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Post Meta :

This is not Wayne, this is Dave from Blogography, and I’ll be filling in today while the vacationing Family of Whall is increasing their Carbon Footprint in South Padre! We now rejoin Lil’ Dave and Bad Monkey with their show already in progress…

Lil' Dave's Bad-Ass Blogography Show with Lil' Wayne

Welcome back to the Blogography Show LIVE from Austin. Please welcome genius hip-hop artist Lil' Wayne!

Lil' Wayne Hall enters the stage...

You're not the Lil' Wayne I was expecting... aren't you supposed to be on vacation? - What do you have for us tonight?

Lil' Wayne Hall has LOLCat posters! Lil' Dave shouts "SECURITY!!"

Error Screen... We'll Be Right Back!

Oops. Better luck next time Lil’ Wayne.

Since this week is turning out to be “Dave week” here on the ye old blog of whall, I thought I’d continue it with a post about “firsts.”

You see, later this week I’m attending TequilaCon 2009, and it’s my first TC.  It’s actually my first non-Blogography-specific blogger conference, but… you knew it… Dave is an integral part of TequilaCon.  So I might as well confess I’m having his baby.

“having his baby” is blog-speak for “I’m doing a lot of posts involving” a specific blogger.  Actually, I just made up that term, but it’s blog-speak anyway.  In fact, it’s the first reference ever for this particular term used in this way!

So I’m reading Dave’s recent post about Ticketmaster (warning: profanity and one-finger salutes abound) and the fact that he was planning on seeing Duran Duran while traveling.

Ahhh, Duran Duran.  (note to self: Isn’t it convenient that Dave refers to himself as “Dave2” and Duran Duran can be, and often is, shortened to “D2”?  Coincidence?!?!??!?!?! NOT LIKELY!)

Back to topic.

First off, this band gets a lot of flak.  Often typecast or shunned / laughed at / dismissed solely because of the demographics of their once-largest-fanbase (screaming teenage girls), these chaps are incredibly talented writers, artists and performers.  And to top it off, they know business.  They connect with their fans (a la the VIP packages you could purchase for “meet and greets”) and continue to pump out quality trendsetting music.

I mixed together a couple of ring tones a couple years back because A) my wife is such a fan and B) I liked playing around with Adobe Audition and C) I like to show off.  So Duran Duran was the first band I mixed into a cell phone ringtone.  Check ’em out:

Ringtone #1:


Ringtone #2:


You shoulda seen her face light up when her phone rang with that second one.  It’s one thing to have a song as a ringtone, but a custom mix?  Someone nominate me for best husband, please.

It’s easy to ignore the trends that D2 has set in their career.  D2 has actually added a lot of “firsts” to their repertoire.

They were the first to have live video cameras and videoscreens in their concerts.  What concert have you gone to lately that doesn’t do that?

They were first artists to make a song available for digital download (Electric Barbarella in 1997).

They were first band to make a pop video entirely using Macromedia Flash.

(I will point out that I snapped the above frame because my coworker was watching my computer screen as I was checking out the video and immediately commented “mmmmm. Silence of the Lambs.”  Creepy much?)

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin;
or else it gets the hose again.


Duran Duran were the first to become citizens and stage an in-world live concert in Second Life and perform a completely virtual concert.

I suspect (but aren’t sure) they were the first to do the widescreen 16:9 video format (think Hungry like the Wolf), and who knows – they may have been the first production-quality video to get banned (Girls on Film).  It’s at least the first one I heard about – once again portraying brilliant marketing.

For me personally, they were the first band I remember getting on my bike and ride ~3 miles to the record store to buy a 45 — their chart-topping single The Reflex.

Thanx to Dave2, I now know how to Trek Myself.

But what fun would that be? Instead, let’s make it a little controversial.  oh, AND fun.  Never forget the fun, especially if you can rile up a few people.

See if you can guess who this first one is

Here’s another one I made. Can you spot the speech?

hmm, I wonder if the colorful skin gives it away.

Here’s the next in the series, where Jaden gets in on the fun (please do not call Child Protective Services).

And one last one simply because I couldn’t help myself

(btw, I made all of these external links because when you embed them, they auto-play.  Last thing I want on my blog is auto-play sound.  Well, maybe not THE last, but it’s in the bottom 10,000 things).

