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Sincere and heart-felt congratulations to Barack Obama and the 62 million voters who made him President-Elect Tuesday night. The long, hard-fought and sometimes nasty battle won’t be missed by many and we knew that no matter which side won, there would be millions of Americans just a bit more than slightly upset come Wednesday morning.  

President-Elect Obama 

I’m actually doing a little dance in my heart for the incredible hurdle that’s been passed with making, on record and forever more, the color of one’s skin a non-issue when it comes to the highest elected office.  It’s been said that the end of racism comes when a black candidate runs for President and no-one notices. I’ll add to that –  Affirmative Action is but a bandaid, the removal of which indicates the last step of healing.   There may always be a scar, but the scar reminds us of past mistakes and helps us to not repeat them.

With regards to the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election, however, most of my initial gut reactions might make some of those 62 million hate me.  Or dislike me.  Or question me at the least.  Most of the time, I don’t care about these things, especially when dealing with a core belief.  However, this time, I’m going to take the opportunity to learn a lesson in life about keeping one’s mouth shut.  At least, I’m going to try.

So instead of writing what’s on my mind, I’ll turn it to the constructive side.  If you’re wondering if I can be constructive and positive when it comes to Obama winning the Presidency, all I have to say about that is

Yesterday I wrote a comment on an NPR blog entry asking people to write their “Dear President Obama” letters. Here it is for your edification:

Dear President Obama.

Congratulations on your new role, the highest office known to America. The people have spoken, and with their majority voice they decisively sang out “we want you.” I know I don’t have to tell you anything about how important you are right now.

You spoke of unity and oneness in your acceptance speech. My only request is to keep that promise – do not further divide the country. I implore you to *please* prove your critics wrong by solidly and unequivocally avoiding these actions:

– Taking away our guns
– Taxing us into oblivion
– Spending us into the grave
– Buying votes with more services
– Instituting Financial Racial Reparations
– Taking from earners and giving to the lazy
– Appointing Ayers to *any* Gov’t role
– Removing “In God We Trust” from money
– Changing the Pledge of Allegiance
– Outlawing the Bible
– Call for UN Forces to be stationed on American Soil
– Renounce your Oath of Presidential Transparency
– Declare Martial Law within 1st 100 days of term

Please do not misunderstand. I personally do not expect that you will do these things. But if you could publicly sign, vow, and promise that you would never, EVER do any of the above (which seems easy to me), I bet you’d win over a TON of Republicans and Independents.

If we can agree to the above list, we’ll get along just fine.


J. Wayne Hall
Austin, TX

I thought about my list a little longer and wanted to go a step further.

I want to pose a friendly challenge to Obama supporters.  I’m wondering how far your faith in him goes.  Could he do *anything* and you’d still like him?  Are you Kool-Aid drinkers, or intelligent informed deciders?  Are you an Obamabot, or are you just a regular every-day voter who has an opinion?

How big of a blank check did you just hand Obama?

Or, put another way, what, if anything, could Obama do to lose your support?

Yeah, that’s the better question.  Is there ANYthing Obama could do, now that he’s won the Presidency, that would make you think “Hmm, he shouldn’t be doing that.”  

Would anything scare you?

So I present to you, in poll format, a list of things for you to choose that says “yes, if he did this, that doesn’t seem right.”

What could Obama do that would make him lose favor in your eyes?

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Personally? I’d feel better if everyone agreed that all of these items need to be checked.  But if you differ in opinion, voice it here.  

Or if I missed an item, let me know.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Amanda says:

    The reason I haven’t checked all them is because a lot of them seem a little more conspiracy based than reality based. Yes, if he outlawed the bible, clearly we’re in trouble. It’s also, however,a ludicrous proposition. He is a Christian man. He’s not Big Brother, we’re not going to get in trouble with the thought police for disagreeing with him. And yes, that goes for Hannity and company.

    Amanda´s last blog post..In This Bittersweet Now

  2. Avitable says:

    How exactly would he outlaw the Bible? Or remove free speech? I didn’t realize he was actually the Messiah and could do things beyond the checks and balances that exist.

