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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

11:00 pm
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  • RT @cnnbrk #JamesCameron plunges solo to deepest spot in world's oceans. http://t.co/ejZNV0AS // This is where wealthy ride out apocalypse #
  • I beat @queenofpink BY 1 POINT in this Scramble round but SHE'S the one who got "PONES" as a word http://t.co/d2jgYhGS #Ipwned #NOTher #
  • I'm @ Elevation Burger & watching my weight. That's why I only selected 2 addons to my shake (Banana & Cheesecake) http://t.co/KXbHakjr #
  • I got a hot dog and a pizza so I'm not actually that hungry. Do you think this is some sort of game? http://t.co/CP7k5hcc #
  • Wow. 8 cop cars scrambled all in same 20 seconds close to me. Very startling. #
  • How long until a marriage proposal via #DrawSomething is the next viral social media moment? I'm taking bets. Only 10% house cut #
  • It's is one of my ambitions to be on a team at Hannibal airlines as a mechanic because I love it when a plane comes together. #
  • It's pretty sad that when I hear about "record mega millions lottery" I immediately suspect govt scam to get more money. Unless I win. #
  • I'm a Texan in Maryland. I'm about to go find myself some BBQ. Wish me luck. No, I'm not gonna hunt, skin & cook it myself. (This time.) #
  • I'm going to get more sleep tonight than I've had in 3 days. Wish me luck. #
  • I wouldn't call myself one who follows routines, but when I start a sentence with "I wouldn't call myself," I end it with a disclaimer. #
  • What has two thumbs and the power to mess up pithy colloquialisms? Me! #
  • Last airport before Austin. I'm so ready to be homo. #damnyoufakeautocorrectjokes #
  • If Lewis Carroll had written #starwars instead of George Lucas, it might've been called Jabbawookie #
  • Gmail tap is awesome! http://t.co/U9NYcFQW I've always had problems typing with the onscreen apple keyboard #
  • Ok this bites. I'm just now finding out that the upgrade from iPhone 4 to 4S results in my Philips iPhone dock not working any more #
  • Winners recital – so proud of our daughter (@ Concordia University Texas) http://t.co/ABxpY6jV #
  • Many congrats to Caitlin Hall, 1st place, Senior Division of Austin Flute Club's Young Artist Competition http://t.co/bGZ1umdG #
11:00 pm
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  • That Awkward Moment in #DrawSomething http://t.co/js9XqHtb #
  • Dogs love grass http://t.co/Uj9LWJeI #
  • Thanks a lot Verizon. http://t.co/E8YPmOjN "You will receive mobile ads whether you participate or not #
  • I think I found where @blogography has *really* been hiding http://t.co/XH3ExuW4 #
  • RT @Bellaventa Mad Men starts tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!!!! // wife will be soooo lookin forward to this! #
  • RT @Bellaventa @whall @martymankins not trying to attack you….. // oh I know. Same here. My comment was about ppl in general not you 2 #
  • I just got pwned by Denny's #youhavebeenserved #receipthumor http://t.co/WRpY7uqP #
  • So it's $25 per bag & I have 2 bags to check *OR* I can upgrade to first class for $50 & get 2 checked bags free. WHAT DO I DO?!?!!! #
  • Do ppl feel that complaining abt Christians or GOP as groups is somehow less bigoted than doing same abt Muslims, Jews or gays/lesbians? #
  • And with that tweet, my plane is about to take off. I'll be off grid for hours while people educate me on how I'm wrong and stupid! Yay me! #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • I know I'm in Sedona, AZ, & I should be exploring spiritual healing side & enlightenment, but I'm about to have Oreos & Coke anyway #
  • Shared from my daughter: Do you think it's just a coincidence that "Awesome" ends with 'me' and "ugly" starts with 'u'? #
  • Had to try it out. Cool UFO stuff on the ceiling (@ Red Planet Diner) http://t.co/Q1QzhwZz #
  • Who will have some Jupiter Juice with me? http://t.co/uzdTOxFR #
  • Love creative stuff like that RT @martymankins Stormtrooper Mosaic http://t.co/lnd1lGUg #
  • Conjunction junction! (@ Lowell Observatory) http://t.co/v3tA2cRI #
  • Here's a snapshot of my next 17 hours http://t.co/9bXJVfEV #
  • Why couldn't've the CIA chosen *me* as fake CEO/founder of new civilian surveillance program? I'd be much better than Zuckerberg #
  • Love woot's write-ups RT @woot $69.99 : Ear Force DX11 Gaming Headset http://t.co/r2ZtfDkS #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • The LORAX was really good! Great plot, good message, etc. One question, tho: Where'd O'Hare get HIS air?. HA! Take THAT, hippies! #
  • What! This is *so* a word! #WWF #BeQuiet! http://t.co/XakQw65Z #
  • Driving, Austin to Dallas w/ Steely Dan blaring in brand new Dodge Charger. Wishing @martymankins could join me on a road trip #
  • THE BIG APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE'S WAITING FOR: Wayne says Apple ain't that big of a deal http://t.co/XmnszBmZ #
  • Me too! RT @Critia Someone please explain Radiohead to me. #
  • It's Jaden's 10th birthday! (@ Grandview Hills Elementary w/ 2 others) http://t.co/lj02XCCf #
  • THIS JUST IN: Independent sources confirm that whall's shirt statistically likely better than yours http://t.co/maq5u011 #
  • Hey! This location is now closed!! What's the deal!?!?? (@ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers) http://t.co/jPpHwCWd #
  • I cannot believe @avitable was able to guess my last drawing. Kudos, sir. Is there a way to share drawings or look back? #drawsomething #
  • No, YOUR upset stomach is from YOU consuming 3 Red Bulls, 2 Diet Cokes, 5 Hour Energy shot, 2 NoDoze and a cake donut #
  • I am giving @ellemmes the absolute WORST pictures in #drawsomething #
  • George Lucas should embrace affirmative action & cast a Native American as lead role in Star Wars. Can't wait to see A New Hopi #
  • Some of Sedona http://t.co/FanZfsY0 #

