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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

You’ve probably heard of divination.  It might not be known by that name to you, but if you’ve heard of Tarot cards, Runes, reading tea leaves, dowsing, horary astrology or a Ouija board, you know divination. 

divination collage by wayne

Maybe in elementary school, you had one of those paper fortune tellers that told you who you were going to marry and how many kids you were going to have.  Remember being horrified that Bobby Henderson was going to be your husband and you were going to have three kids with him?  (I particularly hated that prediction).

Divination is the act of using some particular method to determine either answers, the future, the past or some information you want to know by making a physical action at the time you request the information, and then interpreting the answers. 

I’ll also wager that some or most of you have heard of memes.  And here I mean the questionnaire type (aka “blog meme”)and not the real Internet Meme definition or examples.  Recently I’ve been seeing ipod-based memes where they have a series of questions and you use your mp3 player or itunes list or whatever, put it on random, and then whatever the song title is, you use it as the answer to that question.

Now I’ve decided to invent my own meme.  This meme combines the two concepts described above, taking seemingly random at-the-moment information and data and facilitating a meaningful analysis.  The idea is that the subconscious works with universal energies to actually create the answer so that it suits you individually, for that specific moment.   It’s pretty freaky how accurate the other forms of divination can be, so maybe this will be equally freaky.

I’ll take the easy way out and map the song titles into the 12 houses in traditional astrology, since I know them pretty well.  So question one is based on the 1st house, question two is the 2nd house, etc.


  • Fire up your MP3 player or iPod or computer-based music browser. 
  • Turn on the Shuffle or Random feature.
  • Press play.  The title of the song that plays is your first answer.
  • You can listen to the song or press “next” to go on
  • The title of the next song is your second answer, and so on
  • Important: you need to READ and UNDERSTAND the question BEFORE you click “next”.   It’s even better if you read the question aloud.  Ask any astrologer or tarot card reader.
  • Post your results here or on your own blog.  Link to this post if you please.

Divination Meme

  1. How do I present myself to the world? 
  2. What do I value the most?
  3. How do I communicate with others?
  4. Where do I come from?
  5. How do I creatively express myself (or how do I have fun)?
  6. How does my work environment contribute to my overall well-being?
  7. What kind of person am I attracted to?
  8. How do I view death/transformation?
  9. What are my beliefs?
  10. What do I want to be known for / what is my calling?
  11. What kinds of friends do I have?
  12. What are my dreams *really* about?

My answers, if you’re interested, are in the extended entry.  Feel free to post your answers in the comment, or if you do the meme on your blog, let us know here.

I hope this doesn’t suck.  I also just realized that neither of my mp3 players has my entire playlist.

  1. How do I present myself to the world?  Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top
  2. What do I value the most?  Dreamtime, YES
  3. How do I communicate with others?  Trip Through Your Wires, U2
  4. Where do I come from?  Wherever You Are, The Moody Blues
  5. How do I creatively express myself (or how do I have fun)?  I’ve Been This Way Before, Neil Diamond
  6. How does my work environment contribute to my overall wellbeing?  Sunset, Jan Hammer
  7. What kind of person am I attracted to?  In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
  8. How do I view death/transformation? Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine, Jethro Tull
  9. What are my beliefs? Kiss The Bride, Elton John
  10. What do I want to be known for / what is my calling?  Montana Cowgirl, Emmylou Harris
  11. What kinds of friends do I have?  Wicked Garden, Stone Temple Pilots
  12. What are my dreams *really* about?  On Your Shore, Enya

Wow, some of these ARE freaky. 

#1 is very correct, as I definitely try to dress well.  #2 sounds like I made up the answer, but I swear I didn’t.  #8 is particularly eerie, don’t you think?

And please, #10.  I can’t believe my long-lost childhood dream of being a cowgirl from Montana was outed publically in a meme!  How ashamed am I now?

