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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

… so good.

One of my bestest blog and IRL buddies, Jennefer, pointed this little site my way. Have you heard of Animoto? It’s called “the end of slideshows” because you upload photos (or point it to a collection like Picasa or Flikr), pick some music, and then it renders a VERY cool video for you.  It’s like making your very own music video.  For Realz, yall.

You can create 30 second videos for free, pay $3 per full-length video, or get a yearly pass for $30.  You can get $5 off that pass if you sign up through my referral code.  Be careful though – once you create a 30 second video, you will likely want to purchase a full-length one.  I just did.  And judge for yourself how good the quality is.

So here’s “my” first creation, featuring the dogs that we’ve owned for the last 20 years. The music is provided unwittingly by the great and masterful Jonathan Coulton with a song I can’t get enough of called “So Far, So Good”.


And below, you can see the little honorific (or is that horrific?) video Jennefer made for me. I suppose it’s a tribute, but… hmmm, you can judge for yourself :). Um… Thanx, Jen. I think.

Twenty weeks of stuff you don’t want to MISC.  Been a busy week.  How have you been?

We three dogs

I thought I’d share a pic of our three dogs – Jupiter, Zina and the newest member of the Hall family – Bebe (shown in order). Actually, Bebe belongs to the in-laws but since we share a back yard and a kennel run, he’s over at our house a lot. He survived the Distemper false alarm and is just finishing up tackling an eye infection on his right eye (you can kind of tell in the picture). He’s cute, young, playful and gives Jupiter a lot of attention, for which we are eternally grateful.

jupiter zina bebe


She’s not a bragging kind of person, so you wouldn’t hear it from her.  But *I* am a doting parent and not afraid to brag on my kids.

Caitlin got a ranking of 4th in the District at her most recent Flute District Tryouts.  This is out of more than 60 flutes!  It also means she qualifies to go try out for Region next weekend, and if she makes that, she gets to play in a Region concert made up of the best band members around.  At the middle school level, they don’t have a “state” competition; that’s not until High School.

We couldn’t be more proud!  Here’s a snap of me and Caitlin at this last UT Band Camp, where Caitlin earned 1st chair of the top band.

caitlin daddy flute ut band

Global Warming Alarmism

I don’t know much about Global Warming or the lack of it.  I don’t know if man is causing it, or if it’s just part of our normal cycles.  How could we possibly know?  The world is what, 6 billion years old or something and we’ve been crawling on it for a blink of an eye.  Plus, man is inherently flawed.  Practically ALL science we ever thought was true turned out to either be wrong or drastically different than we expected, and boy will our descendents 200 years down the line really scoff at us in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, Hollywood and alarmists like to spread fear.  And too many people just buy into the fear.  It is for that reason I’m thankful for a recent speech given by Senator James Inhofe.  It seems a lot more straightforward, honest and unconcealing than most of what you’d see on TV or in the papers.

global warming alarmism

It’s long (2hr speech) but well thought out and well delivered.  It should be linked to as a counter-point to all global warming articles out there that use little to no science to push forward their scare and fear.

Best of LOLcats

lolcats in ur computer cognitive

lolcats left footz in

lolcats invisible step ladder

lolcats you got it babe


I thought I’d pose a query to the masses (I’m pretty sure the space goes between the e and the m, and not the m and the a) about a recent situation involving a question Jaden asked me and the answer I gave.

The time I spend with Jaden (5yrs old at time of writing) in the mornings, getting ready and waiting at the bus stop, is priceless.  He’s so aware of everything (“look at that rabbit!”, “it’s cooler outside, Dad…”) and very appreciative of the things he sees.  He also asks those questions of life that adults don’t think about so much (“why is it so dark now?” and “do you like going to work?”) and is already planning his day (“we have PE today and we’re going to play with the parachute. I love the parachute”, “Can we go bowling after school?”).  Some of his comments make me wonder what the kids talk about at school (“yesterday the chocolate kid hit me”) so I perform interference and investigate a little when required.

Sometimes Jupiter waits with us, and that’s special in itself.

jaden jupiter bus stop

On occasion, Caitlin (now 13) will wait with us because she wants to get to school earlier than the bus would have her get there.  Despite the extra 30 miles it puts on our car and our budget, I sometimes submit to the request.  A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.

This past week, Jaden made clear that Caitlin had gotten on his nerves.  I’m not saying it’s on purpose or one is right or anything; it just happens with siblings.  So one morning, Jaden just looks over and says “I don’t want Caitlin living with us any more. I don’t like her.”

Now, I *know* he doesn’t really mean it.  I think he’s testing out his thought processes and, like most children, hasn’t developed his internal filter yet.  Some people never do – you know who I’m talking about, probably — people who will say anything to anyone and not realize what it may come off like. 

So at the time, I reassured him, and said something like “oh, you don’t really mean that.  Caitlin loves you and [blahblah]”  Of course, I meant the words I told him; I just don’t recall the exact words I used.  But he was ok, I was ok, and all was right in the world and we could go back to our discovery of life, the bus stop and oooh, there’s a SPIDER!

Totally unrelated to the aforementioned encounter and conversation, over the two nights following this conversation, Caitlin spends the night at a friend’s house.  As a result, she’s not home at all other than to pick up toothbrush, clothes, etc, so Jaden doesn’t see her.

Jaden asks the next day “where’s Caitlin?”

Now the dilemma.  I wanted to say something like “Well, you said you didn’t want her living with us anymore, so she’s not here.”  I want it to sink in how his words mean something, and realize how serious his wishes might be.  I wouldn’t have carried it too far – I just want to teach a lesson of sorts.  I can imagine his eyes getting big like “what?”.  It’s like when a kid tries a cigarette and the punishment is to make him smoke 3 of them in a row so he hates it and teaches him you don’t always realize what you want – except without the nicotine, not to mention second-hand smoke I’d have to endure.

I didn’t.  At the time I just said, “oh, she’s over at so-and-so’s house”.  But I keep thinking about the answer I wanted to give.

What say you?

tsk tsk

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