I had mentioned that I’ll be mostly staying away from politics on my blog.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have whallitics!

But first, a tip of the hat to Dawg for introducing me to Toonlet.  I decided to take this mornings political tweetfest between Dave2 and I and make it fun, enlightening, and easy to read, even for kids!

I figure it’s like this – Dave2 can draw.  Like, awesome-like.  It’s like he’s an artist or something.  So I have to use technology to even the field.  It actually comes out pretty fair – he has the artistic talent, and I have the brains.

(yes, I know it’s hard to read when it’s resized to fit my blog – so click on it to read it in it’s glory.  In fact, you can just click on the first one to launch the clip in another browser, and just click on the arrow on the right to go to the next frames)

Ain’t nobody can argue with “So’s your face.”

hey HEY!  You’re lookin’ goooooooooood!

The Texas Fireball

I did not witness this directly, but as I was waiting outside of IHOP Sunday morning, another patron right next to me pointed up and yelled “Oh my God! a meteor!!!”

Of course, by the time I looked it was gone.

There are many theories on what it was – at first, people thought maybe it was part of the colliding satellites earlier in the week.  Others figured maybe just general space debris.  Then there’s always the tried-and-true “it was an asteroid, dur.”

I’m pretty sure it was the American Dollar, getting ready for the impending signing of the stimulus package.

The “move a body” award

It seems that I’ve won an award of some kind.

And.. the child…. mentioned… a check?

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Friends help you move; GREAT BUDDIES help you move a body

Now, I’m not the kind of person to flaunt my many awards in people’s faces.  That’s what a sidebar is for.   However, I will point out that the person who gave me this award… hmm, well, let’s just say – she received the award four times.  Not too shabbizzay.

You might be thinking… “well if she got the award four times, and she gave away the award to ten different bloggers, how important is this award anyway?”  If you actually asked that question out loud, you need to seek some help.  If you just thought it inside your pretty little head, let me tell you a little bit about me and princepessa.  We have helped each other move bodies, and don’t get on our bad sides, if you know what’s good for you.

My Utterz

You might not follow me on utterli.com.  You might not even notice the regular updates I do in the utterli sidebar, over there to your right.  You might not even know that in addition to subscribing to my blog in a feedreader and watching me in videos called DITLs, you can actually sit and listen to my voice from your computer or your phone.

Here are some of my more brilliant chronological entries.

There.  Feel free to join utterli and join in the conversation!  Sometimes in order to have a dialogue, you need more than one person.  Two heads are more numerous than one.

The Best of LOLcats

Dave2 turned me onto http://rolcats.  Pretty funny stuff.  Although, my initial characterization of the two elements are that lolcats are for optimists, and rolcats are for pessimists.

Anyone who reads Dave2 knows which camp he’s in.

Dat’s all I got.  Just the one.  There weren’t many this time around that I felt were up to par.

Many Many MANY thanx go to Dave2 who wisely suggested that I do a LOLcat treatise for my 1001st post on whall.org.  I mean, what says “I have run out of things to say after saying a thousand OTHER things” better than LOLcats?

More specifically –  a LOLcat video.   But not just any video.  An animoto video.  But not just any animoto video.  An animoto video of LOLcats set to Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen’s Tomorrow’s Girls.  (I wanted to use maximum apostrophes).

I had something else in mind for today’s post (specifically, complaining about postage prices and the difficulty of using usps.gov for online postage) but I think you’ll agree this is WAY better.  

Also, as a side note, I’ve decided to give a gift to ALL of you.  I have updated my blog’s theme to support threaded comments.  This means you can reply to the post in general like you always have, or you can reply to a specific comment by clicking the “reply” button under said comment.  Comments with replies will display in a nested fashion.   I’m still testing, but give it a go and let me know what you think.

Skillz.  I has dem.

So, here you go.  LOLimotocats.

You can also watch it on YouTube but the quality is lower.

I have all these great ideas for blog posts but often don’t act on the impulse to write them down.  Sometimes it’s like I’m thinking about this blog thing like a job and it feels like a chore to go to the blog and write.

Like right there – inspiration.  “go to the blog and write,” to me, is said Freddy Murcury-style from Fat-Bottomed Girls… “get to your blogs and WRITE!” and now I want to do a whole song about “whall-authored blogs, you make the rockin’ world go ’round

Sigh.  I just don’t have time to make that kind of quality stuff.