So, how do I give this meme some life?  Do I tag people?  Do I beg?  Should I give out cash rewards for taking it?  Do I threaten people with bad futures (a la chain letters) if they don’t?  I think I’m supposed to tag people, so I’ll tag some people who I think might not shun me for life if I tag them.  Don’t be offended if you’re not tagged.  Just do the meme and link to this post.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Poppy says:

    FINE!!!!! Fine. I HATE BEING TAGGED!!!!!! (But, secretly, and HOW DID YOU KNOW?, I love it. 😀 )

  2. Avitable says:

    I’ll do it here in your comments. The answers weren’t as fun this time as the last time I did a similar one:

    1. How do I present myself to the world?
    Yeah! New York, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    2. What do I value the most?
    Beauty*2, by Ladytron

    3. How do I communicate with others?
    Hollaback Girl, by Gwen Stefani

    4. Where do I come from?
    I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, by Britney Spears

    5. How do I creatively express myself (or how do I have fun)?
    Seventeen, by Ladytron

    6. How does my work environment contribute to my overall well-being?
    Twilight Zone, by Golden Earring

    7. What kind of person am I attracted to?
    White Light, by Gorillaz

    8. How do I view death/transformation?
    Complicated, by Avril Lavigne

    9. What are my beliefs?
    My World, by Avril Lavigne

    10. What do I want to be known for / what is my calling?
    Luxurious, by Gwen Stefani

    11. What kinds of friends do I have?
    Cracked LCD, by Ladytron

    12. What are my dreams *really* about?
    Missundaztood, by Pink

  3. Absurdist says:


    1. Wayne, I have known you for 11 or 12 years.


  4. Michelle says:

    At LAST … I’ve been tagged with a meme that I might actually ENJOY doing!!! Yea!! I don’t own an iPod, MP3 or have music on my ‘puter.

    So THERE! ppppbbbt!! Foiled again Batman.

    Or should we call you “Hannah” now, you Montana Cowgirl you.

  5. whall says:

    Poppy, I can’t WAIT for your answers

    Avi, I personally think your answers are cool. What do you value? Beauty. How do you communicate? Hollaback. and now we know you’re attracted to a gorilla (yourself) but you settled for Amy. Death is complicated for you. Your beliefs revolve around yourself. Your dreams are misunderstood. See? this is all way too good 🙂

    Abs, well, maybe I don’t dress well around you. Maybe I’m perpetually unable to look as good as you, so I go ahead and “dress down” hoping that people think that’s how I normally dress.

    Michelle, oh no! I’m sitting here thinking about how we could solve that for you, but short of sending you an mp3 player with songs already on it, I’m all out of ideas.

  6. Poppy says:



  7. whall says:

    Poppy, alas, my feedreader is woefully behind. Similarly, my behind is reading woeful feed. I probably should actually VISIT people’s blogs every once in a while. Recently I noticed Sue (torn pages) theme changed, but she probably changed it 3 or 4 years ago. See what I mean?

    …reading it now…

  8. Absurdist says:

    Wayne, I am sorry. I really don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you are a guy so this shouldn’t matter to you at all.

    Please understand, this is the truth, but I don’t mean to hurt you. You really. do. not. dress. well.

    Sorry man. I can send you some info on what you need to dress well though. IM me if you are concerned that what I am saying is not the truth. But a polo and pants does not a nice outfit make. Please trust me on this. 🙂

  9. whall says:

    Abs, GAHHH! I cannot refute your logic! I submit and yield to your superior fashion sense! You found me out! I am only wearing ‘a little geeky’ blogography tee and sweatpants! Not only that! I spilled some hot chocolate on the tee-shirt! Oh, the shame!

  10. Absurdist says:

    You bought one of Dave’s t-shirts?

    Wayne, the most you have ever dressed up was at the Tivoli Xmas party. Every single day of your life, the most you have dressed up since or before then is a short sleeve cotton polo and pants. And DON’T get me started on your shoes. God.

  11. whall says:

    Abs, I bought two or three.

  12. sourpuss says:

    I’m sort of in the same boat as Michelle except that I did finally buy an MP3 player just before Xmas… but there’s nothing on it yet, and nothing on my ‘puter either. I have yet to sign up with a legitimate site from which to download songs. I’m not even sure why I bought the darn thing, since music is not a huge part of my life… I mean, I listen to the radio in the car but that’s pretty much it. And I have some CD’s but they’re old stuff and I haven’t decided if I want them on my MP3 player. So, that said, I will pass on this, but feel free to remember me when you create your next non-music meme!

  13. sue says:

    I’ll do it. It may take me a bit… but I’ll do it. Just ’cause YOU asked me to. 🙂

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