    If he did anything regarding guns that you written, he’d probably increase in stature in my eyes.

    Avitable´s last blog post..I’m looking for a few bad Republicans

  3. Robin says:

    What do you mean by outlawing the bible? Oh and I think I missed one on there for Instituting Financial Racial Reparations.

  4. Ren says:

    I’m going to assume that items like “Outlawing the Bible” are really meant to be “Call for outlawing the Bible” or something similar to avoid the silliness of considering things clearly beyond his power. I’m also going to differ from Amanda and go ahead and mark things that I consider a ludicrous fear — after all, if I think that there is no way it would happen, then surely that means that if it somehow *did* happen, then by definition he would lose favor in my eyes.

    On the other hand, some of these are too open-ended for me to check. In particular, including “for any reason” (or just leaving reason off altogether) from the martial law item is just silly. I’ve got a pretty good imagination and I can easily imagine a situation where martial law would be necessary.

    Ren´s last blog post..Outlaw Trail 100

  5. Dave2 says:

    Everybody put on your tin-foil hats!

    Obama has the exact same “check” going in that Bush did. It’s not like Obama’s administration is going to all of a sudden start spying on American citizens with wiretapping or hold them without cause for unspecified periods of time or anything…


    Dave2´s last blog post..Obama

  6. whall says:

    Amanda, Conspiracy based or not – that is the point. Disregard whether he has the power to do it; disregard whether he would do it; disregard if it’s absurd. The poll is only about – *IF* Obama did “X”, he would lose favor in my eyes. It would follow then, if you think one of the claims is conspiracy based, then you would check it off.

    Avitable, “how exactly?” I’m not here to say he will do anything. I’m not purporting to say how he’d do anything. The only thing I’m asking is if he took an action such as outlawing the Bible, would you think twice? Would you revoke your support?

    Seriously, though – if tomorrow Obama went on National Television and announced that he is issuing a Executive Order confiscating all individually owned guns in America, that would actually please you?

    Robin, in the example I’m giving, I’m guessing a ban, fine or crime for possessing a Bible. For example, if he announced that “possession of a Bible is grounds for imprisonment”, would that make you not like him.

    Ren, yes on your first assumption, and yes, my intent was for people to mark a ludicrous fear. I agree with the open-ended part, and I struggled with putting on there. In retrospect I should have left them more specific.

    Dave2, I’ll do a little blogger trick I’ve learned recently and do a

    *Le Sigh*

    See how I automatically show you to be less than me with that little trick? I’m publicly sighing at your comment! HOW CLEVER OF ME!!! 🙂

    You seem to be talking about a President-Congress combo (are you?). And in my eyes, you make my point for me. As something as ludicrous as the two examples you gave are, it did happen. Wouldn’t you love to have written a blog post back in 2000, listing those things for people to agree to that are ludicrous and never should be allowed?

    Seems to me that by referencing tin-foil hats, you inherently checked all the boxes. Can I put you down for agreeing that most of these items ARE examples of “cause for alarm” if Obama were to do them?

  7. Robin says:

    Granted – I’d be a little surprised. I’d also be surprised if he banned Atheism or coffee. Ok, I’d be really mad if he banned coffee. I can’t imagine why he’d do that but then to me, anything that can’t hurt another person I don’t see why it needs to be banned. Would I revoke my support? I could care less about the bible to be honest, it makes no difference in my life if it exists or not. I think it’s fiction. do I think any books should be banned? No. So I guess, if he banned anything I’d question him but I question all politicians…I don’t know…ask me again if it is actually going to happen.

  8. Dave2 says:

    Um… you are missing the point. Other commenters were talking about how this stuff couldn’t happen. I gave the perfect example of how they COULD happen. Because it already has. Hence the “oh” at the end of my comment. As in “oh, I see.”

    Le Sigh.

    Dave2´s last blog post..Obama

  9. Avitable says:

    I would be happy with all guns being confiscated, yes.

    Avitable´s last blog post..I’m looking for a few bad Republicans

  10. I can’t check any boxes because, well, he’s never had my support and, while I respect him because of his office it’d take a whole heck of a lot of awesomeness on his part for me to ever actually be, even on a minuscule level, PrObama.

