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5:30 pm
Post Meta :

You may have seen some of my recent tweets that I’ve been trying to decide between keeping my Blackberry 8700C or upgrading to an iPhone 3GS.

Side note: I like how each of the manufacturers like to double up their graphics whenever showing off a phone.  It’s like you subconsciously get TWO phones.

I have my personal list of PROs and CONs about each phone/service.  What I’d like from you is not necessarily a vote for one of the other (because WHICH phone YOU would choose is less applicable than WHY), but instead, list your likes and dislikes of each.

Here are the facts first:

  • I’m currently with AT&T and I qualify for the upgrade discounts… so I’m pretty sure that means $99 for 8GB old iPhone, $199 for 16GB new iPhone and $299 for 32GB new iPhone.
  • I believe I’d save $15-20 a month on the iPhone all-inclusive plan over the Blackberry all inclusive plan.  I still have to confirm this, though.  (We already have unlimited texting on our family plan)
  • I’m an Enterprise user and my group administers the BES at work (some of you know what that means and why it’s a factor).
  • I’m an extremely fast typer and I rely heavily on email functionality, both work-related (Exchange) and personal (Gmail via IMAP).

I think what I’ll do is this: I’ll let Dave2 make his very witty and comedic-yet-unrelated comment, and then I’ll sit and watch the PROs and CONs filter in from all you smart and helpful folk.  Later, when everyone’s had a chance, I’ll see if any of mine were missed and I’ll add them in.  I guess really what I’m saying is I may steal the thunder from a lot of comments if I list out all my factors, and I don’t want to pre-empt comments.  I love comments. 

Feel free to be as technical as you want.  Or as frilly, I don’t care.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Alex says:

    While the only experience I have with either phone is tinkering with someone else’s, I can suggest the follwing:

    I would personally hold off on getting the 3GS. I can think back to many different times a manufacturer has released a new model, technology, thingy, etc where the first runs of their product are aboslute crap. Remember the first few iPhones?

    This is by no means an “I hate Apple” inspired suggestion. Even Microsoft failed epically with the first shipments of the Xbox 360.

    New technology means new bugs. I’d wait til these bugs are worked out, especially because you rely so much on mobility.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..I’m on Google Maps – Street View =-.

    • whall says:

      Alex – I’d have to say I’d agree with the concept of not getting a 1st generation, but this is really a later generation. As far as I know, the only new stuff is better camera (component, no biggie), faster CPU (wheee!) and an upgraded OS that will be available to the old equipment as well. So that factor (brand newness of product) is not a factor for me.

  2. Dave2 says:

    Problems? I bought one of the first iPhones ever made and never had a problem with it.

    Look, you can’t get the “Ask Dave!” app for Blackberry. What else do you need to know?

    I’ll tell you what… let’s Ask Dave! if Wayne should get an iPhone…
    CLASSIC DAVE: “Probably”
    NIRVANA DAVE: “It is a certainty.”
    PIRATE DAVE: “Avast, I know not.”
    ZOMBIE DAVE: “Ook! Aggh!”
    GEEKY DAVE: “Yes… FTW!”
    DEVIL DAVE: “Not even if you deserve it.”

    In any event, I’d recommend trying the iPhone in person first. After a little practice, I could type pretty darn fast on it. Now that the 3.0 software update will allow using the horizontal keyboard for email, I will probably be able to type even faster.

    I have owned several phones including a few Blackberries and a Windows Mobile POS… I have even played with a Palm PRE a couple of times… the iPhone is far and away my favorite.

    There. Now that I’ve been all unrelated, you can get to something more serious.
    .-= Dave2´s last blog ..Bullet Sunday 136 =-.

    • whall says:

      Dave2 – I know I typed landscape mode on Ren’s iPhone, so is it some special thing about it being email that prevents typing in landscape mode? He was explaining to me the iPhone’s adaptible touch area for letters as you type (ie, after pressing “Q”, the touch space for “U” becomes very large because it’s not likely to press “Y” or “I”) That fascinated me!

  3. Rachel says:

    Hi. I have nothing pithy or clever to say. just wanted to say hi.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..I screamed like a 12 year old =-.

  4. Robin says:

    I am a Blackberry girl for life. I believe they are better for business, strong and sturdy (my Blackberry Curve has a giant hole in the top and my screen is cracked in 1/2, yet it’s STILL working fine!), they are more versatile application-wise, and with the right carrier, the plans are often cheaper (I have a plan with unlimited phone minutes/blackberry/texts through T-Mobile for $79 bucks a month. No carrier, including AT&T has been able to beat that plan yet….). If I want the iPhone functionality, I will just pick up my iPod touch and go find a wi-fi area and play – same difference.
    Your mileage may vary, though….

    • whall says:

      Robin – oh I’m with you on the sturdiness. And I’ve been a strong Blackberry voice for a long time… so I guess we’ll see 🙂

  5. Fantastagirl says:

    AT&T service in my part of the world is non-existent, therefore I have no opinion on the iphone, sure it’s cute and all, but that’s all I know.
    The corporate office is going to the blackberry for their regional directors, so far those that have them, love them. They work well with our exchange server, and seems to suit our needs. Seems that around here – more and more business are going to the blackberry…
    .-= Fantastagirl´s last blog ..Heartstring =-.

