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5:32 pm
Post Meta :

All this Presidential happiness has me, oh, giddy.  I can’t wait for Obama’s first non-inaugural address to the nation – a youtube fireside chat, if you will.

However, I sincerely hope the chat goes nothing like the chat I had recently with Crucial.

You know, that awesome lowest-price memory provider that usually comes through in a pinch?    They always have just the right ram for a server, desktop, laptop – even my routers!  The memory scanning and inventory tool they offer usually saves my rear-end, too because it simply takes too much time to go to a laptop manufacturer’s site and look up what kind of ram I need, how much I can put in, etc.  

Crucial usually saves the day.  But this time, they just wasted my time.

My credit card had two charges on it from last month

Now, I should mention — I’m not surprised at this – I’m positive I ordered and received this RAM.  However, in order to process my expense report and get reimbursed, I must provide receipts and/or an invoice to my company.

It’s a tax thing.

My email searches found nothing.  So I went online into my crucial account, and it also shows absolutely no invoices or orders at all (which is very weird since I’ve ordered 4 times this month!).  I figure something is up with their online system.

Just as I was thinking “something is up with their online system” in my head, the “WOULD YOU LIKE TO CHAT WITH OUR AGENT?!?!?!” popup decides to pop-up on my screen, popping up in all it’s popup glory.

Initially amazed by the mind-reading capabilities of crucial’s website, I quickly remember that I’ve basically never had a good experience with online chat, especially if I actually want something.  Oh sure, if I’m lonely and just want someone to while away the time with, online chats fill that void quite nicely.  But this time, I’m not lonely.

So I choose to go into chat.

Here is that transcript.  Follow along with me, won’t you?

Hello, my name is Doug . How may I help you?
Wayne Hall: howdy
Wayne Hall: I ordered a couple items from crucial last month with my amex, but I can’t find the invoice or order that came with it
Wayne Hall: my amex bill says
Wayne Hall: Crucial.com – Lexarmed 800-336-8915 12-23-08 $99.65 07015238 5934 78758 CM Ref: 5934 Supplier Ref: 0701523800
Wayne Hall: and Crucial-Com – Lexarmed 800-336-8915 12-29-08 $70.22 07036251 5934 CM Ref: 5934 Supplier Ref: 0703625 1000
Doug : May I please have your Crucial order number or e-mail address used on the order?
Wayne Hall: the 5934 is my po number, but I can’t find an invoice. I also don’t know the order from this on the bill
Wayne Hall: I can’t find the order number which is why I need help.
Wayne Hall: email would have been xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx probably
Wayne Hall: but when I login to “my account” it shows absolutely no orders ever
Doug : I have emailed an invoice to xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.
Wayne Hall: just got an invoice
Wayne Hall: but that invoice is not for either of the items I showed
Wayne Hall: I need 2 invoices – one for $99.65 and one for $70.22
Doug : That is the only order I see with email you provided.
Doug : Please call our customer support so they can help find your order.
Doug : You can reach them toll-free at 1-800-336-8896 (U.S. and Canada only) or at 208-363-5790. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Mountain Time).
Wayne Hall: also, that invoice was from 2007
Doug : Again, only order with that email.
Wayne Hall: What about yyy@yyyyy? (I supplied a different address to search for) 
Wayne Hall: or zzz@zzzzzzzz
Doug : No, you did not give me that email address.
Doug : Please call customer support so they can help you.
Wayne Hall: I know I didn’t. I’m giving it to you know
Wayne Hall: er, now
Doug : this is difficult for me to do on chats.
Wayne Hall: let me ask this. Let’s say I wanted to contest this charge. Is there anything identifiable in the information I gave you that indicates the order
Doug : They will be able to help you.
Wayne Hall: won’t they also ask for an order number?
Doug : We can find this order.
Wayne Hall: great! send me the invoice please
Doug : They can research this better than I can because I am on chats with four other people.
Wayne Hall: so, because you’re too busy to give me good service, you will send me to someone else who will fail to give me good service.

Ugh.  So my next step is to sit on the phone for 30-45 minutes and try to hash this out.

OOOH! I just got an idea. If they still can’t provide an invoice to me proving the charges are valid, I can just file a dispute, and THEN they’ll be sure to provide an invoice, right?

UPDATE: I did, in fact, spend 45 minutes on the phone with a customer support rep.  The guy was very patient, very friendly, and very eager to help.  He tried everything.  We searched on PO number, ship-to address, name, company name, credit card number and still couldn’t find it at all.

So in the end, he was not very helpful.

He agreed that a credit card dispute would likely ferret out an invoice.  So that’s what I’m going with.  I love it when they agree with me!

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. metalmom says:

    I hate that stuff. I try to talk to a person on the phone if possible at all times. But even then, you get morons.

    metalmom´s last blog post..Lemme Share a Secret

  2. Avitable says:

    How strange that you have the charge but no receipts or order. I’ve had to use online chats once or twice and it was actually helpful, but mainly because I only needed some simple information. For anything complex, I’d much rather either email a lengthy email or call someone.

    Avitable´s last blog post..Avitaweek 2009: Waterboarding isn’t a type of surfing?

    • whall says:

      Avi – you’d think this wouldn’t be complex. “Send me the invoice referenced here please”. or better yet “IF you want my MONey, and you think you’ve CHARGED me, come on hunny let me know!”

  3. Nobody™ says:

    I haven’t ordered RAM in quite a long time, but Crucial is pretty much my “go to ” place, especially if I need modules for any system that’s more than a year or two old. Never had a problem with them before.

    I think you are right to do a dispute. If they can’t find an order that matches that transaction, then you shouldn’t pay. And a dispute has always gotten someones attention when I’ve been forced to go that route.

  4. Giggle Pixie says:

    Sounds to me like they might have made a boo-boo. Dispute, dispute, dispute!! 🙂

    Giggle Pixie´s last blog post..Tag! I’m It!

  5. Raganator says:

    I hate having to play these darn games. And pretty much the customer service agents I’ve dealt with this year have done nothing but waste my time and don’t even get me started on outsourcing!
    Hope it gets resolved soon.

  6. martymankins says:

    That’s crazy. It’s things like this that show how large a company has gotten to where they can charge someone for an order, yet have no order number. I know I’ve had to go the rounds with a few companies in the past, most of the time getting a resolve.

    martymankins´s last blog post..100 Posts

    • whall says:

      martymankins – yeah, you’d think that with my credit card number, they should be able to find it. Several times, the guy asked for the “last 4” or “last 5” of the CC (which I gave) and still he couldn’t find anything.

  7. Sybil Law says:

    Yeah – have fun with that! Hopefully it won’t be too much of a pain in the rump.

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..oKaaaay……..

  8. *making note of the last four digits of your phone number* 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..A Lesson in Love – From an Elephant and a Dog

    • whall says:

      BlondeBlogger – where did I have that? *searches* I don’t see that anywhere. If you mean “po number” that’s the Purchase Order Number. But I did see how I blurred out specific information in the screenshot, but kept it in the chat, so that was me being a klunk-head. Not that the information is super secret, but still I should be consistent.

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