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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

11:00 pm
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  • What's the meaning of a police car with lights in swerving methodically across all four lanes of a highway back and forth? #SanDiego #
  • The only thing obvious about it is he doesn't want any of the lanes of traffic to go any faster than about 15mph #
  • My work day starts with a breakfast on the Del Mar beach. #
  • I love you, TripIt but I don't need an alert (sound and screen) that my flight is on-time. #
  • I want to use Siri but by typing instead of vocally. #
  • REN! FOX NEWS! Check this from @FOXNews. Apple's New Maps App Heads Down Wrong Road: http://t.co/l1xuSh2F (cc @Blogography) #
  • Hear, hear RT @renagerie @queenofpink Assuming it involves you coming into town, my schedule is likely the most flexible. Let me know. #
  • Me: so whatchya learn in school this week?
    Jaden: I learned algebra.
    Me: Really? What did you learn?
    Jaden: I learned X = 3. That's it. #
  • Me: the shuttle went from Houston to California
    Jaden: Which Houston?
    Me: There's only 1 Houston
    Jaden: Oops, I thought you said Boston. #
  • Shouldn't "Do Not Disturb" be "Do Not Be Disturbed"? Just because I enable it on my end doesn't mean I'm going to stop bothering other ppl #
  • Life can be unfair. I submit as Exhibit A the fact that @jonathancoulton plays in Austin same day #RUSH plays in San Antonio #
  • #IOS6 doesn't seem to have fixed the "juggling multiple calls on #Verizon quot; issue but I like it anyway. #
  • Mind. Blown. http://t.co/Baa0TSyP #
  • So here's my theory: the "seat belt movement" was architected to create subconscious acceptance to restraint over time. #
  • We're rooting for you, semi-beard! Succeed, mustache-plus! Go Tea! Go Tea! http://t.co/C9S1EjCJ #

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