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I get a CLUE as to the skin allergies culprit

the lobster did it, in the kitchen, with his own body.

I’m mentioned MRSA a couple of times on the blog — and now I’ve had an MRSA Staph infection four (4) times within the past year.  The most recent time was on my arm about 1.5″ away from the 3rd infection, and that was about a month ago. You may have seen some of the horrible news stories about school closings, deaths, etc and the general panic about the infection.

I think they’re all just partying it up in this antibacterial-soap using world we live in:

staph bacteria up close buffet

Well, I had MRSA back when it was *cool*.  All these other lamers getting it now are just wannabes.  Maybe my dangerous lifestyle will make me seem sexier to da ladeeez.  (cue Patrick Warburton voice) “You know, babe, I heard on the radio that MRSA staph infects 90,000 people a year, and 1 in 5 die from it.  That’s right, I’ve had it 4 times now.  I might die tomorrow, so…”

Here’s a short summary of the last 4 weeks:

  1. About 4 weeks ago I get my 4th Staph infection – I catch it early so I get in to Dr on time and get it treated. 
  2. About 3 weeks ago I am unknowingly exposed to poison ivy or oak outside our house playing baseball with Jaden.
  3. About 2 weeks ago I start having a strong poison ivy/oak reaction around the ankles.  For some people it takes a while to show up.  At first I didn’t know what it was but we traced it back to poison ivy/oak and start treating it as such.
  4. Then about a week ago I start getting itchy bumps / boils ALL over my hands, feet, legs, and arms.  Literally dozens of them – they itch really really bad under the skin, boil up and of course due to itching, become sores.  They seem NOTHING like poison ivy and NOTHING like MRSA.

With the MRSA scare stuff going on, AND the fact that I had the poison ivy stuff going on, AND now these unexplained bumps, of course I screech to the doctor faster than Pete Stark can accuse Bush of getting enjoyment at soldier’s heads being blown off.  They put me on some steroids, cream, zyrtec, etc to help alleviate the symptoms.

I go in today and things seem fine, better, etc.


You see, as far as I know, I’m allergic to shrimp/shellfish.  I never got it confirmed 100%, but when I was adolescent teen and allergic to nothing but homework and chores, I got REALLY sick one night after trying gumbo/shrimp for the first time after moving to southwestern Louisiana.  It was assumed that I was probably allergic to shrimp, and I was told in general to stay away from shrimp and shellfish because that would be the safest thing to do, and since I didn’t like the taste anyway, it’s not like I’m going to argue.

When I mention this recent lobster-fest to the doctor, she said that food allergies and their reactions can react very much like these bumps.  Sometimes a reaction can take days to manifest due to digestion and the fact that different parts of the bodies react in different ways. It’s like people who are allergic to penicillin might not react for 3-4 days and then get blotches or rashes on their skin.  So it’s perfectly natural for skin blemishes, spots, bumps, itching to show up well after consumption.

So the major concern was that MRSA should not be allowed to affect the poison ivy or the bumps.  The second major concern is to find out why I was so insistent on trying lobster last week.  STUPID STUPID STUPID!

I’m sure the lobster agrees.

lobster bite me


I received this from our children’s school district:

Leander ISD has had 25 reported cases of staph infections across our district between August 20th and October 18th. This is not an unusual year for staph infections, with the Williamson County Health Department reporting that LISD’s numbers are well within the normal expected range.

Leander ISD has a number of procedures in place to minimize the staph problem, and has added to these prevention and control procedures this school year. To see what LISD is doing (and what parents can do), please check out our Staphylococcal Infection Control update.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Christine says:

    Clue is my all time fav movie……I love Ms. Scarlett!!

  2. Lynda says:

    I always feel it is better knowing what is going on. Looks like signs are point more to a shellfish allergy, so next time, just send the lobster my way. I <3 Shellfish.

  3. whall says:

    Christine, I don’t know if I’ve seen the movie but I remember loving the board game. But I’ll check it out.

    Lynda, I promise if we’re ever at Red Lobster together, I’ll let you have my Maine Lobster portion and I’ll stick with crab dip (whch I don’t think I have a problem with) and steak. And I love elastigirl.

  4. Absurdist says:

    Fricken’ dork. Why didn’t you tell me about your last infection? You always call me and go ON AND ON AND ON in pointless rambling, at which I reply, “uh huh, yeah, uh huh, wow, that’s awful… So what are you going to do?” while I take care of personal business. I am so hurt.

    And you finally put your little thingy down there about family-friendliness. Why does it take you four months to listen to me???? When you actually DO listen to me???? God, you are such a male. And gay at that. NO MORE HAWAIIN SHIRTS WAYNE. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. whall says:

    Absurdist, I did tell you, about a month ago. While it was going on. In fact, I think I talked to you while I was picking up my meds. We talked about how it was right next to the last infection, and that it had come up from underneath the skin, leading us to believe that it was really a RE-infection, and not a RE-exposure, and you were wanting to do some re-install of XP because the vmware images for oracle this or BI that weren’t working right and OMG why can’t the pc boot right and dangit you’re going to lose all your filed mail and…. oh wait, I guess I’m doing pointless rambling, aren’t I? 🙂

    Yes, I finally put the family-friendly note. Small steps, Ellie.

  6. sue says:

    You poor thing. To be allergic to some of the tastiest food on the planet!

  7. whall says:

    Sue, I’m not very upset. I mean, the lobster cheese dip that we had in a bread bowl was good, but not any better than other things with cheese. And the lobster was so-so – I don’t see what the hubbub is. So I’m very fortunately in that respect — if I had found out it tasted AWESOME I’d be a little more downhearted.

  8. Wow – that’s kinda scary. I hope you can manage to keep away from it next time. Plus, how icky you must have looked! lol

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