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This is post #1111 for me.  Here, you can see what my blog’s admin page showed right before I decided to post.  And 11:11 was actually on my mind at the time.

1111 posts

I’ve written about 11:11 before; I’ve even started an 11:11 niche site to have a place for people to discuss.  I’ve got another little hunch about 11:11.  Read on.

Not too long ago, I was listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast, one of my favorite favorite radio shows.

Sometimes I just listen to pass the time.  Other times, however, I end up altering my schedule for whatever I was doing because I don’t want to get out of the car while the show is on.  Some of the shows are that intriguing.

On one of these type of nights, I went to Wal*Mart.  Unfortunately, neither the Blackberry nor the iPhone has AM radio (the Zune has FM radio, which is close but doesn’t help), so I couldn’t take the show with me while I shopped.  So I called my wife and said I’d be taking a little longer than usual because I was really digging this show.

In the show, the guest was talking about a special visor they had made.  This visor was able to open and close a shutter of sorts (maybe a see-through lcd panel?) at high frequencies.  You could hook it up with a USB cord to a laptop and the software would control the rate of speed.

You know how you can see a wagon wheel on tv and it looks like it’s moving backwards?  Or if you take a picture of a clock every 59 seconds and then replay all your pictures into a movie, the clock is moving forward in reality but looks like it’s moving backwards in the movie?  

This animated GIF demonstrates the wagon-wheel effect.
The “camera” constantly accelerates toward the right
at the same rate with the objects sliding to the left.
Halfway through the 24-second loop, the objects
appear to suddenly shift and head backwards.
(From Wikipedia)

Well, this visor can display normal reality but it changes your “frame rate” for lack of a better term, to different frequencies.  On the show, they were talking about the various frequencies that would sometimes produce ghost-like images or other people / entities in the room.  One was 100hertz I think, and maybe 110 hertz.  I can’t find the show online and I don’t remember exactly.

I predict that “1111” will be a frequency at which we can use a visor like this to detect signals, information and maybe other beings.

And it will happen November 11th, 2011 on or about 11:11 GMT.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Ren says:

    There’s an app for that.

    Or, at least, that’s the rumor. AOL Radio, which let’s you stream various radio stations, apparently carries at least one station that syndicates Coast to Coast AM.

    • whall says:

      Ren – wow, I installed it and WHAMMO it works. Now the trick is to find schedules. Maybe there’s an app that lets you search for radio stations that carry a specific show? And maybe integrates with GPS so it shows just the ones within range?

  2. Sybil Law says:

    Can I borrow your foil hat?!
    .-= Sybil Law´s last blog ..Come Say Hi! =-.

    • whall says:

      Sybil – hat? I have a whole suit! In fact, if you look at the coast to coast logo, it’s really the words “COST” with a silhouette of my tin foil pants in the middle as the “A”

  3. Robin says:

    There you go, talking geek again…
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Life Without Twitter =-.

  4. Dave2 says:

    2011? Well that’s a relief. It would be a real shame if this technology were to happen in 2012, just as the world explodes…
    .-= Dave2´s last blog ..Catchup =-.

  5. Avitable says:

    That’s pretty cool. My camera can slow down items while it’s shooting, which is neat, too. And I bought it for $11.11!*

    *not really
    .-= Avitable´s last blog ..The Day That Twitter Died =-.

  6. Mocha says:

    Dude. What do you feed that unicorn of yours?
    .-= Mocha´s last blog ..Would It Help If I Said, “Sorry”? =-.

    • whall says:

      Mocha – They’re on a strict diet of leprechaun blood and troll dung. You don’t wanna know how much that sets me back in today’s economic turmoil.

  7. dmarks says:

    “Coast to Coast AM” is like an audio version of the old “Weekly World News” tabloid.
    Any device that comes with only FM has half a radio in it.
    .-= dmarks´s last blog ..Houghton Lake, Michigan =-.

  8. martymankins says:

    Ever since you started tweeting that, I’ve picked up my 1111 awareness.

    Now that you’ve blogged about it again, every “1” I see reminds me of you.
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..The Days Just Slip Away =-.

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