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Another Monday version of the Sunday edition…  Blogging is what happens when life doesn’t get in the way.

BeBe, we hardly knew ye

This last week, Friday to be exact, our inlaws put down our shared dog, BeBe.

jupiter zina bebe

Jupiter and Zina are “our” dogs and Bebe was rescued about 6 months ago by my parents-in-law, who share the 3.5 acre property.  In fact, all three of them are rescued dogs – Jupiter was abandoned on a doorstep a few years back and Zina was rescued from the same place as BeBe – Friends Of Gonzales Animal Shelter (similar to PawMatch – they set up in front of PetSmart to help place homeless pets).  Caitlin, our 13yr old, volunteers 20-30 hours a month there.

BeBe was the sweetest of the bunch.  Jupiter is smart and sweet, Zina is alpha dominant and my wife’s shadow (and a little “stuck up” if you know what I mean) but BeBe was more like… like… Steinbeck’s Lennie  from Of Mice And Men.  Strong, playful, and extremely capable but dumb as a box of rocks.  And he had tons of medical issues.  He kept breaking out of the fence (we have about an acre of fenced area, but still it wasn’t enough for BeBe) and getting in skunk nests, going after neighbor’s goats and just going out for a stroll.  He sometimes would sniff something and fall over and have his heart stop.  He had this hospitalization and that one.  We couldn’t get him neutered because his liver and heart were too sensitive to the anaesthesia.  Once he had cardiac arrest from eating too much dog food.  Each time, he’d be rushed to the emergency hospital and each time he’d make it.

This most recent time, he got out (again) and came back with a stick poking out of his eye.  Again he was rushed to the hospital, but this time, he not only was likely to lose his eye, but putting him under likely meant putting him down due to his fatal reaction to anaesthetics.  The decision was made, and he was put where he can wait for the rest of us, tail wagging and tongue hanging out, wondering if by chance we brought one of those pigs ears or a basted rawhide bone he likes so much.

Jupiter himself is recovering from knee surgery he had Tuesday:

jupiter knee surgery

He had a torn ACL and a pretty torn up meniscus due to past injuries playing with a much bigger dog, so we knew that if he didn’t get the surgery, he could lose his leg the next time he had a playdate.  Jupiter and BeBe were bestest of friends and kept each other occupied so Zina could be perched on her dog throne of the family.  Not only does Jupiter have to deal with his physical healing, he’s feeling the bulk of the sadness that comes with BeBe’s departure.

Bye bye, BeBe.



Guitar Hero Race 

I finally beat Lou on HARD on Guitar Hero 3 — Lou is the devil, and he’s the “boss” at the end of the level.  I tried and tried and tried and finally beat him.  I actually had taken a video of one of my losses because still, I couldn’t believe how well I was doing and bam, I fail.  Bam, I lose,  Bam, LOU rocks instead of me.

But now I’m the boss – heh heh heh.

And now, out of 500,000+ people on guitarhero.com with their scores uploaded, I’m not looking too shabby with my accomplishments in the Hard Career mode:

guitar hero hard career placement
(click to see all of my guitarhero.com profile)

Woohoo!  3,733rd place!  I still have a number of bonus songs to play, so I’m hoping that number gets way better this week.  Next on the list is to actually start playing some Expert.  Might as well round out Easy and Medium, too just to see where I’d place.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. golfwidow says:

    I’m so sorry about Bebe.

  2. Oh, I am so, so sorry! Tears are pouring out of my eyes as I read this, especially from the pictures. What a beautiful, beautiful dog. You can see into his soul with those eyes. I love him just from those pictures alone. Why do we have to lose our beloved pets? It’s so unfair. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Dave2 says:

    Awww… poor puppy. She certainly seemed like a good doggy. 🙁

  4. Jen says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Bebe. I know he meant the world to your family and wish I would of had the pleasure to meet him. He’s got a beautiful spirit the ways he looks at you posing for the camera.

    I know your voices were the sweetest music to Bebe’s ears (especially the way you described him wagging that tail when you spoke to him). That’s pure music to man’s best friend…

    Know that Bebe knew he was safest in the care of your family and he’ll follow you always in spirit to keep you safe as well. You all gave him a wonderful home.

  5. Poppy says:

    I’m so sorry about BeBe. 🙁

  6. whall says:

    golfwidow, thanx..

    Avi, I know!

    BlondeBlogger, Dogs rule.

    Dave2, thanx. He was a he, but I can see how from the name one might assume girl. His name was taken from “Bad Breath” and shortened to BB and figured it would also double for “Best Bud” for Jupiter. So really the name was BB but we spelled it BeBe.

    Jen, I appreciate your words. Jupiter misses you and Jordan, too, so come by for a little puppy reunion, and why not, a little Guitar Hero too?

    Poppy, thanx. We miss him. Jupiter’s starting to show it now that he’s healing a little.

  7. Suebob says:

    It is so hard to say goodbye to friends like BeBe. I’m sorry for your loss, but happy that he had a sweet happy life with you.

  8. Tony N says:

    I couldn’t imagine making that decision. You are one of the good guys. Thanks for being a good dog dad.

  9. whall says:

    Suebob, thanx for the sentiments, we appreciate it

    Tony, fortunately it’s easy being a good dog dad. Long time no see, thanx for stopping by and commenting for the first time, and I hope the new job is doing great…

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