Today is Jaden’s 10th birthday.  That’s right, no more single digits for this boy.  He’s moving into those years of character development, self-expression and peer pressure.  I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job so far, and I’m excited to see what he becomes.

This morning on the way to school we sang the following song from one our favorite bands, Trout Fishing in America.

Sing along with us, won’t you?

11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • MT @poppycede Wow. Not even to the Oscars show yet & I cannot process the hate vs. love of the looks tweeted here. // it's what we've become #
  • Prolly shoulda not forgotten my coat this trip http://t.co/rVozG7Zg #
  • Yay! I'm in DC! Boo! My bag is stuck in Chicago. Yay! They'll deliver it to my hotel when it gets in! Boo! Have no idea when that will be! #
  • It's times like these where I wish my baggage had a foursquare account do I could get the points of being in Chicago while I'm in DC #
  • I will drown my baggage-less sorrows in a nice plate of EGGS PLAKA!!! (@ Amphora's Diner Deluxe) http://t.co/H1pPoxoz #
  • Overheard in DC:
  • Aww that's so sweet of you to s… WAIT A SEC WHEN DID IT
    BECOME TUESDAY!?!! (cc: @missbritt @secretninjamom @burghbaby) #
  • Asked for a creme brûlée for desert. They brought me a chocolate creme brûlée. NOT the same thing. My fault for not asking to see menu #
  • Dear legal friends; I was recently denied something for being "Too Hall". Do I have a case? I was born this way! http://t.co/jyF5USVP #
  • For @Blogography RT @TheOnion Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick http://t.co/5U1lX9Fq #
  • SHHHHHH! 4SQ better keep its mouth shut. @queenofpink might see me and @hellohahanarf might get jealous http://t.co/UH2H66et #
  • RT @martymankins Still amazed that my Sprint bill has gone up almost $30 // cell phone coverage should be mandatory for all Americans!!! #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • We can walk our road together, if our goals are all the same. #Rush (@ Hemispheres) http://t.co/7Xf4YTuy #
  • Bought a bookcase. Glad I didn't paper shelf. (@ Hobby Lobby) http://t.co/2Eu1zZy7 #
  • There's extra-ordinaire and then there's this. http://t.co/zbNE6OiC #
  • Why can't I reserve whall.omg domain? Does someone already have it? #
  • I had to catch today's http://t.co/3AGZeBFX shirt. "Lookin' for love in Alderaan places" #
  • Whenever someone uses "and probably reads Ayn Rand" as an insult, I chuckle to myself. Because its totally not pronounced "Ayn" #
  • Making copies… (@ FedEx Office Print & Ship Center) http://t.co/1YIy2LFu #
  • I think I'm gonna see SWEp4-3D tonight. FYI. #
  • It's more than just a guilty pleasure when I watch an awesome movie in a completely empty theater [pic]: http://t.co/1z7HTMpm #
  • I don't think Foursquare knows what "closing in" on someone really means. (cc: @kapgar) http://t.co/S7gcfEkh #
  • I never. NEVER. Get tired of @brentspiner telling me to keep Real 3D Green by recycling my 3D glasses. #fascinating #
  • Another atta-boy for Hampton keeping me happy one night at a time (@ Hampton Inn) http://t.co/MD6fqRDJ #
  • Long awaited lunch w/@renagerie and fiends. Wait. Friends, not fiends. I think. (@ Brooklyn Pie Co w/ @renagerie) http://t.co/wpL4xTUm #
  • Another pine car derby weigh in. 4.9 ounces! (@ FedEx store) [pic]: http://t.co/xLKBDGF9 #
  • Hypothetically, if I tweet about switching from AT&T to Verizon from my AT&T phone, do I risk retaliation from AT&T? #holdme #
  • So those of you with ipad2 — any must-have accessories? #
