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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I bet you thought I meant DM as in “Direct Message” didn’t you?



I mean Demitri Martin.

I’ve really come to love more and more things on my iPhone and one of the most recent ones is the AOL Radio app.  AOL Radio is like XM or Sirius or a radio station but goes over this magical thing I like to call “the Internet.”  It streams in different stations, like Rock, Pop, All Beatles, Sports, Talk, Politics, Country, or whatever has a station.  There are millions of stations (sort of). 

There are a couple of stations in my AOL Radio “favorites” list that are Comedy specific – AOL Comedy Classics and AOL Comedy Attack!


Now, Faiqa, Avitable and you other liberals, please don’t get all freaked out about the AOL Progressive channel. It’s *not* what you think it is.

Here are some videos for your enjoy to see if Demitri is up your alley or not.  I’m giving you two options because you might be busy and want a shorter one.

(and yes, the 2nd one has a couple bad words in it, and has a couple repeat jokes from the first one.  I consider this the extent of my responsibility in warning you since my blog is PG-13 rated.)

This morning as Jaden and I were waiting for the bus, I popped in one of our favorite songs – Adiemus‘ Adiemus.

Note: I’ve not seen this youtube video until this morning as I was searching for something to embed.  It’s pretty cool, but the emphasis for this post is the music itself.  I recommend putting on headphones, starting it and closing your eyes.

This song appears on a CD I’ve had for a looooong time called Pure Moods


The version on the CD is only a shade over three minutes long and this youtube version is more than five minutes long.  The CD also features Enya, Enigma, Jan Hammer, and even the X-Files theme.  Relaxation is a lot easier when this CD is playing.

This morning’s routine was different because Jaden actually woke up tired.  He’s usually chipper, early and ready to do stuff in the morning before school but today it was a challenge to get him going.  One thing that got him up eventually was the thought of getting out to the bus stop early, waiting in the car, and being able to sleep again.  I said I’d play “our song” and he immediately brightened up.

We got through it twice before that infernal bus showed up.

But it was a good time.  Man I love that song.

And that kid.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the 2012 connections of late – the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar, the alignment with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the potential energy blast that might shock our system, alien visits, humans suddenly becoming telepathic, the poles shifting, total catastrophic destruction, or maybe just a small transformation in how mankind honors and lives with nature.

There’s even a movie coming out about it:

As I was listening to Prince’s 1999 this morning, however, it became clear to me that he already knew what was going to happen, and why.  The fact that he was able to capitalize on the vision he had while dreaming, not only in the 80’s but also at the end of the 20th century, is beyond impressive. It’s downright amazing.

The primary key to unlocking the meaning of his song is embodied here in the chorus

‘Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over
Oops out of time
So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

Let’s start with “two thousand zero zero.”  This is commonly mistaken for the year 2000.  But it’s really “2000, zero zero,” which is 200,000.   There are 200,000 people currently believing in the 2012 phenomemon.  Coincidence, you say?

Moving on, “out of time” is one of the central themes to the Mayan Calendar connection to 2012.  They refer to “the end of time” or the end of the calendar as we know it.  Some have likened this to the end of the world (as in destruction) and others have said it’s like an odometer that has cylinders that start over at zero.  Still other say it’s the end of an era, whatever you take “era” to mean.

Many people thought that Prince’s song was about the year 1999, as if the world would end during that specific year.  But the lyrics clearly say “like it’s 1999.”  This indicates that there’s a reference to the hype, foreshadowing, or reminiscence about the attitude towards partying when you know the end of the world is coming.  I correlate this to events in 2012, and more specifically, December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 am GMT.  12-12-2012 because that’s when the once-in-every-25-thousand-years alignment happens between the center of the galaxy and the sun (from the Earth’s point of view).  I picked 11:11 because, well, just because.

I thought I should also point out that “Prince knew it all along about 2012” anagrams into “It’s the end of the world, sucka!” if you take away a few letters and add a couple more.

In Prince’s dream, the “sky was all purple” and there were “people running everywhere.”  This clearly can’t happen, and everyone’s saying the 2012 prophecies can’t happen, so there’s a tie-in as well.

Do you see how it all comes together?

Don’t even get me started on his new “name” or Symbol or whatever.  It’s got 2012 written all over it.

I was recently reading Dave’s “Enthusiasm” post, wherein he admits to the blogging community that he is, in fact, mortal.

By “mortal” I mean that he experiences ruts where the impetus to blog every single day is threatened by outside factors.  Such as life.  And the desire to have a semi-private blog (in that intimate personal details are not shared). That got me thinking.  *I* have a life.  *I* have a semi-private blog.  *I* have a few cartoon monkey pictures on my blog.

It’s like we’re TWINS.

Anyways, I was feeling for my buddy Dave2.  I wanted him to feel better.  I wanted him to feel like things mattered.  I wanted him to have a purpose again with his blogging.