    That being said, like I’ve told other kool aid drinkers, I’m cynically optimistic about the next four years and I hope and pray that they will be able to say I told you so in 2012.

    As far as banning the Bible goes – even if you are one that doesn’t believe in it, it’s still a book. Why, if he did that, everyone would be forced to revoke their support after the huge stink that came out when Sarah Palin supposedly was pulling a Fahrenheit 451 on Alaska.

    I don’t see how someone can legally justify a woman’s right to “choose” but has no problem with taking away my right, as a human being, to defend myself.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog post..I’ve Created a Monster

  11. ajooja says:

    Oh, Jesus, are you for real? Have pastors, Rush Limbaugh, the NRA, Fox News, and your conservative media sources really made you that scared?

    Let’s go through all of these you ask of Obama …
    1. Contrary to what the NRA would have you believe, no one is interested in taking away your guns … especially guns used by regular people for purposes like hunting. The only thing anyone has ever tried to do is outlaw is the public distribution of weapons designed specifically for killing people.
    2. Obama says the only thing he wants to do is remove the Bush tax cuts and go back to Clinton-era tax levels (when our country was prosperous, BTW).
    3. Over the last 16 years, I can guarantee you Democrats have been more fiscally responsible than Republicans. You guys call us “tax and spend Democrats” but Republicans want it both ways. They’ll cut taxes for the rich, slash programs for people at the bottom of the economic spectrum, then still go into deep, deep deficit with outrageous spending.
    4. You really want to accuse Democrats of “buying votes with services?” Both sides play this game, but there’s a big difference in buying someone’s vote by providing healthcare or scholarships opposed to someone who deregulates everything they can so their billionaire buddies can make more money in the oil business or by polluting our environment.
    5. Reparations will not happen, especially with this economy.
    6. Really? I don’t think the government will ever get into labeling people as “earners” or “lazy.”
    7. Never going to happen. However, the so-called link between Obama and Ayers is ridiculous. Believing that kind of political spin is just plain ignorant.
    8. That’s never going to happen either, but I personally think it violates the separation of church and state as outlined in the First Amendment of the Constitution.
    9. I don’t think our government should have added “under God” in the 50s — because of separation of church & state, and because it’s gramatically incorrect — but it’s still not going to happen.
    10. Progressives believe in freedom of speech. I thought banning books was for you conservatives?
    11. Oooooooo, that conspiracy theory one sounds right off of Christian radio! Remember the one about Clinton having special traincars made to haul off Christians? Sheesh.
    12. He’s already agreed to this.
    13. If this country didn’t fall under martial law after everything Bush did to it, do you really think it’s going to happen now?

  12. marilyn says:

    The “any reason” things make it hard for me to check some boxes. I can’t think of a reason those would be okay, in fact I can’t think of a reason why anybody would do them, but there might be one that I can’t think of. I don’t really care what’s on the money or about the pledge of allegiance (even though I am patriotic and I do believe in God) but I don’t see why he’d change those things. I’m pro gun ownership so those questions were easy.

    All in all, I think you’re being a little overboard here, and maybe a tad bit divisive. Maybe?

    marilyn´s last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

  13. Amber says:

    This is going to be an extremely interesting thread to follow…

    I didn’t know you’d asked folks to write a “Dear President” letter, but it’s funny… I did that last night and posted!

    As a Christian, Conservative, Republican — I marked all of the above.

    What about taxing small businesses into bankruptcy? I don’t agree with abortion, but I doubt it will ever be out-lawed in every area… however, what about “extreme” abortions? Like partial-birth and leaving babies that were born after a botched abortion to die. Alone. Which he supported.

    There are some definite concerns… but then again, it’s not so much Obama — it’s the entire Democratic Party and what they represent that I’m more concerned with. With a majority in the House, the Senate, and a Democratic president — what kind of checks and balances do they have there? If George Bush can do it with Republicans, being as unpopular as he’s been — Obama can certainly do it with the Democrats.


