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2:39 pm
Post Meta :

First, don’t forget to PREDICTIFY how many text-messages my 14yr-old daughter had on her last month’s cell phone bill for your chance to win your choice of $10 gift certificate.  Contest is open until this Friday.

Now, onto today’s banality.

I saw this on Twitter just now (don’t know what Twitter is? I’ve written about it a few times

And then I saw Snackiepoo’s reply:

so I figured… maybe I should check out my “follow cost“.  

And?  I’m still in the dark as to what this really means.  Let me think a little bit.  7.  12.  7 point 8 oh.  twelve point six-five.  milliscobles.  hmmm.  *scratches head*

Wait a second.  It says “last 100 updates”.  Does that mean I’m going to die!??!?!  GAH!

OHHH! That “per day” down there probably means something.  I think it means “updates per day”.  Ok, that helps.  WOW I can’t believe I average 12 updates per day for last 100 updates (8 days I guess).  That does seem a little annoying.  Or it would if it were measuring updates from people OTHER than me.

I’m thinking it would be cool if the Twitter interface (I use twhirl) could tell you this info when you decide to follow.

One thing I DON’T like are those tools that require you to enter in your twitter username and password because to me – they’re just too dangerous.  Fortunately this one doesn’t require a username and password to get your info, and even when you select “tweet your follow cost”, it does The Right Thing and brings you to twitter.com’s page with a pre-filled tweet box.  Way to go, guys!

I’ve already changed my password a few times after getting lulled into some seemingly “cool” new toy and then realizing “DUH!”  They probably are just gathering twitter usernames and passwords, and THEN they can store that password, then monitor your activity, then later on try that password on your blog, your work accounts, your bank accounts, anything and everything since it’s possible you use the same password for something else.

Yeah, I’m a little paranoid.  In fact, I wonder if YOU’RE even reading this.  You could be a robot for all I know.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. You are one percent higher than me on political tweets. I will have to step up my game.

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Seeing the Good in Bad Times

  2. Miss Britt says:


    And less than 1% political. Thank GAWD. Don’t you just HATE those poltiical pundit wannabes? Blech!

    Miss Britt´s last blog post..How Twilight Changed My Life

  3. Avitable says:


    Avitable´s last blog post..Anybody live near Charlotte?

  4. Hilly says:

    I’ve followed people back only to unfollow them after a week because they twit wayyyy too much…so yes, I forever will now check out their followcast scores prior to adding them.

    Until tomorrow when something new comes along and I totally forget what we are talking about here…

    Hilly´s last blog post..Sympathetic Characters…

  5. Giggle Pixie says:

    I.am.not.robot. You.will.now.be.wanting.to.give.me.bank.account.information.

    Giggle Pixie´s last blog post..For the Love of Random

  6. Tug says:

    The first time I did this (after Dawg’s twat) it took me to some weird website, so I tried again…I’m just a little bit higher than you.

    Tug´s last blog post..Rooster

  7. Faiqa says:

    I just did it. I am very NOT annoying. As you well know. Annnd, ummm, yeah, hellllo, never give your username and password for any app to a 3rd party. It’s not paranoia, it’s called “intellect.”

  8. whall says:

    BlondeBlogger, SO GLAD to see you back online more often! You can only step up your game if you play it 🙂

    Miss Britt, you may be 1% political, but you’re 100% adorable. and mostly brittable.

    Avitable, you on the other hand, are less than adorable. I think I’ll let my computer say the rest.

    Hilly, So, what do you consider tweeting too much? More than 20 per day? According to your averages, I guess 15 is the cutoff 🙂

    Giggle Pixie, I.am.giggle.now.

    Tug, higher? on the evolutionary scale, maybe.

    Faiqa, well, I give my twitter username/password to utterli.com so it can cross-post. All the cross-posters require it. It would be WAY COOLER if systems allowed you to have a “master” account and then separate “crossposting” credentials. ANYONE LISTENING!??!?!?