Mainly, I wanted to call dibs on his artwork if he ever shuts down.

With this, I present to you, an Open Letter to Blogography

Hey bud.  Don’t let the blog thing get you down.  We all get the doldrums.  The twitches.  The “if I have to go click ‘new post’ ONE MORE TIME I’m gonna lose it” feeling.

That’s why we’re here.  Yes, us.  Your blog friends.  We won’t let you down.

Hey! I gots an idea!  You mentioned guest posting in your bag ‘o tricks.

You could set up a place where all sorts of people could write guest posts online and they’d be submitted into some “For Dave’s Eyes Only” queue.  You would then read them, review, and rate them with a special Davometer Scale.

Then, whenever you feel like you don’t have enough to write about, you’d dive into the massive quantities of submissions, and sort them by your Davometer Readings.

Once you settled into the perfect post, the one that is worth not only everyone’s time but also the gracing of blogography.com, you’d proceed to rip it apart, make fun of it, caricature the author in an unflattering light and ruin their online careers! 



You’d tell everyone in your blog post what you saw in each post, what you liked, what you didn’t like. You’d even pretend to care (bonus if you can pull off a British accent and work in phrases like “Good-bye” and “You’re fired” but I think those are taken, so maybe “You’re a bad monkayyyy…” with a little pointy finger while you crouch to the side).

However, all the while, the viewership knows somebody’s going to get punk’d and good.  It’s like Pimp My Ride meets Death Race 2000, and you’re the mechanic, the warden and the loan shark all in one.

You’d put up their original guest post for people to see.  Then you’d put up the “Dave-ized” version, with slick professional graphics, demeaning redlining and point out all the little problems with the post. 

If that weren’t enough, you’d then subject the author’s future to a voting system.  You’d set up an online tally where people would vote DAVE or BAD MONKEY.  DAVE is good.  BAD MONKEY is bad.

If the author received more BAD MONKEYs than DAVE’s, then you would ban them from your blog, and everyone else who reads your blog would have to abandon their blogs too (to fail to do so would subject all commenters from being banned themselves).


HERE’S THE TWIST.  All commenters must submit a guest post entry each month to Dave2’s queue in order to be granted privileges to continue commenting.  Therefore, one can’t join in the heckling and demeaning of another online human being unless they subject themselves to the same potential degradation. 


This idea is sooooo good, it earned not one, but FOUR “TOTALLY BITCHIN'” DAVE AWARDS


I’m guesting today over at Cissa’s.  Check out the magic going on over there.

heart of fire

But I also wanted to let you know that I love this song.

I’m writing guest posts so big I’m steppin on leprechauns.

Everyone and their brother posted TequilaCon pics back in whatevermonththatshindigwas.  I still haven’t.  Some people even posted videos of me with a hot blonde that isn’t my wife.  Also, about the only photos of me on facebook are the ones from TC09, including one of me looking like I’m grabbing the Poppy in some sort of possessive freak-out episode.

I really should upload more photos to facebook.  And everyone knows you don’t touch the Poppy.

My DITL creation phase is on a break, but I should mention that I captured a decent amount of video for a TITLE (Tequilacon In The Life, Excellent) and a RITL (Roadtrip In The Life), but I have not made the time to do those the justice they deserve.  I still plan on it, but for now you can have some of my photo collection. 

Perhaps these would be better in something like a flickr album, or maybe a facebook thingy, but for now, they are whall.organisms.


Which one is geeky? BOTH! HA!



SagittariusBoy and LibraGirl



Bellaventa, OhSarahJoy and Libragirl. and drinks.



Hey look! It's that guy. and that girl. I think.



Pink, the adobe.


Some sort of neat thing I took a picture of


This was neat. Neat neat neat



Interestingly, this interesting thing was next to that other one



You might think this is a shot of an silver ornate bench, but really it's just a zoomed out photo of Ren. I'm not that good at photography.

12:00 am
Post Meta :

Showing love for NYCWD.  Cereal Kisses, Dawg.
(for more info, read this post or this post)

I saw the “Twitter Mosaic” on renagerie.com, who tipped the hat to libragirl.  Evidently, this tool creates a bunch of HTML code you can stick in your blog that creates a mosaic of your followers.

So, I did that, and here are my comments / questions so far:

  • I thought it would give me a simple graphic to host on my blog, but it actually generates a bunch of links and image tags that go to Amazon’s system.  That means that when you go to a blog with a twitter mosaic, it’s actually pulling images from Amazon’s S3 service.  That’s both weird and cool – weird that I need to depend on an outside system to be working for my blog to function; and cool because it reduces the load from my server.
  • I couldn’t find out the logic behind the order – is it using the number of @replies?  Does it count how many tweets that person does?  Is it taking into account any “favorites”?  Is it anything but random?  Maybe it’s the order in which you followed people or the other way around… 
  • Evidently you can make the mosaic from followers or friends, so I guess you can rate your level of narcisism. 
  • This reminded me, but only a little, of the wordles I made from all my tweets.  I feel like doing that again for some reason, but for some other reason I won’t.

