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10:49 am
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I have so many ideas of how to make this a cool, graphical multimedia and interesting blog post, but I just don’t have time.  So here’s a recap.

  1. On Monday we drove out to in the middle of nowhere (1.5hrs drive) to some relative’s land in Bastrop so we could see the Perseid meteor shower (tips on viewing) without all the light pollution, noise, etc.  We packed a nice picnic, 2 dogs, 3 kids, 3 flashlights, tons of drinks and left the house around 7:15pm.  We got on the land just after dark.
  2. Two of the kids were too freaked out by tall trees, tall grass, and honest-to-goodness-actual darkness, so we couldn’t stay.  Wife and I got about a 2 minute glimpse of the sky from out there and we could see millions of stars vs just the couple hundred you can see from the city.  Dangnabbit!   But what are you going to do? Force them to face their fears right that minute?  Nah.  So we went home. 
  3. Setting a family policy that kids can no longer watch Blair Witch Project, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Friday the 13th movies.
  4. Got back home around 10:30pm so we went out on the trampoline and stare up for a while to see what we could see (that’s what the bear did).  Ended up seeing nada – lots of cloud cover and we just got tired looking.  And we were tired-looking.
  5. Last night (Tuesday), we watched Nim’s Island (awesome movie!) and then went back out on the trampoline.  We saw several satellites, MARS (pretty sure we saw it), and some airplanes.  And then I saw a HUGE shooting star over to the side and tried to tell the wife – “HEY LOOK!” but it was gone.

Take a look at this video if you want to see more about it – it has some really cool photos, great info, and tips on watching.  I think you can still see the shower tonight if you try.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Sybil Law says:

    Sweet! I love seeing that stuff! However, I am I truly an idiot, or is there no video link?! (I am probably an idiot.:)

    Sybil Laws last blog post..Give It Away Now

  2. whall says:

    Sybil Law, I don’t think you’re an idiot – but it should list a youtube link there. Here’s the direct link if needing it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ_B0d1pr6I

  3. Bucky says:

    The Perseid’s are back again? Where have I been?

    Buckys last blog post..Things I’ve Learned Over The Past Few Days

  4. Ren says:

    I’m pretty sure that we would have had the kids wait in the car (perhaps watching a movie). Of, if even that was too scary, have one adult drive them away for half an hour or so. This is, of course, presuming the sky was fairly clear. From your Utterz I had thought that it was cloudy, but if y’all were seeing so many more stars then maybe it was clear enough to be worth it.

    Rens last blog post..Holy Cactus!

  5. whall says:

    Bucky I admit to not even knowing about the Perseids until this year. Since I became a certified astrologer (no lie!) I’ve been paying a lot more attention to astronomical events, news and happenings.

    Ren, we tried having them wait in the car, but it was still no-go. We don’t have a DVD player, so next time, we’ll pack that. And your ‘drive away’ plan would have been good except 1) only I can drive out there due to darkness and familiarity and 2) wife still can’t walk w/out crutch so would not have been a good idea to leave her out there w/kids and with how potholed the property is.

  6. Avitable says:

    I hate nature when it’s too dark and too secluded.

    Avitables last blog post..Along came a spider

  7. Dragon says:

    Um, your kids are scared of tall things? How short is your family? 🙂

    Dragons last blog post..Citrus Sunrise Punch

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