    There’s a lot more I could say on this, but I’ll save it.

    Regardless, we’re all just going to have to pay very close attention to what the government is doing and whether or not they are being good stewards of our money, etc. Make sure our voices are heard and do the best that we can, while hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

    Amber´s last blog post..There’s NO Place for Partisanship in Politics!

  14. Hilly says:

    Just a quick question for Sheila (and sorry Wayne because I completely respect you) but how exactly are people that voted for Obama labeled “Kool Aid Drinkers”? Last time I checked, making an informed decision about who would be best to run our country has nothing to do with being an Obama fangirl or fanboy. I think it is disrespectful to a large amount of people to throw us into one little snarky bubble and label us as mindless drones who clearly have no thought processes of our own.

    Now then Wayne….hi! I too had a hard time checking any of these boxes because some of these things border on ridiculous. Did our last Democratic president outlaw the Bible or remove “In God We Trust” from our money?: Sheesh, no.

    Besides, I want to go into this next term with my eyes open and see what he does rather than sit here and dwell on the terrible things that could maybe possibly sorta happen. Don’t forget that the Conservatives thought GWB was so amazingly awesome when he got elected and uh, we see how that turned out.

    Hilly´s last blog post..Best Birthday Present Ever!

  15. Amanda says:

    I would like to add that I agree with Hilly

    Amanda´s last blog post..In This Bittersweet Now

  16. Hilly – that was actually a tongue in cheek reference that was intended to be received in a manner in which one would not find overly offensive; one that has been used in reference to Republicans by Democrats and used in reference to Democrats by Republicans for many years. Believe me – I did not intend any “snarkiness”. As much as I disagree with the Democratic party on almost every level, I have nothing but the utmost respect for any person who gets off their butt, gets informed and gets to the polls – regardless of who they vote for.

    I almost voted for Obama too so I know the appeal and draw he has to everyone – not just the Democratic party. He won the hearts many, many Republicans for this election. Sadly though, I know plenty of people that can be thrown into my “snarky little bubble” – I guess I should just be thankful that there are just as many people who actually looked at the issues and decided accordingly and didn’t just follow the crowd.

    Britt & I have had many, many conversations regarding this election. I’ve even teased Britt about the kool aid reference so, I guess I’m sorry you didn’t see the “humor” in it. My intentions weren’t to offend anyone so I apologize.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog post..I’ve Created a Monster

  17. Miss Britt says:

    Tell me this is satire. Right? I’m just missing the sarcasm again – right?

    Miss Britt´s last blog post..I’m Shaking My Fist At This Damn Lap Top!

  18. I agree because I tried checking all of them and it wouldn’t let me. 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Totally 80’s

  19. whall says:

    Robin, the question is – would you revoke your support. I’m definitely not asking if it’s going to happen or anything like that. Just looking to agree that these are absurd.

    Dave2, good thing we’re such good friends and I respect you; otherwise I may have been nasty in my reply and looked like a complete jerk!



    Avitable, Well then, that’s a completely different argument/debate. Maybe a good topic for Clearly You’re Retarded? I wouldn’t mind being a guest host on that one…

    Sheila, oooh, great point in that last sentence! Never heard that one before.

    ajooja, Hey, man. How ya doin? haven’t emailed w/ya in a while – yeah, I’m doing great. Daughter’s band doin’ awesome, etc etc.

    Now that we’re talking on a more even level, I’d like to point out that you’re responding to something different than what I asked. I only asked – “If Obama did this, would he lose your support?”

    I did not, (and I tried to go out of my way to point this out), and DO not believe that he will. I am not the fear-mongering hate-spewing conspiracy-theorist Republican you must think I am.

    Given that a lot of your responses hover around the “will not happen” answer, then it seems we’re mostly in agreement. the point is – I’m looking to agree that these are absurd and I want Obama to vow that he agrees. If he did, he’d assuage many people that disagree with him.

    marilyn, yes, I agree with you and Ren that “any reason” made it too vague. I should change it but that would mess up the poll. re: divisive – I’m not sure. All of these topics are charged politically, but they’re supposed to be so absurd that everyone agrees? I mean, other than Avi and the taking away of guns, does anyone disagree with these way-out-there-no-way-in-heck-should-it-happen items?