Without further ado, here’s my twitter mosaic:

This was fun!


4:23 pm
Post Meta :

I don’t do too many movie review posts.  The biggest reason for this is that I like most everything.  I’d be like the critic who never had a bad thing to say, always pointing out the positives and generally being very happy most of the time. 

Who wants happy, anyway?

Happy is so 20th Century.

I mean, think about it.  Which blog posts out there do you comment on the most?  I’d wager that more often than not, it’s probably about someone complaining about something.  The complaint probably resonates with you, and so you agree with your comiserating comment.   And if it’s not a complaint-post, then it’s probably something really controversial, like semi-agreeing with raping conservative women.  Stuff like that gets a ton of comments.

But I see so many things in life (politics aside) that make me feel good, I don’t concentrate on the bad stuff enough to actually write about it.  To me, that just spreads more negativity.

Being home with my wife almost 24-7 for the last ~2 weeks, we’ve watched a lot of TV and read lots of books.  There’s not much more you can do when one of you is stuck to crutches and either needs to be in bed or in a La-Z-Boy recliner.  So I made sure our Blockbuster queue was filled up, and it seems I got on a Gary Oldman kick, because we got three in a row: Basquiat, Interstate 60, and Prick Up Your Ears.  Basquiat didn’t do it for me (well-acted, sure, but the lead character annoyed me), and we haven’t watched Prick Up Your Ears yet. 

But Interstate 60? I absolutely loved it.

I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of this movie.

  1. It’s very funny.
  2. It’s quite thought-provoking.
  3. Unique plot.
  4. Lots of great little cameos, like Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future tie, I’m sure).  Kurt Russell did a good job too.

We’re looking for more movies that fit the first 3 items above – got any recommendations?  Or have you see/heard of I-60 before and I’m just sheltered?

(side note: those of you who follow me on twitter know that my wife underwent major knee reconstruction surgery on Friday, so my online presence and blogability has been hampered a bit while I help her out with her healing process.  As a result, I’ve reduced the housework she’s responsible for by about 7%.  I know. I’m a saint.  And I told her to just skip mowing this week. Sure, it might be harder on her knees next week, when the grass and weeds will be much higher due to the recent rains, but what’s important is that she heal safely)

Jaden adores Fred.

You’ve seen Fred, right?  He’s one of them thar “Internet Sensations.”  He’s also called “Youtube Fred.”  He’s kind of like Star Wars kid, but on purpose and not nearly as sad, once you know Fred Figglehorn is NOT really a 6yr old pumped on on drugs and pining for a fictional girl named Judy.  Or Wendy.  Who knows.

You either love Fred or hate him, kind of like Rush Limbaugh or Ben Stiller.  Wait, I take that back.  I like Ben Stiller in some things but hated him in others.  But wouldn’t it be neat if they married and had a kid and named it Rush Stiller?  Because that would be like an oxymoron – stand still while rushing?  Or Ben Limbs? Sounds like you’re flexing your muscles.  Heh, or Stillbaugh Benrusher.

Wait a second, where was I?

Oh yeah, Jaden, my 7yr old son.  He loves watching all the Fred episodes.  He watches many over and over, like the one about going to the dentist.  I’ve heard it said that Fred was the first to hit 1,000,000 fans on youtube.  Jaden just sits and watches and laughs and laughs and entices us to come over and watch the hilarity.  I guess if I’m going to introduce my son to the dangers of  medications, this is the way to do it.


One morning Jaden told me he wrote a letter to Fred.  And sure enough, in MARKS-A-LOT, there it was – a big 8.5×11 sheet of paper holding Jaden’s letter to Fred:

click to embiggen

click to embiggen

In case you’re having trouble reading it, here it is transcribed:

Hi Fred, this is Jaden.  I am your biggest fan.  I like you.  You’re really funny, so I am going to watch your videos every day.  I like the part when you said “Oh My Gosh! I just peed inside the pool!”  So write back, Fred.  From: Jaden Wayne Hall

I told him we could mail it to Fred.  We got an envelope, folded it up, and found a stamp.  I taught Jaden how to self-address an envelope.  Then I told him I’d take it to work and mail it off.

However, try as I might, I couldn’t find a snail-mail address for him at any of his websites.  I didn’t want to let Jaden down, so I PDF’ed the letter and found an email address for Fred. I haven’t heard back yet, but I’m hoping there’s some kind of response for Jaden, even if it’s canned and cheesy, like cheeze whiz because, well, who doesn’t like Cheeze Whiz?

We also bought Jaden a Fred T-Shirt, which he wears as often as he can.  It’s his favorite shirt.

Who did you write a letter to as a kid?

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