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We were Netflix users for years.. but then something happened.

blockbuster total access

Blockbuster started offering the free in-store exchanges.  Then we were hooked.

Netflix was so awesome in a number of ways:

  1. I could always have movies in my queue so I wouldn’t forget which movies I wanted to see
  2. I could structure my movie watching (“ooh, I need to watch THAT someday”)
  3. I usually got new releases pretty fast because I’d “save” my movie ahead of time when it was in the theatres
  4. It saved me a lot of time
  5. It saved me a lot of money because I didn’t have late fees any more

But there was a problem.  We still got the hankerin for a specific movie on a specific night. Netflix didn’t help with this at all.  So Blockbuster Online to the rescue – not only do we get the above benefits, but anytime we want to return one of the movies, instead of popping it in the mail, we take it back to the store and get a free rental to take with us while we wait for the next movie in the queue to be shipped out.  This satisfies the “on-demand” movie shopping my wife and I always end up needing.

What do you do for movie watching?  Netflix? Blockbuster?  Online watching? Torrent? Movies-On-Demand?

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Poppy says:

    I have a DVD collection of my favorites.
    I have Netflix.
    I watch TV online (legally, through their network sites or purchased via iTunes).
    I visit the public domain sites for old movies.

    No torrenting.

  2. Ren says:

    I’m right there with you Wayne, though I keep thinking that I need to do some analysis as Blockbuster has raised their price and Netflix has lowered theirs. One thing that keeps me from really considering switching back to Netflix is my understanding that the Blockbuster deal is no longer being offered as-is (unlimited in-store exchanges) and I don’t want to lose that by switching away.

  3. Jen says:

    I used to rent movies, but now watch 95% of my movies at http://www.watch-movies.net/. It’s free and you can watch them anytime from your computer. The selection is just as good as if you were at a Blockbuster. You can’t download them, but you can stream them perfectly.

  4. Jen says:

    Oh, sorry I wasn’t clear. To stream the movies it’s absolutely free (how I watch them) and if you find one of those “must have” movies, you can download it for a very low low low price: DVD-quality (DivX) 720x.. 2.1GB+ in size $4.99
    Video CD 580x.. or 610x.. 0.7-1.4GB in size $2.99
    iPod 320x.. (320x… resolution) $1.99

  5. Amanda says:

    We’ve been using Blockbuster online since it first started, so we were psyched when they came out with the in store exchanges.

  6. ajooja says:

    Blockbuster just doesn’t carry enough independent films and documentaries to compare with Netflix. If I need a relatively new release quicker than Netflix, I’ll bite the bullet and pay the staggering fees at Blockbuster. Of course, the hot new releases are always in demand there too so there is no perfect system.

    Netflix just works better for me. I don’t mind waiting for a movie at the top of my list every now and then because I’ve got plenty of of films I need to see. It’s not like I won’t ever get to see it.

  7. Hilly says:

    I’m with ajooja…the reason I use Netflix over Blockbuster is the selection. I’ve tried both of them and like the Netflix user interface a lot more too!

  8. whall says:

    Poppy, i lurves me my dvd collection… and come to think of it, my CD collection…

    Ren, yeah, I was warned and warned but I did cancel BBO long ago when I had unlimited exchanges and when I re-upped, it was more expensive and now I’m limited. Much sadness.

    Jen, not heard of that! but that’s why I blog – so I can find out cool info from cool people.

    Amanda, I was a semi-early adopter of netflix, but not blockbuster. It took me a while to get to it because I just assumed it would suck.

    ajooja, yeah, and that’s where we differ. I don’t have much taste. I like lots of things and don’t have a discriminating palate when it comes to movies.

    Hilly, I don’t remember the netflix interface enough to care, and usually, GUI failings don’t bother me much as long as I can find a way around them.

  9. Absurdist says:

    My issues with BB are as follows:

    1. They won’t carry NC-17 movies.
    2. They are f***ng baptists and they contribute to the cause, like Dominos that is pro-life and contributes corporate monies to fund pro-life groups.

  10. martymankins says:

    I’ve been with Netflix since Nov. 1999 and have never had any issues with them.

    I tried BB service when they first started and had a couple of delivery issues, but then stopped it before the end of the first month free trial.

    Then I got a “Come Back To Us” email from BB when they started the option to return the movies to the store. That lasted a few weeks before they told me I was renting too many movies (I had only rented 6 in 3 weeks). WHAT?? Too many?? That’s pretty good for me.

    So I’ve decided that Netflix, with it’s awesome selection of obscure films, gets my money each month (I do the 2 out at a time, unlimited for $13.95/mo)

  11. whall says:

    Abs those aren’t issues with me. Kind of like I’ll still listen to Barbara Streisand’s voice and watch John Cusack’s movies even though personally those people are completely insane and wacko in terms of their views. Their ideology doesn’t impact me enjoying the service they provide.

    martymankins, yup, and I know that if I had the same requirements as you, I never would have left Netflix. But the on-demand give-me-my-fix-in-the-store-now feature is what makes the difference for me. When I was a netflix customer, I still paid money in the store and I needed to reduce my monthly expenses for movie watching.

    Thanx for stopping by!

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