    Amber,you probably saw some links to the Dear President Obama NPR thing on twitter. Thanx for voting!

    Hilly, If the items are ridiculous, why can’t you check the box? To me, ridiculous should be the easiest reason to check the box. And I’m not saying to be Democratic means to outlaw the Bible – just that I want to at least come to common ground on absurd things. (also, I don’t think Sheila is saying all Obama supporters are Kool-aid drinkers, but she and I both see people enamored with him and his ideas and have NOT done the research. They eyes are glazed over and are ready to follow him anywhere. a la Jim Jones)

    Amanda, Granted!

    Sheila, nice clarification. Wow, you sure are nice for a conservative! (is that tongue-in-cheek enough fer ya? 🙂 )

    Miss Britt, I’m glad you’re asking first… but no, it’s not satire. It’s purpose is to point out 2 things: A) there are people who are wrapped up in the charisma and have a cult-like following and I want some sort of litmus test to ferret them out and B) we (dems and gops and everyone else) actually should have a lot more in common. I think everyone agrees that these are ABSURD concepts and should NEVER EVER be allowed to happen, not now, not 50 years from now. I don’t see why so many people are reacting so divisively to something that seems so easy to agree on (at least most of them).

    BlondeBlogger, ah, oops. I had the poll set up wrong. Just now fixed it so you can try again!

  20. marilyn says:

    This will anger somebody, but who the heck cares if the money doesn’t say, “in God we trust”? I agree that the possibility of it being taken off is minuscule and I would be against, “in Allah we trust,” but it’s a non issue. It makes no difference to anybody’s actual life. The separation of church and state protects the state and the churches. Give to God what belongs to God and Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

    marilyn´s last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

  21. marilyn says:

    Also, I want to come out firmly against a trend I’ve noticed over here on your blog. I find the strange lack of LOL cats to be deeply disturbing.

    marilyn´s last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

  22. Hilly says:

    I just think that had someone made this same sort of list about McCain, you’d have not found it so amusing. That’s all.

    Hilly´s last blog post..Best Birthday Present Ever!

  23. martymankins says:

    BTW, good post.

    I checked only two boxes: reverse trend for taxes on $30k+ and asking congress for $3 trillion more (without reason, obviously). The rest I lump into the red herring list. Why would someone ban the bible? That seems silly. Even atheists don’t want the bible banned. Now if we are talking about proper separation of church and state or someone wanting to cherry-pick bible verses to enact actual laws, well then that’s another issue.

    martymankins´s last blog post..In The Final Hours

  24. Sybil Law says:

    Some of those things would make him lose favor in my eyes, of course. I mean, the man is NOT infallible, of course. No one is! He’s not Jesus. I kind of get sick of reading about how, just because someone supports Obama they’re less than intelligent and obviously can’t make thoughtful, informed decisions. They’re called opinions, and mine differ from yours and other people’s, but that doesn’t make me stupid. I’ve tried really hard to be respectful, but the overlying tone I’ve gotten from ANTI-Obama supporters is about as malicious and degrading as it could be.

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..Mmmm… Spam

  25. I would welcome the change in the pledge of allegiance, and the removal of “In god we trust” from the money for once simple reason — separation of church and state.

    I’m a pagan, and I feel that these two examples show preferential treatment from the government in regards to a certain religion. If “all men (and women) are created equal” then religion shouldn’t matter, and it shouldn’t be brought into public government backed matters, whether financially or otherwise.

    Also, freedom of religion means any religion, so I’d be open to adding and/or exchanging “Goddess or Deity” to either of these, but I still would stand behind thinking that the government shouldn’t be bringing religion into government matters. Which is why I don’t think the bible should be banned. That is the handbook for all Christians! Why target them? Again for me it’s a separation of church and state issue.

    I also think that guns should be obligatorily licensed and registered. I am not against gun ownership, AT ALL, but I think perhaps, it might help with the solving of crimes. maybe. I think it would be worth a shot (no pun intended) to try the concept. But outlawing guns totally? hell, what would I do with my .25??? turn it in? I don’t bloody think so!