Ooh, there was another idea I had, about petitioning Mike Myers to come back to SNL just so he could parody Rod Blagojevich.   Tell me he wouldn’t be perfect for that job…

And then there’s the MITL – Mac In The Life – that in my head would be so perfect but I just don’t take the time to make it happen.  I even have people pushing my buttons to do it!  So what do I do?  I just call in an utter or two – one impromptu song dedicated to Marty Mankins, Blogography and Poppycede and one soundless dancing video to test the recording and upload capabilities of the MacBook Pro.  Not quite what you’d call quality, right?

So maybe I’ll take the time sometime soon to actually make a blog post.  But for today, you just get these ramblings.  

Well, I’ll give you one piece of advice.  Make sure you back up your computer before the end of the week.  You’ll know why soon enough.  Just get a backup done, ok?

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Post Meta :

Google has this new tool called Google Trends (which I first saw over on this post at Chris Brennan’s Astrology Site).  It lets you check out the daily/monthly/yearly trends of different searches and how popular they are over time.  For example, today’s popular searches include the shuttle landing, Cyber Monday deals, and a sonic boom.

One of the things I noticed when I started this blog was my lack of comments compared to “the big guys”.  There are all these sites out there with dozens of comments every single day, and some of them get over 50.  EVERY DAY!  I barely can even blog every day much less go out and comment on other people’s blogs to drum up interest.  What I REALLY need is a dictation / transcription system that lets me listen to blogs and comment on them with my phone.  Jott and utterz seem to be a good step in the right direction, but it’s just not there yet.

Then I got to thinking – maybe I can check Google Trends to see how popular I am compared to the big guys.

So I did a quick check of “wayne“, “dave” and “adam“.  And was I suprised!

Looks like Wayne (in blue) is gaining popularity, Dave (in red) is on the down trend and Adam (in yellow) has no change.  Yay google!

I don’t want Dave to feel bad about this, though.  I mean, when I track the relative popularity of his Arch Nemesis, Ann Coulter, it’s just about no contest whatsoever.

Ann coulter, down there in green, just can’t compare to the power of Wayne, Dave and Adam.

So look on the bright side, Dave.  At least you’re a million times more popular than Ann Coulter. 🙂

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Post Meta :

No politics today.  Rather, today is a day for REAL CELEBRATION.

Those of you who follow me on twitter (thank you to @marilynzelha, @Ctug, @iounjeyn, @martymankins, @sybillaw, @Blogography, @mr_shiny, and @renmaddox for the warm wishes last night) already know the news, but for the rest of the world to know…


Let me tell you – these outstanding students worked so incredibly hard to get where they are.  My hat’s off to the directors, students, and parents for an emotion-inducing and powerful performance.  

This show…. is simply amazing.  I’m not an overly emotional guy except when it comes to patriotic themes and family, but EVERY TIME I see this show, I’m moved to that lump-in-the-throat tears-start-brimming-at-bottom-of-eyelid place you probably have felt a few times in your life.  Two sections in particular just make your heart swell and you feel your body flush.

You can see their semi-official collection of photos at SmugMug from the various shows and Festivals.  Here’s one sample – I can’t BELIEVE how good the photography is – that shows just how busy and on-the-move sections of the show are:

This wonderful band has won several awards and top-place finishes and for good reason.  The videos we have of the band is currently on a secure server, so I’m not supposed to share it Internet-style but I’m hoping we can release something soon.

Congrats, Caitlin!  YOU MADE US VERY PROUD!

UPDATE 11/6/2008: 

There was another High School from Leander Independent School District that competed at State UIL – Vista Ridge High School Band.  They do a fantastic show.  Bryan Christian, the Director of Bands at Vista Ridge, sent a congratulatory memo to the Timberwolf Band that I wanted to share with everyone.  

Adding to my pride for the band itself is the supportive environment the school system provides to the students, directors, teachers and parents.  If all the public schools ran as well as LISD, there wouldn’t BE an education problem in America!

Here’s a celebratory picture of the Vista Ridge Rangers (red) and the Cedar Park Timberwolves (green) immediately after the Area Finals when they found out they were State-bound.

This series has gone from weekly to weakly. I’m thinking maybe Nintendo should buy it from me and make it Wiikly.

