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Hi.  My name’s Wayne.

I’m an idiot.

But I repeat myself.

We as a family knew that Rock Band came out (about this time last year on most systems, just this past summer for Wii), and then Rock Band 2 came out, and we let it go by as well, simply due to cost.  We have GH1, GH2, GH3 and GH:80’s already and although the lure of vocals and a drumkit (especially for our 6yr old Jaden) were strong indeed, we were able to resist this whole time.

Over the weekend, we went up to Blockbuster to exchange our online movies for some free in-store movies.  We also frequently will rent a Playstation 2 game for Jaden because it’s SOOOOO much cheaper than buying.  I mean, when we buy a game, he plays it a few times and then it sits on the shelf.  But when we RENT it, he knows he has a week or two to play, so he plays-plays-plays-plays and THEN gets tired of it, just in time to return it.

On this most recent visit, he wanted us to rent the “Bolt” for Nintendo DS.  I’m thinking… “hoo-boy! it’s only $4.99! Awesome!” so we take the case up to the counter and they’re sold out.  Bummer.  Argh.  Dang.  So we end up getting the PS2 version of “Bolt” and start to check-out and they remind us that it’s $7.99 for a PS2 rental, but two for $10.

Hmm.  2 for $10.  That’s like, a savings or something.  So I go back to see what *I* might want to play on PS2 and I see

And my mind flashes back to the days where our whole family spent hours jamming out to the previous Guitar Hero series.  I figure – we already have the guitar controllers, it’s only $2 more, and …

So I got it.  And the family LOVED IT once more.  At this time, I completely forgot that GH World Tour had the four parts to it – guitar, bass, vocals and drums.  Our whole family just kind of “forgot” about Guitar Hero for months and months.

We have now remembered.

We haven’t bought the drums or microphone, or the new guitars because, well… they’re expensive and money’s tight.  But we have decided as a family that at some point, we want this game for the Wii.  We want to see Jaden rocking out on the drums.  My wife loves playing bass, Caitlin is a natural on the guitar (she regularly gets 100% sight-reading many expert songs) and I like doing the vocals.  It’s a perfect fit.

Here are some of my first impressions of the game, only after a couple hours of playing


  • I’ve only played Rock Band on demo equipment at the store, but I still highly prefer the Guitar Hero-style “runway” on the screen where the notes come down.
  • I really like how you can switch difficulty from the song play section and not have to back all the way out. For example, I had to switch from Expert to Hard to beat Ted Nugent, but then I could go back to Expert.  Jaden loves this as well – he can switch from Medium to Easy without changing up the band.  Way to go GH programmers!
  • I think it’s great that you can still have Star Power Paths active while using Star Power.
  • The new “beginner” level where you just have to strum without a fret, aka “open strum”, is great for people who really just don’t get it, and I also like the new “sustain one note while you play another” feature.  It adds a neat complexity to the game.
  • OMG VAN HALEN’S HOT FOR TEACHER IN ON HERE! (I don’t feel tardy)
  • The ability for band members to employ star power separately is a smart idea.
  • You can actually compose your own songs and share them with others
  • Finally – FINALLY, the Wii has Downloadable Content (DLC)!  Although I rented the PS2 version of the game, I’m very very glad for Guitar Hero to finally bring DLC to the Wii.  I haven’t even see what, if any, DLC is actually available yet, but I’m still excited about it nonetheless.
  • OMG WILLIE NELSON IS ON.. .wait.  What?  Willie Nelson?  Seriously?  
And for Poppy, Avitable and Miss Britt, I feel it’s my duty to inform you that “Blog of the Poppy” (aka “eye of the tiger”) is on here.  O. M. G.
The whole family agrees that Guitar Hero did a great job with this release, and the wife and I especially applaud their decision to put “better,” more familiar songs on there instead of just guitar-highlighting ones.  She didn’t like GH3 so much simply because she didn’t know most of the songs.  With GH: World Tour, I’d say we know at least half of the songs and it seems so far that the ones we don’t know, we’ve liked them.
And I can easily say I’m glad we didn’t invest in Rock Band.
And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Miss Britt says:


    OMG – I could not for the life of me figure out why that post would have a trackback to this one. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    Wayne, you kill me. You really do.

