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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • Hey friends of mine. Any ustream experts out there? Or live streaming gurus? I need to live stream a music concert. Would like tips #
  • Tigger shakes and whines at the vet. Poor thing. At least in his pictures he seems fierce and confident. http://t.co/PQ7Rh9PW #
  • In man's internal struggle, a dichotomy arises. Which choice to make? For me, the choice is breakfast tacos http://t.co/bE6cCJgf #
  • I noticed the "free email space" counter on gmail jumped from 7gb to over 10gb recently. It wasn't even my birthday. Thanx! #
  • Isn't it BBQ Month? (@ Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q) http://t.co/krVTpOqN #
  • The fact that "EMO" isn't a valid word when I want to play a 7-letter word makes me UTTERLY EMO http://t.co/KWFWnJgk #
  • Look, you don't just quit a 2-taco a day habit overnight. Well, maybe if they were turkey tacos, and they were served cold… #
  • I blame David W for my Wendy's craving today. And they have Mac n cheese now? New to me! (@ Wendy's) http://t.co/ZJsUjBqr #
  • I'm finding it hard not to buy this #bazinga poster and put it up in my office http://t.co/hROyrpyv #
  • Lunch w/@renagerie (@ Hopdoddy Burger Bar) http://t.co/u8mIWofY #
  • May have found solution to "iPhone earbuds always degrade and hurt my ears" problem. Top = before; bottom = after. #
  • Redo: potential fix to "earbud degrades and hurts my ears" problem http://t.co/tG9Uz7k6 #
  • I know it's only 260 days until Obama leaves office but I'm getting ready now! @ Party City http://t.co/khsRpVRv #
  • It's a little too coincidental that the day after I paid off the car maintenance card completely, the car overheats and breaks down #
  • (it's less coincidental that the car overheats and breaks down and I notice it's out of coolant and overdue for oil change) #
  • This is what's going on at our house right now http://t.co/383mduW9 #
  • And here is the male portion of the beauty contest going on at the Hall Household http://t.co/vSh6lRed #
  • Anyone want to relive prom? http://t.co/TyDyjvZe http://t.co/n5bKQCno #
  • The hardest part of walking dogs in springtime is how irresistibly chasable all the new rabbits are. http://t.co/3sxRGw0u #
  • In life, balance & moderation are key. So I'm @ a NEW whataburger for morning 2 potato taquito w/dbl cheese bfast http://t.co/FsEmdg3o #
  • Well I *was* going to take Jaden to the Avengers today but everything's sold out! #stilllooking #stillhoping #
  • Whew. Found some IMAX 3D tickets in South Austin. Jaden's gonna freak. #
  • Aww, Futurama episode 1 has Dick Clark's head hosting New Year's 3000 celebration. #sniff #
  • Jaden and I assembling (@ AMC Barton Creek Square 14 & IMAX for Marvel's The Avengers: An IMAX 3D Experience) [pic]: http://t.co/5KX7dshx #

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