    But to be honest if ANY President did the stuff I checked off, I wouldn’t support him any longer. To turn the question around, if McCain had won, and he started doing this stuff, would YOU still support him?

    The money thing…well…honestly? with the way inflation has been going, it’s unrealistic to say this would lose my support. but it’s conditional. if that money is for the NASA program and could be better spent on something else, like say…healthcare or helping our own citizens not starve, or rebuilding places that were destroyed by a natural disaster….and he spends it on NASA anyway? I’d be mad as hell and he would lose some of my support.

    damn I wrote my own little blog post in here, didn’t I?

    Cissa Fireheart´s last blog post..You got the RIGHT STUFF, baby….You’re the reason why I sing this song…

  26. Ren says:

    Since you keep mentioning that you think everyone would agree with the absurdity of all of those, despite the vote results, I decided I would respond to each of them specifically, including extra information that I felt forced to read into the item in order.

    * Automatic granting of driver’s licenses to all illegal immigrants regardless of status

    I interpreted the “automatic” to not apply to actual driving requirements, so a driver’s test would still be required and the driver’s license could be revoked for driving infractions. I do not think that a driver’s license should be used to demonstrate citizenship, so I have no problem granting a driver’s license to anyone who can demonstrate their ability to drive, their knowledge of the rules of the road and their identity.

    * Suddenly reversing trend on taxes and instead raises taxes on anyone making > $30K/yr

    I’m not sure if the “suddenly reversing trend” is supposed to add anything to this item, but there are situations where tax increases are appropriate, and it is certainly possible we will encounter such a situation.

    * Outlawing the Bible

    Ludicrous. Check.

    * Confiscate individual’s 401(K) and IRA’s to fund Social Security

    I wish this were completely ludicrous, though I know there are those that are in favor of this. I think the odds of this happening are very low. Check.

    * Announce the end of all handgun sales two years from now

    Should be as ludicrous as the Bible issue, but doesn’t seem that way. Check.

    * Instituting Financial Racial Reparations

    Certainly not as ludicrous as the constitutional violations above, but highly unlikely. Check.

    * Forcibly remove Rush, Hannity and Levin from talk radio, as in outlaw free speech

    This is more difficult given the whole FCC / public airwaves situation, which makes it less simple than just a free speech issue. Still, check.

    * Call for UN Forces to be stationed in Continental US

    I’m not sure what context this would be, but my gut reaction is check.

    * Appointing William Ayers to *any* Gov’t position

    I could imagine that there are some government positions where it wouldn’t bother me to have Ayers appointed. Perhaps if you had cited some specific positions I might feel differently. While he clearly made poor choices four decades ago, it isn’t clear that that should be held against him now. And I’m certainly not in favor of excluding someone just for their ideology — at least as long as it falls short of outright treason.

    * Signs bill making the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts retroactive by 2 years

    I’m not in favor of retroactive tax hikes, even though it seems like they are often applied for the current year. This is the first item where I find the vagueness of your question to be an issue. You actually asked five different questions (paraphrasing):

    What could he do to lose your support? Could he do something to make you think “he should do that”? Would anything scare you? Does that seem right? and Would he lose favor in your eyes?

    I’ll grant that three of those probably reduce to “Do you disagree with these?”, but I don’t think that’s what you’re really after. That leaves, “lose favor” and “lose support”. I interpret the first as really just a bit stronger than “disagree”, but the second as being strong enough that you regret that he won the election.

    So, while I would not be happy with such a retroactive tax cut, it would not, by itself, be enough to make me regret that he won the election.

    * Banning all oil drilling

    Assuming no significant changes in our energy situation, this would make me seriously question his judgement. Check.

    * Martial law declared within first 100 days of Presidency for any reason

    This is, of course, the one that is to open-ended. As it is, I have to assume there is at least a reasonable scenario. Change “any” to “no” and I’m right there with you.

