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2:41 pm
Post Meta :

I saw this on Poppy’s place so I thought to myself… “maybe I should delve deeper into my own actual beliefs and see where the candidates stand.”  I really haven’t done ANY issues research on any of the candidates, and have been mostly relying on party lines to help me nudge one way or another, and I figured I’d check out the issues in more depth after the nominees were chosen. 

Pick your 2008 Candidate For President

About the only things I’ve learned over the last two weeks from the caucus and primary were:

  1. I like Huckabee more than I thought I would, after seeing him speak.  To me, he looks like a cross between an older Kevin Spacey and a younger Richard Nixon.  Anyone else see this, or is it just me?
  2. I liked Obama a LOT more than I thought I would, especially after hearing him speak.  I trust him.  He doesn’t seem to carry the typical political baggage with him.
  3. Mitt Romney seems like an arrogant and corrupt fool just another typical politician.
  4. Fred Thompson seems to be a lot smarter than I ever thought he could be, but a lot less presidential.  He seems like someone who actually needs to work on the plans and implement them, NOT be the officeholder.   He’d probably be a decent Vice President – less of the spotlight and more of the internal leadership and intelligence to get things done.
  5. The Fair Tax is more important than ever to try to support and create awareness about.
  6. McCain seems quite accomplished, capable, experienced, calm and I wouldn’t have a problem with his age, especially if he picks a great Vice President who can rise to President in 4 years.  McCain/Huckabee or McCain/Thompson for example.
  7. I don’t see how Rudy could be qualified for the national position after being just a Mayor.  Governors seem to have a monopoly on Presidential career stepping stones.  Rudy should go for Governor and then President if it works out.
  8. Edwards seems like the same old politician to me he’s always been, and don’t feel like I could trust him at all.  Issues aside, trust is all-important.  What point someone’s stance, if the stance changes based on a poll or the audience they’re speaking to?
  9. I’m paying a lot more attention to where lobbyist’s attentions are placed.
  10. Hillary is still… well, Hillary.  I have definite trust issues with her.  While I have no problem with a female President, it shouldn’t be THIS female.

Here are my results.  Note: I wrote the above list BEFORE taking the quiz.

candidate issues results 2008

So, this surprises me some.  Before this, I probably would have rated it Huckabee, McCain, Obama, Paul, Thompson.  But the quiz doesn’t take into account my polarizing issues, like my distrust for Romney or my “right choice” issue for Thompson.

Now, what would be nice for this quiz to do for poor little ol’ me would be to display all the questions again, with my answers, and show by candidate how much that candidate agreed or disagreed with me on that specific issue.  Then I could probably tweak the “care / don’t care” button as I re-discovered more about my own beliefs around the issues.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Avitable says:

    Given your stance on a few issues, this doesn’t surprise me too much. Answering one or two of the questions in a partisan way will make the results seem more polarizing than they actually are.

  2. Ren says:

    I believe one of these does give you result information comparing your views with the candidates:


    The first is a derivative of the second with the choices refactored a bit, but the second is the one that I think showed the details results. It looks like the available choices might be actual stances from the various candidates.

  3. Dave2 says:

    And that’s the thing. I am actually really impressed with some of the things McCain has been saying… but, as you say, quizzes don’t take into account the fact that I would never vote for somebody who so deviously betrayed his fellow POWs and their families by trying to bury their plight. As somebody who is involved with keeping MIA-POW awareness alive, it just ain’t going to happen. Ever. I don’t care if we see eye-to-eye on every single issue, any quiz that puts him at the top of my list isn’t an accurate reflection of who I want to see as president.

  4. Poppy says:

    I was wondering when I would finally see answers to the quiz that didn’t completely separate the blues from the reds. Thanks, Wayne.

  5. whall says:

    Avi, very true. But given that a lot of the questions are just “favor” or “oppose” it’s hard to not be partisan in an answer. Still, it’s helping me become more aware of the issues, because quite frankly, although I probably have quote, “a stance” I could not honestly say I’m well versed in the issues. I think that’s the next wave to help elections – internet-enabled issue education and “web 2.0” type of discussions

    Ren, I tried the second one and disliked it for the complexity of some of the questions and liked it for the formatting of the results. At least with these results, you can see immediately the stance of the candidate and whether it matched yours:
    john mccain results
    But it had Romney at 17, Hunter at 16, Thompson at 16, again showing how different the limited issues-based voting results would be from general favorability of the candidate.

    And Obama and I only see eye-to-eye on Iran and Death Penalty, and with Clinton it’s only the Death Penalty. And I’ve learned that if Gravel takes office, I might as well become expatriated.

    Dave2, I like the summary of “any quiz that puts him at the top of my list” because that’s what it comes down to. I wonder if someday voting won’t REQUIRE answering on issues, and then your vote is calculated rather than tabulated. Scary stuff. And also proving how out-of-touch with issues I am, I had never heard any POW betrayal info. I googled a little bit but so far the stuff I’m trying to read is full of shouting, name-calling and arguing. As a veteran, I take POW very seriously and I will admit that McCain’s veteran status puts him up a notch higher. Who knows, maybe after I educate myself more, the POW issue will become polarizing for me as well.

    Poppy, I do what I can. And what’s funny is I’d probably call myself more Libertarian than Republican!

  6. Absurdist says:

    There are a few things that are very important to me for the next term:

    1. Our crappy education system (I am in favor of privatization)
    2. Healthcare: I will not purport to know the solution, but I did do extensive research and put together a very long document about a year ago on our healthcare system vs. about six other countries.
    3. More decentralization of government. Less federal invasion into state government.

    I have not done enough research on the candidates yet, but I have watched the YouTube debates. I need to do more research before I submit any preference for any candidate(s).

  7. jflins says:

    Hey Steve, just responding to what you put on Hilly’s blog where you mentioned a feeling that tattoos are evil: I’d already put 2 posts there plus I don’t want to go around dropping scripture too much as I don’t know if it’s fine or annoying to her so thought I’d post it here – sorry for going off-thread. To your point (which is better read in the context of knowing that I have a lot of ink on me):
    “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.” Leviticus 19:28

    Cutting ourselves for the dead hasn’t been too hard to buck society on 😉 But the tatts, well…

    BTW: If you’re interested, scripture like this can be looked up on the online bible at:
    although for me, reading the Bible was only confusing until I read John, Acts, and Romans. Then I could get the rest (sorry if this is too much unrequested info – I don’t know what the right amount is).

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