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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

You ever those times when you think about something a lot but you’re not even sure you SHOULD be thinking about it at all, and then you think about THAT and if you’re overanalyzing the situation, and wonder if you should just drop the whole thing and play Guitar Hero?

Really?  That’s weird.  And kinda scary.  I mean, for quirkiness, that takes the cake.  You sure you want to be around here?

Ren and I are traveling to TequilaCon 2009 today – driving from Austin, TX to Santa Fe, NM.  It’s been a fun trip so far – you can read a little more about it with some graphic candy over at his post (warning to people who don’t like pictures of feet).  For now, I’ll give you a shot of some random convertible.


You can follow along with us on the trip in the following ways:

  • Follow me and/or Ren on Twitter.  You can see progress of our trip in <140 characters at a time.  Each of us also keep our latest tweets in our blog sidebars.
  • Follow me on utterli.  We may or may not be uttering our progress with audio clips that are sure to be unique.  Just like all my other utterz.  Utterz is another thing you can see in my sidebar.
  • Follow my blackberry’s location on the earth with Google Latitude.  I’ll call you big brother and give you a big hug, which will be captured on camera, analyzed, sorted, catalogued, reviewed for terrorism and then promptly forgotten.  My google address is the letter j plus wayne at gmail.com.

So on to the etiquette question.

Do you wear your own blog shirt to a blogger meet-up?

I know.  A little creepy, isn’t it?   I’ll tell you right now, that’s my intention.

Follow-up question

How about wearing someone ELSE’S blog shirt to a blogger meet-up?

If you could answer by tomorrow at 8pm Mountain time, that’d be great.  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to answer that by Saturday, mkay?”

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Janelle says:

    I think it’s totally ok to wear your own blogger shirt.

    Janelle´s last blog post..Almost As Good As Winning the Lottery!

  2. i am so disappointed that i won’t have the opportunity to meet you and ren. somehow i just know it would be great fun.

    hello haha narf´s last blog post..Aack! Zombie Chickens!

  3. also, totally ok to wear your own shirt or the shirt of another blogger. although if that other blogger is dooce, you might get your butt kicked. just sayin. helpin a brother out and all that.

    hello haha narf´s last blog post..Aack! Zombie Chickens!

  4. martymankins says:

    I don’t have my own blog shirts yet, but if I did, I would wear it.

    Instead, I have a “Zombies ate my Brain” special I will be wearing. Not that Dave2 needs more promotion for his blog, but hey… it’s a cool looking t-shirt.

    Following you and Ren on Twitter is fun. Everyone must do it.

    martymankins´s last blog post..My Hawaii Vacation – The Photos

  5. Dave2 says:

    When it comes to pants, it’s probably best to wear your own rather than stealing somebody else’s pants.


    OH… SHIRT!!!

    You can wear whatever shirt you want. If you’ve got that “Palin 2012” shirt you’ve been dying to wear, I say go for it!

    Dave2´s last blog post..Day Two: Santa Fe

  6. Avitable says:

    Wear your own blog shirt so people can be jealous!

    Avitable´s last blog post..My review of Star Trek

  7. marilyn says:

    Everybody will recognize you from your picture anyway, but wear whatever shirt you like. I think you might consider a floral halter top. I think that’s about the only shirt that’s likely cause a stir. Well, or one of the fine designs from T-shirt Heck.

    marilyn´s last blog post..Highly Effective Habits of the Purpose Driven Afternoon

  8. Sybil Law says:

    Whatever you do, TAKE PICTURES!
    Woohoo! Have a great time!

    Sybil Law´s last blog post..The One Where I Curse And Link A Lot

  9. Ren says:

    Um, are you planning to take multiple shirts to the 6pm event so that you can change at 8pm?

    Ren´s last blog post..Santa Fe Trip: Day 1 – Driving to Lubbock

  10. Cris says:

    Dude! Had I known you were driving I would have totally tried to thumb a ride. You did trek through Oklahoma, right?

    Cris´s last blog post..Friday Fun Night

  11. Rachel says:

    Go ahead wear one of my shirts tonite. I have a great green shirt that will look great on you.

    Rachel´s last blog post..Going on a vacation

  12. bubblewench says:

    here it is Monday, and I’m answering you even though I’m late.. and not in a “i’m preggers” kind of way…
    Wear whatever the hell you want, but it would be cool to wear another bloggers shirt!

    • whall says:

      bubblewench – As shown in too many recap videos popping up everywhere, I did end up wearing my own blog shirt, purchased at Avitable’s T-shirt shop.

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