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4:01 pm
Post Meta :

A nephew of ours turned 8 this last Saturday, and part of our gift was the following 30-stanza self-describing haiku.  He’s a smart kid and loves wordplay.  We figured it apropos.

(The gift the haiku mentions is Lego Indiana Jones for the DS, which came out today.  The game wasn’t available on Saturday, so the haiku references that as well.)

Follow along, won’t you?   Feel free to add to his haiku in the comments, and be sure to end the last line in “oo”.  Bonus points if you don’t re-use one of the words I’ve already used (*evil grin*).

rhyming birthday haiku; logo made at cooltext.com

We thought we would share
This eighth birthday gift for you,
Our favorite Nephew!

And wouldn’t you know,
it would only be fitting
that it be haiku.

You might be wond’ring
“what is haiku, exactly?”
Here, I’ll ‘splain to you.

First, you make three lines
of any words together.
Wait! There’s more to do!

Also, you must count.
And count, by golly, you will!
(now you got a clue?)

(the rest is in the extended entry)

You count syllables!
The syllables of the words.
These words that you view.

The first line gets five.
The second line gets seven.
Last line? Five anew.

Check it for yourself.
Go ahead; I won’t be mad.
You’ll see that it’s true.

Now do you get it?
Isn’t that the coolest thing!?
You learned something new!

You might also see
that I added my own twist;
Complexity, too!

I follow the rules
of five-seven-five, and I
made it rhyme. Woo-hoo!

You might be thinking,
“My only gift is haiku?
That would stink like poo!”

Wait, that’s what you thought?
That words on paper sufficed?
That we went CUCKOO?

I’m completely shocked!
Who exactly do you think
you are talking to?

You got it all wrong.
We’re about QUALITY! With
a capital Q!

So, about your gift…
We’ve run into a snag, one
small, tiny issue.

But don’t get me wrong;
Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with your gift.
Ask Silly Magoo!

Your gift is awesome!
Stupendous and amazing!
Knocked the socks off Stu!

In fact, I must say
on a scale from 1 to 10,
It’s a 42.

What is it, you ask?
What on earth could the gift be?
It’s ‘bout time you knew!

You like the DS?
You know, made by Nintendo?
The game owned by few?

We got you a game!
But no ordinary game;
It’s coolness times 2!

Indiana Jones! Just like
Lego Star Wars II!

But here’s the deal, man:
You won’t get the game today;
not even ‘til Tue!

Jeffrey, please don’t cry…
You’re big and you can take it.
(you need a tissue?)

Take this here gift card.
Go to Best Buy when you can,
when it’s not a zoo.

We hope you love it
as much as we’re lovin’ you
(man, that’s sappy, EW!)

Who knows, just maybe,
for your 9th birthday, you’ll get
Lego Dr Who.

Now, let’s go party!
There’s someone else’s birthday…
(Grandma you-know-who)

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Avitable says:

    Uncle Wayne’s quite the dork
    But he gives pretty cool gifts
    Better than a shoe!

    He thinks he’s clever
    But we all know the real truth
    He’s really not coo’

    Enjoy this birthday, kid
    Pretty soon you’ll be a teen
    All day, you’ll be blue.

    Avitables last blog post..Things I hate about your blog

  2. LOL @ Avi! You’re a good uncle. I’m going to be an aunt for the first time ever in the fall and I can’t wait to do stuff like this for my niece/nephew.

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