  • The old switcheroo (@ Verizon Wireless) http://t.co/7fn9UpiB #
  • Bad: airline oversold flight: got bumped & will land 6hrs later. Good: airline called me, rebooked & saved me grief @ airport #
  • So um, had to switch gates. My prior checkin @ gate 22 seems like a big fat lie. Has NOTHING to do w/points. Mostly. http://t.co/6p6oqoDY #
  • Pshaw who cares about First Class upgrades anymore — I got upgraded to 3D! #wherearemyglasses http://t.co/AP005jM8 #
  • You point elitists won't believe me but flight changed AGAIN. I'm back to lovely Gate 22. I always liked you best. http://t.co/EygHJZtx #
  • LOVE IT when the gate attendant gently reminds people who try to sneak into an earlier boarding group. #busted #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • Charger with USB FTW (@ National Car Rental) http://t.co/QLGrdsSU #
  • I saw where someone said their wireless router supported "duel radios" and I thought: THEM'S FIGHTIN WORDS! #
  • Sometimes I think politicians invented Twitter so common folk could experience the joy of having everything said be public record #
  • Trato de no dejar que un error acento mí, pero si no puedo entender, no debe trabajar el drive-thru #
  • Come on, @redbull – you haven't had any product here in 3 weeks! (@ CVS Pharmacy) http://t.co/mDsNuCPh #
  • The pain of 5am wakeup call to catch early flight is totally made up for by the free first class upgrade waiting for me #woot #
  • Not envying @martymankins and his double-digit-hour exchange repair tasks. Been there, done that, edbutilIthrowup #
  • Owning Chronicles does not a true Rush fan make #andthegeekshallinherittheearth #
  • Always willing to take the awesome travel voucher deals for volunteering to fly later… unless I have some Jaden time scheduled #
  • This? Is my Facts Of Life boarding pass. #takethegood http://t.co/N1GUFWj0 #
  • Wow just checked out the lyric scroller option of Shazam – very very cool. http://t.co/n2rKAnzk #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • Don't you even START with me RT @queenofpink Wait, people still drink Pepsi? #
  • Can't watch Super bowl for 2 hrs. Tried leaving Austin early enough but running behind. Wait isn't "running behind" one of the positions? #
  • I'm a foursquare mayor of more places out-of-state than in-state. #
  • Chuckle: RT @TheOnion Man With Paper Bag On Head Leading @MittRomney In Polls By 20 Points http://t.co/IceHGMGW #
  • I've got the moves like jäger, I've got the move like jäger. I don't need to try to outdrink you, look into my eyes and you'll pay th'bill #
  • Well at least it's a hybrid http://t.co/NU0rndpG #obama #funny #
  • Someone tell Michael J. Fox! RT @TheOnion Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between 'One Man And One Wolfman' http://t.co/ncICoBvc #
  • If you like me at all, or actually any person anywhere, send positive vibes so I can win Grand Prize: Free Whataburger For a Year #
  • THIS Whataburger. (@ Whataburger) http://t.co/mceKAxuR #
  • About as much as Manism RT @AnissaMayhew Feminism NOT Someone’s Thing? Seriously? http://t.co/NgeD15UR #
  • We put the "whall" in "Whataburger" #flex http://t.co/wdMDcoZT #
  • So I know a bunch of my twitter pals like BTTF. There's a free game app today http://t.co/eEKxKAxO #
  • How could you be so stupid to think I would ever call you stupid? #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • Who needs a stairway to heaven when you have two different stairways to Wayne? http://t.co/a6l6mY2e #
  • Smartphones: for when you still want to be wrong about the forecast, but you want to be wrong *faster*. #
  • Anybody want Greek food? I'm buying*

