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6:56 am
Post Meta :

Should you choose to accept it, your mission today is to make a face at someone and have them make one back at you.

Jaden started it.

That’s what he’d like teh internetz to do for him today.

jaden makes a face for teh internetz

What’s your best “making a face” face?

Here’s mine:

wayne making a face

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Poppy says:

    Jaden is adorable, but you (Wah) look like you got hit with the “special” stick.

  2. whall says:

    Poppy, that’s how we make faces in Texas. Where’s your face? UPLOAD IT!

  3. Poppy says:

    You mean on my own blog? Ugh.

  4. whall says:

    No, I’m expecting people to put them in the comments. I allow that, I think.

  5. Poppy says:

    If you say so… I took a picture, but I don’t know how to put it there. I don’t see an option to upload.

  6. Poppy says:


    That’s me all pissy. 😀

  7. Absurdist says:

    wayne, remember when I explained the ‘dumb-a**’ lines I have between my nose and eyebrows? They are permanent because I look at people like they are a DA? usually, they have to make a face at me first. And then, I just further the perpetuality of those wrinkles. I am getting botox. I don’t want to show my hand, so to speak.

  8. Absurdist says:

    Oh, and poppy, that’s what wayne looks like all the time. He’s a tard pretending to be a technical person. He gets a special diet and botox too to help his face not look like that. Apparently, he missed his appointment for his injections.

  9. whall says:

    Poppy still not coming through, but I think I’ve put you people through enough.

    Absurdist, and apparently I need to take anti-hawaiian shirt pills too.

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