    Miss Britt´s last blog post..What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

  2. martymankins says:

    Ok. I don’t play my GH III on the PS3 all that much anymore (I spend my time making silly videos), but you listed at least 4 songs that I wouldn’t mind learning how to play (not to mention that I love those songs). In addition to the DDR X that I’m getting us, I think I’ll throw in the GH WT game for the PS3, then add in the drums and microphone later.

    And I find it hard to believe that you, of all people, “forgot” about Guitar Hero. What’s next… not liking LOL cats??

    martymankins´s last blog post..Snowy Sunday #02

  3. whall says:

    Miss Britt, you know, I recorded the video version of that song for my DITLs but I never included it. I’m saving it for a “bonus track” on one of my world releases once the series gets big enough.

    martymankins, LOLwhat?

  4. Hilly says:

    I recently took all of our guitars, drums, microphones and all that other crazy paraphernalia and put it in the downstairs closet…no one was playing and it was hogging up my living room.

    However, I may have to look into this new game with the new songs!

    Hilly´s last blog post..Deal Breakers Volume One: Laugh, Bitch…

  5. Avitable says:

    I’m so bad at those games. I bought it for myself three months ago and haven’t even opened it.

    Avitable´s last blog post..Five questions from Avitable

  6. marilyn says:

    Posts with LOL cats > Posts about computer games

    I tired Guitar hero once and didn’t really like it. Not much like playing a real guitar at all, though my nephew is just positive it’s going to make him a rock star. Besides, we can’t afford play doohickies or wii thingamabobs.

  7. karen says:

    Hey i am a big fan of Steely Dan, but Mr Walter Becker has a new album called Circus Money, What a great album it is, just had to share that with all the Steely Dan Fans.


  8. Nobody™ says:

    I believe I bought GH3 for Wii yesterday, but I don’t remember for sure which one it was. I’ll get to play it in just 26 more days. I really wanted Rock Band, but the Mart only has Rock Band2 and it’s a bit pricey for me. I agree though, OMG Van Halen! They are my all-time favorite band, especially in the David Lee Roth period, though I loved them with Sammy as well.

  9. Janna says:

    I haven’t admitted this to many people, but the ABC group talked me into singing into that microphone thingy while they play rock band….
    And I actually liked it. 🙂
    Still haven’t played any of the fake instruments, nor do I expect to, but I gotta admit, the singing is fun.
    They must have a different version than the one you pictured. Their drum set has four pads instead of three, and it has no cymbal things. And theirs uses fake guitar AND fake bass. 🙂
    Plus we don’t have any of the songs you listed. Weird.

    I feel like such a nerd for noticing.

    Hopefully no one’s reading this anyway, right?
    Lately, we’ve been taking a break from rock band, and have been watching TV instead.
    And eating.
    Can’t forget the eating.

    Janna´s last blog post..Welcome to JannaMart

  10. whall says:

    Hilly, It really is a rockin’ game, and we just have the guitars!

    Ahmoo, so are you bad because you haven’t opened it, or are you actually bad at them?

    marilyn, I promise more LOL cats in the next term.

    karen, thanx for the headsup, zombie.

    Nobody, I still haven’t gotten to the Van Halen gig yet, but I did get to play “Beat It”, which of course features Eddie.

    Janna, you don’t have any of the songs I listed because you’re playing Rock Band, and I’m playing Guitar Hero: World Tour; different games. The people who made the original Guitar Hero games left and made Rock Band, and then Guitar Hero still came out with a couple more games. We’re still using our original guitars from the first and second games, so we don’t have any of the fancy new axes.

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