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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

As I was looking through my past Favorite Things series, I noticed that they all had to do with Food or Drink:  

  • Skull Mug from Treasure Island
  • Pepsi
  • Loss Bread
  • Apple Butter
  • The Oldtimer burger from Chili’s
  • Blockbuster Online (helps me spend less time out getting movies and more time eating)
  • Akismet and “recheck queue” feature (less spam means more REAL food)

If you hang around the Wayne very much, you notice that he almost always has his SwissTool with him.  He also sometimes switches between third person and first person.  I do that sometimes.  The SwissTool is not a leatherman, but it’s a lot like it.  Yes, I am one of those people, who likes to be ready for the end of the world or a brawl in an alley with a Communist.  Or, more likely, I want to be able to fix something if it’s broken and I don’t want to have to get my GPS unit to find the toolbox.

victorinox swisstool leatherman hip sheath holster

In particular, I like the following things:

  • It’s hefty but not too hefty.  Very solid and obviously made quite well.
  • I can get at the tools without having to open it up, because they open out from the sides.  Other models make you open up the pliers in order to get to the gadgets.
  • All the blades and tools on the outside have a lock to prevent severed fingers.  I *really* like having less severed fingers.  I prefer several less severed fingers.

I only wish it had scissors.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a few of the things I can do with my SwissTool. (press the play icon below to start the flash movie)

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Raganator says:

    swiss cheese
    swiss chocolate
    great exports

  2. Dave2 says:

    Is it sad that my favorite tool is my CAT-5 wire stripper? It does only one thing, but it does it so very well!

    Dave2s last blog post..Transparency

  3. metalmom says:

    I love a man who can use his tool so creatively!

    metalmoms last blog post..For You

  4. dmarks says:

    But it’s not USB-enabled, and it doesn’t run Linux yet, does it?

    dmarkss last blog post..Butlerian Jihad

  5. sourpuss says:

    Heh. That was a cute video. But seriously, have you ever plucked a nose hair? It freakin’ hurts! I did it once and never again, my eyes watered up instantly and it stung for quite a while. You shouldn’t joke about such painful things. 🙂

    sourpusss last blog post..Sky

  6. martymankins says:

    This is a family blog, so I can’t talk about my “tool”

    Seriously, that is better than the Leatherman.

    The two items that I used to carry with me everywhere were a tiny MagLite and a small Swiss army knife… the kind you get for free at a trade show. It was a real Swiss army and not a knock-off. Both items were useful for over half the stuff I did.

    BTW, was there supposed to be sound in that video?

    martymankinss last blog post..The Lazy MoFo Mosaic Meme

  7. Winter says:

    My favorite tool is still Tool. Heh. Although, the needle nose pliers in my little computer tool kit is very popular in my office. Every one wants to borrow them!

    Winters last blog post..Too Much

  8. Boys and their toys! 🙂
    Did you seriously hand cash to the cashier with it? hahahaha

  9. Avitable says:

    I’ve been bemoaning my inability to eat pizza. Thank you, Whall, for showing me a way!

    Avitables last blog post..Daycare and Avitable

  10. whall says:

    Raganator, my, what a lovely new form of poetry you’ve discovered! Let me try

    seven brides
    seven brothers
    good times

    Can anyone determine the ‘rules’ for the ragku?

    Dave2, No, that’s not sad at all. Personally, I’m more a fan of the LOLcat-5 stripper.

    metalmom, why thank you!

    dmarks, I know, sad, isn’t it? I did win a swiss army knife that was a USB key once but it still couldn’t replace my SwissTool. And with software that keeps a VM on USB key, it would have satisfied both of your requirements.

    sourpuss, I wasn’t plucking a nose hair. I was installing batteries. HELLLLOOOO?!?!!?!?

    martymankins, I originally had sound but I decided it was a bit much. The “click” had click sounds. The NOM NOM NOM was NOM-Y. I had an intro. The laptop starting up had the windows blow-up sound. 911 had a Simpson’s quote.

    winter, I like the needle-nose pliers on this SwissTool but I could use them to be more nosy. More pointy. More needly.

    BlondeBlogger, I asked first if they would join in on my hilarity. They loved the idea, but I would have preferred a free taco for my trouble.

    Avi, where there’s a Will, there’s a Wayne.

  11. Robin says:

    You boys and your gadgets, Erik is obsessed with the new bug zapper thing.

    Robins last blog post..Update On Mommy

  12. Dave2 says:

    I’m just a fan of strippers in general.

    Dave2s last blog post..DaveGuard

  13. whall says:

    Robin, I have a phone zapper for telemarketers, does that count?

    Dave2, I’m a big supporter of strippers.

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