    * some restrictions apply. Offer not valid outside 5mile radius of current location. Cannot be combin #

  • Darn. Nobody took me up on my offer for free food. Sometimes I just don't understand people! (@ Athens Grill) http://t.co/DvKflHE7 #
  • Ok I have the next killer podcast. @blogography and I watch news together and comment live. Either can pause. Alternate Fox/msnbc/CNN #
  • I suspect Julian Assange is Bill Maher's illegitimate child. Don't you see it? #
  • This is who I'm spending the evening with tonight. http://t.co/egjQNbyS #
  • I need a service that can sync all my sync services. #
  • Sometimes the right headphones make all the difference. http://t.co/nQs75VgN #saynotoearbuds #
  • I look forward to the day when Foursquare can tell me I'm using the same bathroom stall as some celebrity I follow once did. #
  • Entire hotel power just went out. Just as I arrived to my room, like seconds out of the elevator. Now to dream funky. #
  • And I'm reminded of the many benefits to my iP4: my alarm will work, a flashlight, and I can tweet my woes to everyone. #
  • Me too! MT @renagerie saddens me that I haven't met @sybillaw. The fact that she's my blog's most reliable commenter highlights failing. #
  • I feel like @poppycedes and @nycwd should be here with me (@ Dunkin' Donuts) [pic]: http://t.co/bpS3nPA2 #
  • Friend bought the Asus Transformer Prime netbook:tablet combo. Pretty sweet I must say. #
  • In case you were wondering exactly how big these beats were, they are of the leprechaun-stepping genre. #
  • Yes it's finally open (@ Whataburger) http://t.co/C0ASxWzr #
  • I'm thinking about live tweeting the game. I won't be watching it, just live tweeting it. Think I could get a sponsor? #
  • So this app almost seems worth $1.99 — 200 super bowl ads. http://t.co/DY6UKJNg 2006-now #
  • Folks, smoking kills. Here's proof
    http://t.co/v9sYGbAz #
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