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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Today is Jaden’s 10th birthday.  That’s right, no more single digits for this boy.  He’s moving into those years of character development, self-expression and peer pressure.  I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job so far, and I’m excited to see what he becomes.

This morning on the way to school we sang the following song from one our favorite bands, Trout Fishing in America.

Sing along with us, won’t you?

And lo, the people did comment thus:


  1. Megan says:

    Happy Birthday, Jaden!

  2. Sybil Law says:

    Happy Birthday, Jaden!! 10 is a great number! 😀

  3. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday Jaden!! 🙂

  4. martymankins says:

    Now I know of someone else who’s birthday is March 8th (my former boss and fellow Apple fan celebrates today).

    Happy Birthday Jaden. Tell your dad to wear his Alderan shirt again today.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Happy Birthday Jaden.

  6. Poppy says:

    Happy birthday, Jaden!!!

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