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Wait, no I mean HOO-RAY!

You’re familiar with MyCokeRewards, right?  That’s the little promotion thingy, like a frequent flier club for airlines, where drinkers of Coke products (and there are millions of them: Coke, Minute Maid, Dasani, Sprite, etc) can enter in codes, gain points, and then redeem them for fabulous prizes.  Ok, you can redeem them for craptabulous prizes.  Ok, you can’t really redeem them for anything but it’s nice to dream sometimes.


I started my rewards account a few years ago, deposited a few points here and there, and then basically forgot about it.  In fact, I just checked and it looked like I had 70 points, but in Jan 2007 they got removed due to inactivity.  Anyway, a few months ago, I started donating my reward codes to a “worthy cause”.  I’m pretty sure I’m making a house payment per month for this guy with the reward points I constantly send to him, so I’m unsure how he’s going to take this news.  Someone put him on the watch list.

Yes, I have some news, and it’s fanTASTic news for me.  I can’t wait for 2/1 to come because then I can start participating in my new retirement plan!  YES!  It’s like buying stock!

Like I wished for not too long ago, Pepsi has decided to launch their own rewards program!  HOO-RAY!

pepsi stuff launched

Here’s how I think it went down: millions of people read my blog, right?  Well, ONE of those millions knew a Pepsi exec.  That one went to one of their board meetings and said “hey, look guys.  Wayne drinks Pepsi but he’s buying Coke sometimes to help out this perverted retard out on the ‘net.  If we do our own rewards program, then he won’t buy so much Coke and Coke will feel the pain!  We will finally be ‘the mcdonalds’ of soft drinks!”

I already have my first code – I found it on a bottle I picked up this morning at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ.  Then when I went online I found out that it doesn’t actually start until Feb 1st. 

I also was more than a little bummed to see all the disclaimers in the rules on the side (to be fair, I haven’t read MyCokeReward’s rules)

  • Sweepstakes ends 11/15/08
    What?  why is there an end date?!??!!?  I want to be able to rack up points!
  • Limit 3,000 points per account
    EXCUSE ME?!?!?!   You want me to drink as much as possible, but then you want to limit me?  Well, I can’t wait to see what 3000 points gets me…
  • Must be 13 years old or older
    OH GREAT.  Now I have to be a specific AGE… oh wait.  I’m older than 13.  whew.  I thought I was takin’ it from the man again with yet another oppressive rule.

Hmm, I just had a thought.  Maybe the person who ran the Coke rewards program left Coke, went to Pepsi and started it over there… and he decided to mix it up a little and add all these little rules.  We’ll see where this goes…

For me, *I* know where this is going to go.  I’m going to shamelessly beg PepsiStuff codes from you.  Yes, YOU!  If you drink a Pepsi product, and it has a Pepsistuff code on it, and you don’t want to keep it for yourself, please email it to me.

send me your pepsi pepsistuff codes

Help me find out what happens when someone hits the 3,000 point limit.  Help me break from the status quo.  Help me, help you!  SHOW ME THE MONEY CODES!

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Avitable says:

    I pledge to provide you with all Pepsi codes that I get. I might not have that many, though.

    CokeRewards started off with a deadline, but it was popular enough that they stopped it. No cap on the points, though.

  2. sue says:

    I would, if I get any. I drink Pepsi One, but usually in cans… and unless I’m wrong (which is always possible) the codes only come in the bottle caps? Any convenience stores in our area don’t seem to carry Pepsi One, so I don’t get bottles often. I guess all those words were just to say, SURE… I’ll send ’em to ya! 😉

  3. whall says:

    Avi, here’s to hoping pepsistuff is popular too. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks how many points you get for different products and what kinds of prizes.

    Sue, thanx. You’re right that individual cans prolly won’t have a code but the 12-packs surely will. So, if you buy 12-packs, not only will you be paying 25 cents or less per can, but you’ll obtain codes. Win-win!

  4. Grant says:

    You aren’t limited to 3000 points unless you are an employee of the coke-a-cola company.

  5. whall says:

    Grant, that’s good to know. I’ll be looking for the full rules on both sets if I start getting close.

  6. Maretta says:

    Well I would like to use my pepsi codes,but can’t seem to go to the right place to start saving them.

  7. whall says:

    Maretta, you should be able to just go to http://pepsistuff.com and it’ll redirect you to the actual official Amazon PepsiStuff site. You might need to make sure Flash is installed or something else, but the site itself should help you along. Once there, you register and then can start entering in codes.

    I think I’m up to 24 – yep, just checked, and I am. I guess I’m ok with a 3000 limit if there is one 🙂

  8. Robert E. Annett says:

    Have entered my answers to your Online Survey. Read same and if you have anything to offer to a Diet-DeCaff Pepsi drinker for many years, your reply would be welcome. Bottle-Cap numbers, I have, but you have not asked for them, so far. Good Luck-promotionalwise.

  9. whall says:

    Robert – thanx for stopping by. Which online survey do you mean? And if you didn’t catch that I was asking for any unused codes, numbers, etc from any Pepsi product (including Diet DeCaff Pepsi bottlecaps), I’d like to make clear that I’d love to have them.

  10. Heather says:

    I would happily send you my pepsi promotion caps but I don’t drink that much pepsi. Email me if you are short and I will change my brand. :0)

  11. Dest says:

    I want the PepsiStuff codes, but for a totally different reason. There’s this website where I can get free points for IMVU, but i need codes to score 20 points every time. So each code comes in usual twice… -.0. Congrats with your luck, mate.

  12. whall says:

    I’ve not heard of IMVU so I googled it and do you mean the 3d chat client? What’s the points thing for?

  13. stacey charles says:

    how do i get free pepsistuff points,,from this web site!!!! thank you!!! e-mail address is bkilox@yahoo.com

  14. whall says:

    Stacey, I don’t have any free points, sorry

  15. cam712 says:

    just a quick question can a code be used on 2 accounts by 2different people?

  16. whall says:

    cam712, nope. codes can’t be shared between people.

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