    • whall says:

      Fantastigirl – BB definitely wins enterprise, and may continue to do so with the business-class things it excels at. Apple just never goes after businesses – even with Apple and Mac OS-X, it’s targeted for consumers and personal use, not the demanding needs of a company. They’re getting there, most notably with their recent integration with Exchange, but BES totally rocks from controlling media and devices from a central location.

  6. Raganator says:

    What would LOLcats pick?

    • whall says:

      Raganator – well I let them write the blog post title. They asked for an “ifone”. We’ll see if they’ve been good kitties or not.

  7. Ren says:

    I think you need to find the definitive answer to how well the iPhone would meet your business needs. ‘Cause that’s what your decision is likely to come down to. Beyond that, the apps for the iPhone are so much superior to the apps for the BB, at least from what I’ve seen, that as long as it meets your needs, I think it’s the better choice. If it simply fails to meet your needs, then that’s obviously a different story entirely.
    .-= Ren´s last blog ..Macro Monday #14 =-.

    • whall says:

      Ren – I think you’re right, and said another way – the iPhone is hands-down a better phone and PDA than the blackberry. What remains to be seen is if I will be hampered (or how much I’ll be hampered) in my business use by the iPhone.

  8. marilyn says:

    I am not qualified to have an opinion as I don’t own a cell phone. I work at home and so the only time I’m away from work is when I’m away from home and I totally don’t want clients to be able to reach me while I shop for groceries.

    All that said. Whackberry is fun to say. If you don’t use it as a phone you could use it as the name for some kind of fruity cereal. Since this doesn’t count as witty or useful, I wonder if you’ll even read it.

  9. kapgar says:

    My wife has the iPhone 3G and I have the Blackberry Bold, so I can make a pretty logical comparison. While she has some cool shit on her iPhone and it’s great that you have (practically) a full Web browser on it, I don’t think I’d ever trade my tactile keyboard. Sure, it means you have a smaller screen, but feeling those keys on your fingertips and knowing that you’re actually hitting the key you want instead of hoping that the touch screen registers the actual key you want, is great. I love my Bold.

    As for the savings… I was under the impression that BB was cheaper. But it may be because you’re an Enterprise user and that adds some cost? I dunno. AT&T’s minute plans and data plans cost the same for both according to my pricing.
    .-= kapgar´s last blog ..All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall… =-.

    • whall says:

      Yeah, my daughter has an iPhone, and of course I can always play with Ren’s at pool on Wednesdays. My biggest issue was the keyboard and I know I won’t be able to type as fast, but I predict the iPhone will get transcription and voice recognition faster than the bb, so that may become a moot point. I just hope I can find a lot of keyboard shortcuts.


  10. Robin says:

    I have nothing to share, I have an EnV…
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..The Visitor =-.

  11. martymankins says:

    I think I’m with Kevin on this one, in regards to a physical keyboard. My wife has an iPod touch and while I’ve gotten better at typing on it (i use it a good amount to check email and Twitter), I still long my for Treo 755p keyboard.

    I would say do a serious side-by-side typing test on both the BB and the iPhone to see how you would like it. The iPhone is cool and there’s a ton of apps for it, quite a bit that could more than make up for any of the BB apps you use. But for me, besides my commitment to Sprint, it’s the soft keyboard that may need more adjustments.
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..Scooter Sunday – Season 2 Ep. 07 =-.

  12. Kris says:

    I know not of such technological advances, for I still use my VIrgin Mobile VOX 8610. Gotta hang on to the virginity as long as I can, ya know.

    No matter what, if it were me – everything else aside (because I don’t know [jack] about it, really), a full keyboard is what ol’ stubby fingers like me needs.
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Still a ‘tween for one more year… =-.

  13. Avitable says:

    Never tried the Blackberry, but I’ve been very happy with the iPhone and will be upgrading to the new one, as well.
    .-= Avitable´s last blog ..Haiku: The ConFab version =-.

    • whall says:

      Avitable – are you getting yours in the store, or in the mail? Oh what am I saying? OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO GET IT DELIVERED TO YOU.

  14. Amber says:

    Hi, Wayne!
    Just a quick note to say I am still reading… have been a pretty lousy commentor though! Stupid college and wanting to better myself and all that…
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you decide based on all the input you’re getting! I’ve gone as far as to google iphone vs. blackberry, but really… both sides have convincing arguments. The opinion of a really cool tech guy that I trust will hold some weight for sure, as I will most likely be upgrading at the end of July.
    Right now, I have the enV and I LOOOOVE it for text messaging (which is what I primarily use my phone for). But I’m going to need something that is much better at organizing my life and have been considering either the Blackberry Curve or the iPhone. Such a hard decision!!! lol
    Best of luck to you with your dilemma… we’ll all be watching! *cue Twilight Zone music* haha 🙂

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