Sign of the political times

Listening to the news today, I heard tell of everyday citizens having the little political signs they put out in their yard damaged, broken, vandalized, and stolen.

My first reaction was shock — primarily because I still expect people to be civil.  I love disagreement and conflict (hint: it’s how we grow), but when it escalates to property damage, that’s beyond sad; it makes me mad.

One story was about a woman here in Austin who had her Obama/Biden signs stolen and decided to spray-paint her lawn with a custom sign.

Another caller lamented how one morning he went outside and found his McCain/Palin signs vandalized, torn up and kind-of left as a “oh yeah?!?!?” message.

More and more stories popped up with McCain/Palin signs being damaged and Obama signs going missing.  Who am I sharing my city with?  A bunch of vandals and thieves?

Then I started thinking… hmm, the Obama signs aren’t being damaged like the McCain ones are.  The Obama lawn signs are just going missing.  Isn’t that a bit weird?

And then I got it!  It’s not Obama haters that are taking the signs at all!  It must be other Obama supporters!

Yeah!  The democrats are so confident that they’ll win next week that they’re starting early on their ideology of taking from those who have and giving it to those who don’t.

I’m hoping the lady’s own words will be reviewed in her own mind, and apply the same mentality to other things in life, like, oh, I don’t know…. taxation, maybe?

They might think it’s extreme, but I think it’s extreme to come into my yard and take something that belongs to me, so I wanted to express myself.

Technical fun

I’m on vacation from work this week.  This means I’m helping some friends with some technical projects that I’ve having a ton of fun with.  For me, fun usually means gadgets, fiddling with new systems, or learning something new with software.

Here are some of the things I’ve been playing with:


I’m a PC.  I’m a Unix.  I’m a toaster.  Whatever.  But the last time I was a Mac, it was late 80’s and early 90’s with a Mac IIc, a IISE, IIcx and the like.  I thought that this time around, my getting used to the mac with it’s unix base would be easy.  However, some of the things I took for granted with my decades with a PC/Unix system have created frustration with working with the Mac.

I am borrowing a MacBook Pro that’s definitely a sweet machine.  Leopard 10.5.3.  4GB ram.  2.6Ghz dual core.  I have some specific things to hammer out, like pointing Time Machine over a network.

But the things that are slowing me down are things related to efficiency.  I’m a keyboard person.  I don’t like using the mouse unless I have to, so the lack of a built-in right-click mouse button is insane for me.  I don’t know how to lock the screen fast (like windows+L) when I want to walk away.  How do I run an app from the keyboard?  How can I browse or search my files?  The mouse just slows me down for most of the things I do all day.

I want to be able to do everything with the keyboard, and I’m having trouble making the time to learn it all.  Oh, and where’s the page-down key?  ARGH.

I’m not expecting the mac to be a windows box – but I do want to know how to do the things Mac-style.  So that’s something I’m working on.  Marty and Dave have been answering my probably-annoying tweets and that’s helpful.


I got to know zeroshell some – it’s an all-in-one open source appliance that does DNS, DHCP, LDAP, RADIUS, VPN, firewall, QoS, vlan routing, Wireless integration, load balancing, HTTP Proxy, certificates and Kerberos.  I set up two of them on a network for redundancy and I’m really liking the web-admin console for DNS.

I have it running in a virtual environment – it’s literally a fully functioning operating system on a CD.  I just mount the ISO file in VMWare ESXi (also free), tell it to boot from it, give it some disk space to use, and it just works.  Very lightweight, very usable.  Sure, it’s beta but still.


Another open source tool I’m playing with in a virtual environment is FreeNAS – a network attached storage appliance.   The idea is that you can bring up a virtual machine with a lot of disk space, and it can service files to all your computers in whatever format you want – Windows-style SMB/CIFS, Apple-style AFP, NFS, FTP, RSYNC, iSCSI and others.  I still don’t have it working with Time Machine, but I do have it working with the macintoshes as a storage device. 

Evidently there’s a tweak for the Mac called the Flux Capacitor that allows the mac to see non-local hard drives as Time Machine backup targets, but it’s not working for me yet.  That’s another thing that bugged me about the Mac.  It seemed that it was just a simple command-line, but I had to download a 400KB “application” that ran that one-liner for me?  or am I misunderstanding the app?

Best of LOLcats



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