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Question: What do Randall’s Grocery Store and Spaceballs have in common?

First, watch this minute-long clip from one of the funniest movies of all time (Kanye, back off).

Second, do you have a Randall’s grocery store in your area?


Randall’s, related to Tom Thumb and Safeway stores, has a Community program called the Good Neighbor Program, and they donate a decent percentage of customer purchases to qualified non-profit organizations.  If you have a Randall’s in your area, and you shop there, you should get the Randall’s Remarkable card (free discount card).

What’s Remarkable about this Remarkable card is that you can tag a non-profit organization to get a donation from Randall’s equaling 1% of your purchases.  Even more remarkable is that it costs you nothing to do so!


Now, while there are many qualified non-profit organizations that would benefit from being tagged on your Remarkable card (what? you don’t have one?  GET ONE!), I’m bringing this to your attention because my daughter is in the Award-Winning Vandegrift High School VIPER Band in Austin, TX.  And we’re one of the authorized non-profits on Randall’s list.

vhs header transparent

So, all you have to do is tag the VHS Band Booster’s Good Neighbor ID on your Randall’s card, and the band will benefit from your purchases at Randall’s.  How easy can it get?   You can even have up to three different nonprofits on your card.  To add the band to your card, you can print out this handy cut-out card and hand it to your cashier, or tell them at the customer service counter.

Also, we’d appreciate it if you spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors who might shop at Randall’s.

What?  What’s that you say?  You want to know what the band’s Good Neighbor ID is?

Remember when I asked you what Randall’s Grocery Store and Spaceballs had in common?


Our number is 12345.

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Dave2 says:

    Our little local grocery store is independent, and yet they offer a similar program for local non-profits. I give all my points to the local Humane Society. Good way to give back to the community that supports your business!
    .-= Dave2´s last blog ..Bullet Sunday 179 =-.

  2. Avitable says:

    That’s pretty neat! Our grocery store doesn’t do that, or else I would definitely do that.
    .-= Avitable´s last blog ..My Interview with Adolf Hitler =-.

  3. Sybil Law says:

    We don’t have a Randall’s!

  4. marilyn says:

    We don’t have Randals here… and I never really like Spaceballs… but I am glad you’re posting again.
    .-= marilyn´s last blog ..Sarah Palin and the Flying Spaghetti Monster =-.

    • whall says:

      marilyn – thanx for noticing! Blogging is like running – I sometimes put off doing it, but every time I’ve ever done it, I’m happy doing it.

  5. Poppy says:

    I really enjoy how your mind works.

  6. martymankins says:

    No Ranndall’s here… but the Smith’s Food and Drug here in Utah (owned by Kroger) has a rewards card, but nothing like the Randall’s program above.

    BTW, Spaceballs is watched monthly here.
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..Snowy Sunday #23 =-.

    • whall says:

      martymankins – I watch it and a few others semi-regularly (not monthly, but 1-2 times a year) and my wife actually laughed a couple of times this last time. I think I’m finally getting through to her.

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