    * Propose Changes to the Pledge Of Allegiance

    Don’t care, though I suppose it would really depend on the content of the changes. It’s clearly not sacrosanct as it was already changed in the ’50s.

    * Renouncing his Oath of Presidential Transparency

    Perhaps I should, but I don’t see this as a priority. Sorry.

    * Asking Congress to spend $3 trillion more than he initially asked for (for any reason)

    There you go with that “for any reason” again. What’s the magic dollar figure that is too much? Again, context is everything and the specifics would matter.

    * Remove “In God We Trust” from money

    Don’t care, though there’d probably be a cost to doing this which would seem like wasted money. Unless it were only applied to new designs, I suppose. Of course, with the rate of new designs we’ve been seeing, this cost probably isn’t an issue anyway.

    * Issue Executive Order to require mandatory gun ownership registration

    I’m not sure that such an Executive Order would accomplish anything, and while I tend to disagree with this policy, it is, again, insufficient by itself to create the above-mentioned regret.

    There. That should give you good fodder for another LOTR post. 🙂

    Ren´s last blog post..Our Stealth Tax

  27. Nope…still won’t let me because now I’ve already voted. Is there an ACORN rep here who can help me out?

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Totally 80’s

  28. “Confiscate individual’s 401(K) and IRA’s to fund Social Security”
    The government already confiscates my income, and my social security tax already is diverted to uses other than social security. So “no”, if Obama were to do this he would not lose favor in my eyes. I already expect this will happen.

  29. john says:

    First I see one thing wrong with your survey – it assumes you support Obama – where’s that choice… I’ve already lost any sense of hope in the guy.

    Personally I’ve thought about every single item on that list. For those who seem to think that we have a system of checks and balances – well sort of. We used to have one. We also used to have a constitution that our presidents swore to uphold – Obama doesn’t know have of it.

    We used to have an electoral college that picks the president – now since the electoral college just votes the way of the popular vote – they really aren’t needed any more. It was never intended for the common voting population to pick the president. They picked their congress and senators. Then the electoral college would pick the president based on facts, not fancy speeches and bribes.

    As for taxes – when he allows the tax cuts set to expire in 2010 and not keep them in place – almost every wage earning family who pays taxes will pay more. This of course will not affect those who already don’t pay any tax. Obama has even confused the senators who support him – a recent interview showed that one couldn’t tell the difference between capital gains tax and income tax – when the senator was trying to say that Obama would have lower taxes than when Reagan was in office.

    As for * Remove “In God We Trust” from money

    I don’t think he can… The United States Government doesn’t own the money supply – the Federal Reserve System is a privately owned banking system. The Government does do some oversight by appointing the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board – however they do not own the USD currency. So remember the banks can put whatever they want on the money – its their debt notes.

    * Appointing William Ayers to *any* Gov’t position

    If appointing domestic terrorists who say that they wish they bombed more buildings than they did is ok… then I’m not sure whats wrong.

    * Confiscate individual’s 401(K) and IRA’s to fund Social Security

    This is sort of already being done with taxes and what isn’t done with tax – is done through a hidden tax called inflation. When you add more money to the circulation to make up the budget shortfall – the value of the existing money supply (i.e. all your savings, etc) goes down. This is how wars and other large government spending projects have always been paid for. A small portion comes from taxes and the rest comes from inflation.

    This is enough rant for me for today….

  30. dmarks says:

    “Affirmative Action is but a bandaid”
    It is not a band-aid. It is another wound. No good can come from further rewarding and punishing people based on their skin color, rather than merit or anything the person has done.

    dmarks´s last blog post..Overreacting to the Election

  31. ajooja says:

    I’ll take your word that you are not a “fear-mongering hate-spewing conspiracy-theorist Republican” but the letter you wrote to our new president didn’t set yourself apart from those people.

    I was more “upset” about the letter than the post. I understood your point of the post and the poll. (I voted for “steal your 401k,” BTW.)

  32. Sheila says:

    I wouldn’t approve of him banning the Bible, nor would I want him to support keeping “In God we Trust” on our money or in our pledge. As our forefathers understood, the separation of church and state is vital for everyone’s religious freedom.

