more to it than I have stated, or want to state.

    Bottom line: if you want people to abstain from certain words, then you need to explicitly state what is acceptable and not acceptable. Don’t crack down on people for saying the wrong word, as if they are supposed to be able to read your mind.

    You know better than that.

  9. sourpuss says:

    My mum makes her goulash with stewing beef. No cheese or pasta in it, though you could spoon it over noodles. It’s basically just meat & gravy (stew-like consistency) with lots of paprika but some folks do add veggies to it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goulash

  10. Kelly says:

    I went there as well. I remember Rosemary! She was a kind lady. I have no idea what ever happened to her when I left the Gingerbread Hut. I absolutely remember all that you have posted above. I remember the field trips to different places. I remember the crafts and stuff, I even remember some of the kids I went there with. It sounds like I went there with you, and I think I remember you. I went to Elm Mott Elementry first then Northcrest Elementry so I’ll bet we went to school together. I remember the shows we all saw too. I especially remember G-Force AND StarBlazers (the Argo spaceship with the Wave motion gun). I even remember seeing King Kong vs. Godzilla for the first time too. We just all thought that was a cool show. One field trip we went to was to see the movie “Buck Rogers in the twenty fifth centry”. Do you remember going on that field trip? We always went on field trips in Mrs. Baxter’s blue station wagon.

    I was not a good kid and I remember sitting a lot in the Giraffe Chair on my hands because of something stupid I did. I also spent a lot of time standing in the corner and huging trees as punishment. And, all the sentences I used to right as punishment. Whew! I wrote a bunch and because of it, I had very good penmenship and was always complimented on how well I wrote. Funny how punishments sometimes work out as a good thing. Always in trouble it seemed and I think the teachers wanted to keep me away from the kids as much as possible due to my violent nature back then. I liked war and army stuff and always brought army stuff to the Gingerbread Hut.

    I remember “MaryAnn”, but I think her name was “LeeAnn” (Morgan) maybe as all us boys had a crush on her. She hung around another really pretty girl of whom I can’t recall her name. We used to all wonder which one was the prettiest.

    I wonder what ever happened to Rosemary? She has to be around 60 plus years old by now. I think Mrs. Baxter is still alive and in her 80’s. Funny I can’t recall any of the other teacher’s names now. We also went to the Gingerbread Hut with my best friend named Richard Martin. We live close to each other now and when getting together, ever now and then we talk about “The Gingerbread Hut” times as with other times we had.

    I don’t think I’d want to go back in time to be there as my memories of the Gingerbread Hut weren’t as nice as yours. But, I do remember it and it will always be in me and a part of me that was my past.

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