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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.


wayne's 3-minute ditl day in the life
(DITL = Day In The Life)



Wayne’s 3-minute DITL #11 from whall on Vimeo.
(Direct Youtube link)

Note: I tried switching to Vimeo for my videos, but I’ve run into a number of failed attempts today and it’s been sitting at YouTube for hours. So if the upload finishes and the conversion is successful, I’ll add the vimeo embed here but for now I’m sick of waiting.
UPDATE: Vimeo finally finished updating, so I’m changing the page to display that by default instead.

Episode #11 contains these tidbits:

  • Wayne shows his support of the Presidential campaigns
  • Bridge to Terabit
  • Wayne tries his own blog experiment
  • Jaden’s DITL (I found this on my camera)
  • Wayne’s crazy hair
  • Jaden’s nifty jacket
  • Oh, Mickey, you so fine
  • 11:11 Phenomenon!
  • A good Republican joke
  • Fire pit: Ceremonial Sacrificial Ceremony
  • If you can read this…

This week’s bonus footage: Jaden’s First Grade Scientific Experiment: Do Candles Drink Water?

All in 3 minutes or less! (excluding introductions, credits and bonus footage).

Note: background music supplied unknowingly by the fantastic duo of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, key stalwarts that make up Steely Dan, off their latest album Everything Must Go. The track I used portions of is Lunch With Gina. Pick this music up if you can – it is amazingly good.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Raganator says:

    you had me at purr pell Wayne… and then O Mickey as a bonus
    But science in action?
    I’m so proud.
    You even made him repeat the experiment.
    Dad of the week for sure!

  2. Tug says:

    I loved this one, from start to finish!

    Will you be my dad??

    (Jaden’s a cutie, but his vlog kinda made me dizzy – heh)

    Tug´s last blog post..Different view of berries

  3. Dave2 says:

    Now I’ve got Toni Basil stuck in my head… I’m really trying not to hate you for that…

    Dave2´s last blog post..Bullet Sunday 101

  4. PersonWhoKnowsWhoIAm says:

    “The water melted” Ahahahaha!

    I’m going to try that one with my kids. Loved how you had him try the lighter again instead of just doing it yourself. Good dad!

    And LOL @ the Republican joke!

    (I didn’t get the “Terabit” part, btw)

  5. PersonWhoKnowsWhoIAm says:

    Oh crap, lol!

  6. PersonWhoKnowsWhoIAm says:

    note to self: change the fill-in boxes before you comment on Wayne’s site again.

  7. kapgar says:

    Love the mirror and Oh Mickey bits. Thanks for the laugh. Considering my day, it was needed. 😉

    kapgar´s last blog post..But what it don’t get I can’t use…

  8. Nobody™ says:

    Love the science bit, I’m doing that with my kids tomorrow.

  9. Robin says:

    Love the song.
    Love the hair.
    Wish I heard the joke but my volume won’t go up any higher at work and my internetz is broke at home.

  10. Evil Genius says:

    Loved every last second of it. You’ve totally got my vote for dad of the year.

    Hey Mickey!!

    Evil Genius´s last blog post..I’m the New Meth

  11. Sybil Law says:

    Oh now I am angry!
    By the way – did I never mention how I loved the Steely Dan on the last post? Cause i do.
    Jaden kills me. LOVE him!
    And you’re a good dad, too – as long as you don’t let them listen to Oh Mickey!

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..Thursday Ramblings

  12. martymankins says:

    Over 8 minutes?? marathon DITL this time.

    Vimeo servers can take some time to render and process, but the quality is always worth the wait. Of course, it goes much faster with videos under 3 minutes. LOL

    As always, enjoy the DITLs. Top notch entertainment. Jaden’s a natural at this video stuff.

    martymankins´s last blog post..Scooter Sunday #25

  13. Sybil Law says:

    Question: Why haven’t you posted that awesome Davestin video? (Kapgar favorited or shared it or whatever)?! I loved it!

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..Thursday Ramblings

  14. Avitable says:

    I did not yawn! So there!

    Avitable´s last blog post..Hypocrisy pisses me off

  15. Janna says:

    What a cool experiment.
    I love that you showed him how to figure out the child-proofing thing on the lighter.
    So now he can burn the house down in the middle of the night, when you least expect it.
    All by himself!
    Just sent your LOL Whalls.

    Janna´s last blog post..Sedimentary legume hockey with frosting

  16. metalmom says:

    Hey, Jaden! Thanks for wearing underpants! 🙂

    metalmom´s last blog post..Who’s Scared?

  17. marilyn says:

    I had trouble loading it and missed the experiment but got the rest. The mirror thing was fun.

    It seems that you’re pretty sure your job is safe. I guess that’s good.

    marilyn´s last blog post..Ten Things I Didn’t Do Today

  18. whall says:

    Raganator, maybe you can play a little Toni Basil for me on the jukebox at pool tomorrow night?

    Tug, glad to hear you liked it. Also, I noticed that his “DITL” was a bit dizzying and I thought twice about including it. I can’t believe he’s copying his daddy so early!

    Dave2, Oh come on… there are so MANY reasons to hate me, no need to just get stuck with OH MICKEY…

    BlondeBlogger, have you heard of a bit, a kilobit, a megabit or a gigabit? A terabit is next. It’s a gigabit times a thousand, or a megabit times a million.

    kapgar, glad to help!

    Nobody™, how’d it come out?

    Robin, I actually did 3 takes for the joke. I hope you liked my guest post yesterday…

    Evil Genius, glad you liked it!

    Sybil Law, Cool, another ‘Dan fan. And I believe you’ve found the Davestin video by now.

    martymankins, I figure if I give a good summary in the blog post, and I always stay at 3 minutes for the main DITL, it doesn’t matter how long the bonus content is… and glad you like them!

    Ahmoo, great. Now *I’m* yawning.

    no, silly. He knows to burn the house down when we leave him home alone.


    Metalmom, It’s disconcerting, actually, how often he’s just wanting to be in his underwear. Soon as he gets home off the bus – FLIP go the clothes.

    marilyn, Glad you liked it!. I believe my job to be safe, but even if it weren’t, and I wasn’t employed, I’d be working full-time to become employed.

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