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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Hey hey!  How ya doin?  REALLY?!??!  ME TOO!

Proud Papa

Once again, I get to brag about my amazing daughter.

This past weekend she participated in a Texas State thing called UIL Solo & Ensemble.  We’re in Region 26.

This is where a bunch of band students in a specific area (called a region) go and play for judges individually and/or with fellow band geeks.  They can choose to play Class 3 (easiest), Class 2 (harder) or Class 1 (hardest) piece for their grade level (High School).

Last I checked, High School is comprised of four grades, 9th through 12th.  Caitlin is in 9th grade.  Yeah, this little fact plays a role in the bragging.

So she chooses a Class 1 piece.  Did I mention that was the hardest level for High School?

Then, she plays it… get this…  memorized.  TWO PAGES of blank ink splattered all across the page like it was taped on the wall during the shooting of Dune, when Baron Vladimir Harkonnen gets his face treatments.


The judge then assigns a rating of 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 (Superior).  The highest rating is a first division or superior performance.  This represents an elite performance given by a student.

If you’re still wondering by now what she earned, you don’t know my writing very well. 

She achieved a Superior Performance! And that also means she’s eligible to compete at the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest later in the school year!

She worked very hard on this and we’re so glad all that practice and effort paid off.

Wii Fit Blog Badges

Speaking of bragging…. I wonder why there aren’t Wii Fit Blog Badges yet.  When I lose a ton of weight in the near future, I want to brag about it.  But since I’m lazy, I want my blog to brag about it for me.

I uttered about this recently, but I also wanted to put something up on the blog about it.

If you notice over on the right, my sidebar shows off my Guitar Hero stats.  I have badges that show off how many Expert songs I’ve completed, my ranking, etc.

I wish Nintendo / Wii Fit folks had a similar system.  I envision online profiles, so that your progress (however you measure that) could be uploaded and turned into badges that could proudly show off one’s achievements.  Some might want to show off their Fit Credits, their scores on the balance games,  yoga games, and others might even want to display their weight and BMI.

I, for example, would dare to show off weight and BMI because as vain as I am, I know I’d work out harder to lower it.  I need humiliation to help motivate me.

Everyone, please join together and laugh at my obesity so that I may improve.

Tales of Venus Retrograde

Nick Dagan Best’s traveling multi-media presentation has received rave reviews at astrology conferences across the continent. If you’re in Austin tonight, you can check out this presentation for free!

Tales of Venus Retrograde
by Nick Dagan Best

Venus goes retrograde in Aries on March 6 this year, revisiting an eight-year cycle that is parallel to a pattern found in human history. With this special edition of “Tales of Venus Retrograde,” Nick Dagan Best discusses the background behind this particular section of the Venus retrograde cycle relative to U.S. political history and many notable biographies.

Nick Dagan Best is an exoteric astrologer who uses storytelling and a visual presentation to illustrate how astrology reflects life unfolding in time. A student of astrology since 1995, Nick is known as “the human ephemeris” for his uncanny knowledge of dates in history and their corresponding astrological features. He lives in Montreal, Canada.  This website is http://exotericastrology.com/

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Time: 7:30-9 pm
Location: Plum Blossom Wellness Center, 1700 S. Lamar, Suite 230
Cost: Free

Best of LOLcats

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Avitable says:

    Congratulations, Caitlin! That’s outstanding!

    Avitable´s last blog post..Yes I posted.

    • whall says:

      Avitable – she thanks you back. I told her this morning on the way to school that she had some “atta girls” on the blog comments 🙂

  2. Sybil Law says:

    Woooohooo, Caitlin! That really is impressive! 😀

    And so Porky, I mean Whall – why don’t you just post everything on here?
    (About that Porky bit – you asked! aND NOW i FEEL BAD… 🙁
    (Also I have issues with caps lock)

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..20. Really?!

    • whall says:

      Sybil Law – I think I may – surely there’s a blog badge for everything, so someone’s probably already made a Wii Fit oriented self-maintained badge or something.

      According to Wii Fit, my BMI has gone from 36.80 to 35.50, weight from 269 to 265.

  3. martymankins says:

    Major congrats to your daughter. Proud papa, indeed.

    martymankins´s last blog post..Snowy Sunday #15

  4. Tug says:

    I was in music festivals in high school, they’re tough – YAY Caitlin! Many congrats, once again.
    So…what does all this Nick Dagan stuff mean? Life changing for the better, or time to hide? 😉
    Loved the LOL Cats this time.

    Tug´s last blog post..Santa Fe

    • whall says:

      Tug – the talk was very very cool. They video taped it, and I don’t know if it will be available online, or as a subscription, but stay tuned and I’ll let you know, or check out his website. Venus is a personal planet, so it’s impact on individuals varies greatly based on the natal venus placement and the aspects in play, along with other transits.

  5. Janna says:

    I can’t decide if my favorite is the one about giving peas a chance, or the one about hiding the shovel.

    That reminds me… I need to buy a new shovel.
    Don’t ask.

    Janna´s last blog post..The Great Disappearing Yogurt of 2009

    • whall says:

      Janna – I had a similar dilemma, trying to choose between the shovel one and the mystic phaser firing one. Speaking of which, I need a photon phaser.

      Don’t ask.

  6. marilyn says:

    Yay for LoLcats.

    Congrats on the one. That’s impressive. We won’t talk about the numbers I got at state in high school….

    marilyn´s last blog post..Saving Newspaper

    • whall says:

      marilyn – correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the fact you made it to State a worthwhile accomplishment? Here in Texas, you have to compete at District, make it to Area, THEN make it to State. Then again, we’re bigger than 90% of the countries out there so maybe we have to have this much weeding out.

  7. Raganator says:

    Woo Hoo Caitlin!

    Great LOLcats.

    Once again you made me smile! Thanks!

  8. Congrats to Caitlain!

    You are not fat.

    The stool LOL can be read more than one way. 🙂

    BlondeBlogger´s last blog post..Purrrrrr! – Britney Spears’ Wardrobe Malfunction

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