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9:46 am
Post Meta :

Really, I did.

Yesterday I was thinking about it as I was taking Zina and Tigger for the first of their twice-daily walks.  I even thought to myself “This would make a pretty neat blog post.”

I even know what I’d title it,” I continued, forming the words in my head as to what the title would be, and how it might show up in the various alerting mechanisms.  Some would see New Blog Post: <something cool> in Twitter, or they might use Google Reader to find out the title.  Still others not so much into the blog reading but more into Facebook ease would see the post and be enticed into clicking over.

At the time, I was feeling pretty good for myself because I knew it’d been days, wait, no… weeks… WEEKS since I posted anything, and probably years since I wrote anything worthwhile.  More than that feeling, however… more than the satisfaction of actually writing something, I felt good about the post itself.  It contained goodness.  It contained symmetry.  The concepts I formulated in my head on that walk made me proud, and I knew just about everyone would like it.  I knew it would help ease the division between people.  Even my harshest critics would probably take a break on this post.  This post would reach people.  It was simple, it was good and it was right.

It’s hard to express the lightness I felt as I finished the walk.  I got back home, excited to type it all in, refine it and make the idea perfect.  I put away the leashes, then cleaned some carpet stains, hung up some decorations, played way too much time on the computer with video games, helped Jaden with his homework, watched the Super Bowl, and watched the 3rd episode of Torchwood off of Netflix/PS3.

The post idea was still there, although slightly faded.  I smiled a little at the thought of tomorrow.  Tomorrow – the day I would type it up.  I really looked forward to it.

But I’ve slept since then, as they say, and now I’m completely blank on what it was.

If you have any ideas, or can help me remember, please let me know.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. martymankins says:

    Hey.. Wayne. I have this great idea for a blog post for you. I’ve been saving until you posted a post about asking for what kind of blog post you can do.

    Are you ready for it? Ok. Here it is.

    Do another DITL. Please. Star Zina and Tigger and your fans will laugh. Well, at least this one will.

    That is all. I can wait….
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..Celebrate Family =-.

  2. sue says:

    You know? I can relate to this …. perfectly. 🙂
    .-= sue´s last blog ..Finding My Footing Pt2 =-.

  3. Nobody™ says:

    I had a really cool idea for a comment, but I forgot what it was before I got it typed.
    .-= Nobody™´s last blog ..You the BOMB =-.

  4. Sybil Law says:

    That’s happened to me so many times!!!
    I have no creativity tonight whatsoever.
    Post about….
    yeah. Sorry.
    .-= Sybil Law´s last blog ..I like evil – in music… =-.

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