  9. NYCWD says:

    I’m 75% less annoying than you… but you are 300% more annoying than me.

    Go figure.

    NYCWD´s last blog post..If Only…

  10. Raganator says:

    ugh…. too much techie info…. bring on lolcats….

  11. I don’t get it, but I think because the little icon shook on the screen, that possibly I am annoying. That makes me sad. (http://followcost.com/karensugarpants)

  12. i am not a robot, bitch!
    (p.s. i figure you guys will tell me when i get too annoying on twitter. at least i hope you guys would have the balls to tell me. i am all about the honesty.)

    hello haha narf´s last blog post..Speaking of Ouchies

  13. Ooops! Left this window up by accident and was surfing on others for awhile. Don’t mind my 500 hour visit in your stats, lol.

    Anyway, thanks! Having you playing on my team makes it all more fun. 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Seeing the Good in Bad Times

  14. Robin says:

    maybe you’re a robot.

  15. Yeah – I tend to get into long tweet conversations which I admit is completely retarded. So yeah – some days I can be a pretty annoying twitter person but then I’ll go days without putting anything. In the end, it should all average out – but it doesn’t.

    I’m “nuclear” it seems. ::hmph::

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog post..Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

  16. marilyn says:

    Oh wow. I never worried if I was annoying on twitter. Now I have something else to worry about. Three tweets in a row about a radio guy nobody ever heard of is probably annoying. Huh?

    On the other hand, I don’t tweet about technology nobody ever heard of. It probably evens out. Maybe. I hope.

    marilyn´s last blog post..Economics?

  17. whall says:

    NYCWD, I love MATH problems! Wait, did you say I was annoying?

    Raganator, I heard ol Ronnie, our beloved 40th President had a cat in the office for a while, but unfortunately, Raganator.

    Karen Sugarpants, if I may say so, I think you have just about the cutest Gravatar on the planet, nuclear follow cost or not.

    hello haha narf, They “tell you” by unfollowing. 🙂 You can try qwitter so you can be notified when they do, and what your last tweet was right before they unfollowed you. That is, if you like drama in your online life.

    BlondeBlogger, sweetie, I don’t care if you stay 500 hours. I only care that you visit every single day for at least 10 minutes… 🙂

    Robin, Maybe I should do a RITL (Robot In The Life) video.

    Sheila, hey, I don’t think long twitter conversations are a bad thing… in fact, they’re sometimes preferred over just the random “what am I doing” tweets. When you have a few back-and-forths, it actually has some intrinsic value.

    marilyn, heh, yeah, I definitely am WAY ACROSS THE SPECTRUM with my tweets, from puppies to VMWare to politics to humor and then back to puppies. I definitely don’t find your tweets annoying; your reply factor alone is worth it!

  18. Hahaha! Okay, deal! (I am seriously going to leave this window up for ten minutes *grin*)

    Also, if you do a robot DITL, you should at least have one clip be of you actually doing the robot dance.

    Also also, I think I was probably THE most annoying person on Twitter yesterday with all of my Britney Spears’ Circus tour tweets. 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Seeing the Good in Bad Times

  19. Hey, we saw it tonight! (the planets and the moon). My kids were so excited! (so was I)

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Seeing the Good in Bad Times

  20. Oh crap….left that on the wrong post. And now there will be three of my avatars in a row staring back at you. Sorry! 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Seeing the Good in Bad Times

  21. whall says:

    BlondeBlogger sometimes I stare at your avatar for hours…

  22. Hahaha! Like when you have a stomach ache and need something vomit inducing? *giggle*

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Guess Who’s Going to Britney Spears’ Circus Tour?

  23. Janna says:

    I am apparently an easy person to follow.
    And I’m especially proud of that zero percent political rating. 🙂

    Who told you I was a robot?
    There is no concfrete prrooof adf d…. circuits malfunctioning….. adjfwee

    Janna´s last blog post..Thirteen things that would be inconvenient to lose in four feet of snow

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