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11:06 am
Post Meta :

I wasn’t kidding.

Tigger takes his job very seriously.

He’s always there for the family, watching out for strangers, enemies, mailmen, evil insurgents that might break into the house at night and take the dog food and/or treats, and especially other animals such as rabbits.

You just can’t trust rabbits.

Who is your copilot?


On Tuesday, my daughter got a root canal.

Yeah, ouch.  

However, she was A) coherent when she got home, B) only asked for some excedrin late at night and C) completely made my evening by watching six (6!) episodes of Heroes (Season One) with me.  We’re both completely taken with the show (the wife, not so much).

I should point out that she really gets annoyed when I predict certain things to happen.   And I must say, I’m pretty good at it.  But it’s the kind of annoyed that comes with an involuntary smile and a punch-to-the-shoulder-type-of-annoyance.  She complains but she loves it.  You know what I mean.

Anyhoo, our Hero-thon was interrupted by the weekly Puppy training class my daughter has been taking Tigger to.  She was up for homework (yay!) and Heroes (yay!) but not up for puppy training that week.

Now, I have to mention something.  My camera has been broken for a few weeks now and I haven’t spent the time or money to replace it.  That means a lack of DITL content and it also means I’m missing out on Tigger’s growth.  I mean, he’s at least TWICE that size now.

Let’s see if I can use my mad photoshopping skillz to re-create Tigger and age him a couple weeks to show how big he really is.

There.  That’s better.

Tuesday marked Tigger’s 4th week in the course, which meant graduation.  We received a certificate and everything!  In general during this initial course we learned such fantastic things as

  1. Come when called (our command is “here!”)
  2. Not biting while playing with humans
  3. Getting used to all sorts of humans – different races, different ages, different sizes.  And their hats.  Evidently it’s very important to introduce your puppy to wild oversized hats early in life.  Especially important in Texas.
  4. Not pull on leash so much during walk
  5. BONUS: shake hands (a “trick”)

We’re currently working on the bonus trick.  It’s deceptively easy to teach your dog how to “shake” and I can’t wait to show it off on an upcoming DITL.

Have I mentioned that my camera is broken?

tsk tsk

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