  33. (Whall – sorry for adding a response at such a late date but I never saw in my updates that Hilly responded to my apology.)

    Hilly – Believe me, I’ve read more McCain bash posts than I’d ever have liked and laughed at the same Sarah Palin jokes that you did. I’m sure that, had McCain won, I would’ve read many, many posts such as this regarding him.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog post..Okay – TODAY We Do Sappy

  34. whall says:

    marilyn, I see your point, but my point was only to wonder if people would react if he did it. And I think I’ve rectified the LOLcats shortage since this comment.

    Hilly, actually, I’d welcome it.

    martymankins, red herring or not, I still want to know – if Obama (or any President for that matter) did [x] item, would you throw up your arms and say “WHY?!?!?!” To me, your label of red herring means you inherently check the box.

    Sybil Law, I’d get sick of that stereotype as well, so that’s why I pose the question of whether someone is a syncophant or an informed decider.

    Cissa Fireheart, Very good point, and yes, my list should be for any President, not just Obama. But I’ll be clear that any attempt to license and register a citizen’s ability to defend him or herself frightens and angers me greatly. Bolshevik revolution, anyone?

    Ren, good points, I’ll respond in kind. Also I agree that most of the items could use re-wording to be more precise and fair.

    Automatic granting… I should have said “State ID” and not Driver’s license.

    Reverse tax trend… yup

    outlaw bible… yup

    Confiscate 401K… ok, I admit I put that there to throw people off. I happened to know that this is already being presented by Congress. Congress is interested in TAKING YOUR 401(K) and putting it into social security. This should frighten and anger you.

    I’m hoping people who checked that box remember they did so in a year or two when this might start happening.

    end handgun sales… yup

    Reparations… yup

    outlaw free speech… probably requires more debate

    UN forces… I shoulda been more specific

    William Ayers… it’s not about 40 years ago. It’s about 7 years ago. He’s unrepentent for his bombings and says he didn’t do enough.

    expiration of tax cuts retroactive… granted

    banning oil drilling… yup

    martial law… yup

    pledge of allegiance… ok

    oath of transparency… the point wasn’t about the purpose of the oath, the point was about him signing an oath during campaign and going back on it after election. it’s more than a campaign promise.

    $3 trillian… it’s not magic, just a big number.

    remove “in god we trust”… ok

    mandatory gun registration… ok.

    BlondeBlogger, heh, good one.

    and not only is it already happening in the way you describe, it’s already happening.

    john, good points, all. I should have made the poll more open to that point of view.

    dmarks, hmm, I think it was needed to slowly get a stupid population to go along with the idea. But it should have been removed already.

    ajooja, I think I did remove myself by congratulating him, respecting the office, and recognizing the historic event. Then I proposed how he could win over a lot of republicans and independents. I don’t see why it’s so difficult to expect the President (any President, not just Obama) to agree to each of these items without having to discuss them further. They should ALL seem ludicrous and non-partisan.

    Feel free to add any for Bush, McCain, etc.

    Sheila, thanx for the comment – long time no type!

    Sheila Charm School Reject), yup – the Bush, McCain, Cheney, Palin bashing on the Internet far outweighs ANY Obama/Biden bashing. Far exceeds.

  35. Amanda says:

    Awesome post!

    Avi- Anything with guns like he wants to do is against our constitutional rights therefore it isn’t too far off to think he would do anything else beyond the checks and balances…not to mention the checks and balances for this term are all liberal. Where’s the balance? Confiscation of guns is probably the biggest slap in the face to the constitution.

    ajooja- I am sorry to say but clinton era tax cuts were actually harmful. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-02-20-debate-oppose_x.htm

    Amanda´s last blog post..The theory of evolution

  36. Amanda says:

    cissa- The phrase separation of church and state is not actually in the constitution however I believe in it for the protection of religion. This being said, the founders who wrote the constitution still participated in christian practices involving the government. One example would be the 1749 plan of education that was used to teach christianity in public schools. I believe the in God we trust is simply a historical part of our culture and therefore not a form of violation against the amendment.

    Amanda´s last blog post..The theory of evolution

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