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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

As some of you know, Ren and I embark on Ren & Wayne Road Trip 2.0 today


We both have our birthdays this month, and why not celebrate by going to Vegas?  As I mentioned before, it seems a lot of other people have the same idea.   Our first road trip was TequilaCon 2009, where we actually did a ROAD trip (as in, we drove).  This time, we’re taking a flight.  And, I just realized, we’re not renting a car there.  So actually we’ll have very little going on in terms of roads but I don’t think that matters much in the spirit of things.

The whole “VegasBB” (Vegas Birthday Bash or Vegas Blogger Birthday Bash) thing is doubly cool because we’re all Sagittarius!  Sagittarians are very lucky, of course.  However, I’m not going to hog all the luck to myself.  I’m deciding to share the luck with you.

That’s why I’m giving away something.  TO ONE OF YOU!  For mostly nothing.  All you gotta do is leave a comment for me or Ren on this blog post, wishing us luck, by Monday night, 7pm Central Time (12/14/2009), and you get a chance to win something. 

What can you win?  Well I happen to have an extra copy of BioWare’s Mass Effect for the XBOX 360, brand new & still sealed.


I realize that many of you might not even have an XBOX 360, but hey, it can make for a Christmas gift for someone you know that does.  Or you could sell it on eBay.  I don’t care. 


  • While you are free to leave multiple comments wishing us luck (we can take all the luck we can get!), each person only gets one entry into the contest.
  • You need to leave a valid email address in the comment form (not in the comment itself, of course).
  • I’m not selling anything or driving up traffic for any reason, so tweets or subscribing to blogs or other things like that do not get extra entries. 
  • I’ll use one of them thar randomizer thingies to determine the winner.
  • Only comments received before 7pm central on 12/14/2009 are in the running.

Watch us on Twitter (hashtag #VegasBB) for all our exploits and winnings!

I had promised some more details about the new job. 

I’ve written two whole posts over the last 3 or 4 months (slight exaggeration) and despite my absence from the online world, I got a record 3,755 comments (slight exaggeration), and have converted 16 people over to Staunch Conservatism (major exaggeration).  I’d say that’s a win by anyone’s count, especially if anyone is bad at math.

In a nutshell, I left my IT Director job at a nationwide ISP to focus on a single discipline to become Network Manager for a gaming company.  I’m in my second week.  While the move made me a little anxious for a few reasons, any trepidation or concerns I had about the change have been completely replaced with confident resolve and verve.  I didn’t just pick “resolve” and “verve” because of their preponderance of the letter “V”; they directly define my attitude towards the recent shift.

My new company makes a few games that game players recognize (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Sonic Chronicles, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc), but our entire studio here in Austin is devoted to a game that’s not even released yet, and won’t be until some time next year: Star Wars: The Old Republic.

swtor(click to embiggify)

Now, I’m not what you’d call a game player.  I’ve never played an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game before, but I have heard of them.  I know a little about World of Warcraft and have quite a few friends who play it regularly.   This new Star Wars-based MMO is set roughly 3000-4000 years before the movies and chronicles a tumultuous conflict between the Jedi and the Sith.  If you go to swtor.com and view some of the trailers, it really is fascinating to watch the story develop.

About the only games I play with any true passion are Guitar Hero related… and a few others.  Some of my favorites are Treasure Planet, Simpsons Hit and Run, and Simpsons Road Rage.  Singstar is fun in a group.

For a great ~12 minute overview of the game, including some video and cool effects, you can watch an interview with our two GM’s.  Even just the first 3-4 minutes is worth catching some of the sequences and characters, including a juicy trailer.

So, I’ll be doing a bunch of really cool networking stuff to support a really cool game.  I mean, hey.  It’s STAR WARS. (vocal emphasis performed by James Earl Jones)


The company itself is amazing, with high-caliber talent lining all the hallways, engaging artwork and storyboards getting tons of focused attention, sound effects studios colorfully enhancing the aura of the place, and uber-smart programmers passionate about their work.  I particularly enjoy a smorgasbord of benefits, such as, well, a smorgasbord.  Breakfast is provided every morning.  Healthy breakfast.  The commute is 5-7 minutes shorter.  Great vacation policies.  Free games.  Affordable healthcare.  Plenty of appropriate equipment and tools to do my job.  Covered parking.  Did I mention free breakfast (and breakfast tacos on Fridays)?

It’s difficult to leave some things behind from my old job.  You know, like clout.  History.  Being “the guy” who built a lot of what we had.  An Old-Timer, so to speak.  I had the familiarity of environment and a solid reputation.  I had control over most everything IT-related and it was enjoyable being on top.  Now, however, I’m the New Guy.  The outsider.  Someone who has to be brought up to speed and ask all the questions. 

I’ve always been a Star Wars fan… and now I get to experience it like never before.

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Post Meta :

Yeah, I don’t blog enough. Whatever.

So here’s another installment of How Lucky Is Wayne, Anyway? (a less successful but more interesting offshoot of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?)


For Round 1, we display his recent winnings at Avitable’s Avitaween raffle contest.  (Don’t you dare click over there if you still have decency and wholesomeness on your soul’s business card.  You’ve been warned.)  The Universe saw Wayne eyeing Ren’s recent Invaded! T-shirt purchase and knew that he wanted not one, but TWO of these shirts.  Universe also knew that although Wayne would have loved to go to Avitaween this year, it wasn’t to be, so The Universe saw to it that someone else won the actual plane trip to go to the party.

So now I’m a winner* and have to choose my shirts.  Naturally, I have to get one of Dave’s


I’m not sure on the other one yet, but it will probably be the splatter one. 

Stay tuned for my next post, which will probably be some additional bragging about how lucky I am, such as the job I just landed.


* see how I switched from third person to first person?  Winners do that.

tsk tsk

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